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  1. I’ve read several accounts this morning that say GOP Senators won’t allow debate to begin on the reform of wall street. So is the media making more of this than they should or could it be true? What excuses could GOP Senators give for not allowing debate to begin? Isn’t that where all ideas are presented, where compromise is found, where the final legislation is honed to be what everyone agrees on?

    This takes obstructionism to a new and lower level! They can’t complain that they’re left out AND not allow debate to begin!

    • indypendent

      Republicans will handle financial reform the same way they did health care debate.

      They will emerge from the Chamber after just stalling debate to hold their press conference as to how Democrats/Liberals are not allowing their opinions to be heard.

      How many times did we see this happen before? Too many to count.

      The entire GOP strategy currently is to continue to be the Party of No. This has worked as red meat for their Rabid Republicans factor of the GOP in the past and it will continue to work for them,

      But this strategy seems to be backfiring on them. There are now cases of these Rabid Republicans shooting moderate Republicans at the primary level. And all in the hopes of taking the GOP over.

      That’s okay by me if they want to kill each other off but I don’t like to think we will end up with only one strong party as the result.

      I believe we need 2 strong parties to come together, present ideas and then strike a compromise.

      But when was the last time a Republican used the word compromise and meant it?

  2. “President Barack Obama is still the world’s most respected leader, according to a new six-country poll.

    Released today by France 24 and Radio France Internationale, the Harris Interactive Poll asked 6,135 adults between the ages of 16 and 64 who live in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany or Spain to name their favorite world leaders.

    Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed chose Obama, which is one percentage point higher than when Harris Interactive asked the same question in November.

    Close on his heels is the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader, who was mentioned by 75 percent of those polled. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton came in third at 62 percent, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel was mentioned by 54 percent of respondents, good enough for fourth place.”

    • indypendent

      Now, fnord, you know Republicans are just going to poo-poo this survey because it was done by France.

      What were you thinking? LOL

      I was thrilled to see Hillary Clinton came in third. I think she is doing a great job as Secretary of State.

      Was this poll taken during the Bush years – do you know? I am just curious how George did and if Condi Rice even made the list?

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I think it might have been the same survey that said that Israel had a low approval rating.
    Of course that will be dismissed as being anti Semitic and not that Israel has done anything wrong.

    I look at Israel not in the terms of being Jewish rather the actions of a country.

    • indypendent

      I agree 100% .

      Israel has not always been as innocent as they profess to be. So, why has the USA always been their lapdog?

      I think that is what Obama meant by his statement awhile back about the US being a superpower whether we want it or not. Because we will always be drawn into whatever fight is going on.

      Didn’t I read somewhere that the younger generations in Israel view Obama more favorably than the older generations? I think the younger ones are so used to all this crap their ancestors have made for so long, that they are more open to new ideas?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Ah I am a tech head mainly like I am a mechanic, “Nature is a Mother!”.
    I done things because I have to not that it is something I get off on.

    I bought a new webcam and mike so we could see and hear the youngest and family while in Germany.
    But the cam is working with white lines across it and it calls for a high speed USB port which the computer does not have.

    Like playing mechanic, I learn what I know from trial and error and the company web-site is no help.
    It seem a common problem, but no answer or even if it is because of the lack of a high speed USB port.
    Judging from comments that might not be the problem though.

    LOL also got a more up-to-date cell phone over the weekend too.
    Trying to figure that out at the same time is giving me a headache!

  5. UK Launches Premature-Ejaculation Pill

    Viagra has a cousin: On Tuesday, Priligy—a prescription drug meant to help men who suffer from premature ejaculation—will be available in Britain. The drug is said to make men last three times as long by altering their serotonin levels, but those extra minutes won’t come cheaply: It costs well over $100 for just three pills. The pill is already on sale in some European countries and will be sold in Britain exclusively online for private prescriptions only.

    • indypendent

      I wonder how many of those Tea Party Medicare recipients have called to see if this is covered?


    • wicke

      Does this mean that premature ejaculation is caused by depression? Or is depression caused by PE?

      Or is it because of the opposite? They’re just too darned happy?

    • indypendent

      Even though George W. Bush did alot of damage to our country, in my opinion, I do have to give him credit where his family is concerned. I do think he was a good and decent family man.

      And anyone that can beat alcoholism has to get a high-five because that is extremely hard to do.

      But where I part ways with GWB is his alliance with Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and other Republicans who lockstepped their way across our country’s reputation and made us look like war mongerers. That whole Neo-Con thing.

      As for 9/11 – I do think it is possible that maybe GWB did not have a clue as to what to do or how to react to such a tragedy. But then I suspect Bush also was wondering what POS in the world took it upon themselves to upset his vision of the world?

      As for never-heard-before details of 9/11 – what could those possibly be? If they were factual details, wouldn’t they be classified for a number of years? Or is GWB just going to try to defend his Administration in their handling of things prior to and after 9/11?

      One thing that Bush can never defend, to my satisfaction, is his reluctance to even want the 9/11 Commission to happen and then to not implement those recommendations to make our country safer.

      We are still in the same boat we were in 2001.

  6. I don’t ever expect to read his book, but I’m guessing it will be his fist attempt to make himself look better than I think he is. He’ll probably continue in that effort for the rest of his life — trying to justify his actions. He made a real big mess in every way a president could and everyone except the haves and have mores (his base!) are still paying the price for those years he was in office.

    • indypendent

      Now, now fnord. Haven’t you heard all those Republicans scream that history will judge George W. Bush to be one of the greatest presidents?

      But, I guess you can’t go by those folks. They are the same ones that worship St. Ronnie Reagan.

  7. I found this article at NPR to be interesting! They list their nominees, we could probably all find others worthy of the award. 🙂

    And The Award For Convoluted Legalese Goes To …

    A new award recognizes the worst in “official” writing — and attempts to shame governments and companies into communicating better. The Center for Plain Language hopes the award will encourage clear and useful writing.

  8. I’d say someone knows someone. Wonder if Koch was involved in this decision? Once again, justice for some, and a free ride for others.

    City To Refund Tea Party Parking Tickets

    Dozens of parking tickets given to tea party protesters have been voided by the City of Wichita. The move also comes with new changes to a city-owned parking lot.

    During a tax day tea party in downtown Wichita, dozens of parking tickets were given to people illegally parked in a lot by the Rounds and Porter building. The lot is marked as reserved for city employees.

    Many people at the rally thought since it was after hours, and the street was closed for the rally, they could use the lot. Now the city is voiding the citations, and offering refunds for tickets that have already been paid.

    Wichita police say they have determined there was no public safety issue having protesters or anyone else park in the lot. They are also suggesting the signs be changed, making the lot available to public parking after five o’clock and on weekends and holidays.

    Police are sending letter to those who were issued a ticket with details about refunds and having their tickets dismissed.

    • indypendent

      Money talks and B.S. walks?

      This may be good or bad for the Tea Party.

      This group is already seen as a party of angry whites, don’t appear to be homeless, all look to be well-fed and we know the majority are of Medicare age because they don’t want that evil government to be in charge of health care (and did I mention some of those tea partiers are not too smart – LOL).

      So, in reality, this goodwill gesture by the City may just backfire in the Tea Party’s face and once again show how some people are treated differently.

      Only time will tell.

      But, I do have to wonder about those people who were warned by police before parking and chose to park anyway?

      Are they now being rewarded for behavior?

      • wicked

        I have a plan. The next time I get a ticket–and I hope it isn’t soon–I have a three-cornered hat (leftover from a Paul Revere and the Raiders concert) in a cedar chest. I’m going to pin tea bags (herbal, preferably) to it and go whine at City Hall about the horrible, awful, policeman who had the nerve to give ME a ticket for breaking the law. I’ll ask that the law be changed, just for me.

        I’ll be ticket-free!

  9. WSClark

    Re: George W Bush……………………………

    Personally, my attitude towards GWB has softened since he left office. I truly believe that for the most part, he was a decent, abet hard right wing, man, that loved his family.

    But, I also believe, that he was just a puppet. He was selected by the Republicans to be a front for the NeoCon movement and he served their purpose. Since he left office, it has been primarily Cheney that has been the attack dog. You seldom hear from the likes of Rumsfeld, Condi or others in the “Inner Circle.”

    George was clueless. His ambition in life was to be the MLB Commish. He was incurious, didn’t read, didn’t discuss, didn’t analyse, didn’t question.

    He was a horrible president, no doubt, but he was just the face of the machine, in my opinion.

    • indypendent

      I agree – he was just the face of the Neocon machine.

      But he was more than just a face – he was the doorway to somehow make their vision a reality as long as they dressed it up as democracy, the flag, the Bible and Mom’s apple pie.

      Our country’s reputation took a severe beating for those 8 years.

      Have you noticed that Republicans absolutely cringe and foam at the mouth when polls are taken and Obama comes up as the most favorable world leader? Or if Obama travels to another country and the people just love him and show up in droves to see him?

      For some odd reason, I suspect they are all political for the Republicans, these folks almost demonize Obama for being a popular USA president.

      Why would we not want our president to be liked and respected around the world?