Islam is Immune from Parody?

This New York Times editorial raises questions as to why South Park has be censored when they depicted images of the prophet Muhammad?  The writer contends the fear and censorship stems from the threat of violent retribution.

Please recall that no subject has ever been safe from the parody of South Park.  Why a difference in this case?  It is hard to imagine a different explanation from what our editorial writer offers…



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11 responses to “Islam is Immune from Parody?

  1. Thunderchild

    Does anybody even watch South Park anymore?

    It hasn’t been interesting or funny for a long time. The creators made the big bucks, sold out and became cons. Now, their show seems just trying everything it can to get attention it just doesn’t deserve anymore.

    • indypendent

      I’ve not watched it since my son was a teenager and he is now grown, married and with child of his own. But I did catch a little of it a few months back while channel surfing.

      It did not seem to have the same creativity that it once did nor did it seem to have the same level of humor.

      You could be right in your assessment of the situation. Too much money stifles alot of things.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I remember back in the early seventies the uproar that was going around.

    Bubal headed Jesus.

    Godspell (Which I like a lot and thought was misunderstood).

    Jesus Christ super star.

    Anything that was seen as mocking or belittling God, Jesus or Christianity.

    There were no death threats that I knew of, but the outrage was strong within the Baptist church.
    My friend’s parents actually took the TV. out of the house because of the sense that their religion was be mocked more and more.

    These feeling are quite strong and powerful, it is seen as one thing to deny the reality of ones beliefs.
    It is quite another to mock that beliefs making it the subject of ridicule.

  3. indypendent

    I truly think that nobody’s religion should be mocked. But who is going to determine what is mockery and what is not?

    I’ve said my opinions about Evangelical Christians many times on this blog. And I will continue to point out their hyprocrisy because I don’t like the way they portray themselves to be Christians.

    I am not mocking their Christian faith – because I am a Christian. Alot of times the mocking of someone’s faith has nothing to do with their God – it is the behavior of the people as the reason for mocking.

    I remember the 70’s quite well. This was really the start of all these Evangelical mega churches. I never quite understood the appeal of these places. They were generally fundamental and I guess that is just another way of saying ‘country club’. At least, that is how I viewed alot of them and I don’t think they have changed much since the 70’s – perhaps have gotten wealthier???

  4. If Christianity is being mocked, and I don’t think it is, then Christians need to behave in a manner that discourages anyone from finding fault or disproves the criticisms.

    What I see being mocked are those people who represent themselves as Christians in words that come out of their mouths and not in deeds and actions. They represent their religion poorly and are hypocrites.

    It isn’t Christianity being mocked. When you listen to some of those dingbats don’t you wonder why Christians don’t ask them to stop? Don’t you wonder why Christians aren’t the ones who are most outraged by the hate and lies?

    I’ve never watched a single episode of South Park. I can’t even tell you whether I would or wouldn’t agree, laugh, like the show. I can’t even remember catching a tiny bit while channel surfing. Until this recent ‘dust up’ I didn’t even know it was a show based on satire. I thought it was a children’s cartoon show, and now it turns out to be an adult show.

    Maybe this dust up was to get the attention of people like me?

    Anyway, without any knowledge of what the show is, I contend that free speech is free speech and every television I’ve ever seen has a control that changes the channels.

    • I am with you, fnord. The actions of certain people that call themselves “Christians” are such that they make a mockery of themselves.

      There is a passage somewhere in the bible, and I can’t recall it right now, that basically says that Christians should be on their best behavior so as to reflect well on other Christians. And there is a song we used to sing in Church, “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love.”

      I know there are Christians out there adhering to these teachings, but the others are making all Christians look bad. They represent so poorly, they deserve whatever mockery is brought against them. It is not Christianity itself that is being mocked, but these so-called Christians that aren’t even practicing the example of Christ. Here is a bible verse for them:

      “Your own conduct and actions have brought this upon you. This is your punishment. How bitter it is! How it pierces to the heart!”~Jeremiah 4:18

      • indypendent

        Unfortunately, those hypocrit Christians that deserve to be mocked are also the ones with the biggest mouths.

        I always find it ironic that these loudmouthed hypocrit Christians are the same ones that demonize the moderate Muslims for not saying anything against the radical Muslims.

        In my opinion, these hypocrit Christians are the same as those radical Muslims and they are the ones that need to be told to shut up and sit down.

  5. Zippy

    Actually, South Park can still be very funny, notwithstanding the creators having to occasionally eat crow for some of their heavy-handed Libertarianism of the past.

    The funny thing is that they didn’t actually mock Islam. They took the “no images of Muhammed” thing to a logical conclusion, and satirized that.

    Maybe showing Jesus in a silly bear suit wouldn’t sit well with some Christians, but–beyond the old-Testament-like fiery language about “unbelievers” one can find in the Quran (ignoring the rest of it)–there is no basis for threatening anyone for an opinion.

    Especially in America.

    • indypendent

      But aren’t there some fiery language about unbelievers in the Bible?

      It all comes down to which side of the religious fence you belong.

      What is ridicule and mockery to one person may not be the same to another person.

      Case in point – these Christians who claim to be so persecuted by evening saying the name Jesus. Now come on, when has persecution been known to happen in America when someone even says the name of Jesus in public?

      Seriously, some people just have the need to play the victim card.

  6. indypendent

    That’s how I see it – all the major religions have the same basic format. Just the details seem to differ.

    But it is those details that will justify some to violence.

    And, to me, that is what is wrong with religion.