Sunday, 4/25/10, Public Square


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6 responses to “Sunday, 4/25/10, Public Square

  1. david B

    30 feet of impatiens going in today.. or else!

  2. WSClark

    Here’s a thought……….. Nearly everyone condemns Fred Phelps and the Phelps Family Crime Syndicate, but do you think that any of the condemnation over his protests has actually improved the public’s perception of gay rights?

    • indypendent

      I think the issue of gay rights is overshadowed by the fact that Phelps protest the funeral for soldiers.

      Now if Phelps were to just protest gay peoples’ funerals, I don’t think we would see as much condemnation as we have seen.

  3. david B

    Maybe so, WSC, butI don’t think any gay rights group are going to give him an award or anything…

    • Maybe they should give him an award. It could paradoxically shut him up.

      I think I saw it on this blog, but some kid is having people give money to the causes that the Phelps group protests against. I think he was on something. Maybe we should donate money to gay rights groups in Phelps’ name and a note – “with love, from Shirley and Fred….”

  4. I’ve seen Shirley up close when she is angry – a very scary sight I am here to tell you. She looks like your stereotype of what a crazed middle aged woman should look like.