Friday, 4/23/10, Public Square


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  1. My rain gauge had 3/4 of an inch in it. I haven’t heard official reports, but I’m guessing much of that in my rain gauge came at the noontime gully washer that went down the sewers. It did wash the tops of the trees!

    If we must have clouds it would sure be nice if we also had a nice soaking in kind of rain.

    • indypendent

      I know what you mean. We had water in our crawlspace the last time the rains lasted for a week.

      Had to install a sump pump in the crawlspace, upgrade the sump pump in the basement to a larger one and put a drainage trough system along one of our basement walls.

      Then we had to dig up the old french drain in the backyard because it had become plugged up and was actually sending the water towards the house.

      Frankly, I’m tired of having to deal with all those soaking and drenching rains we have been getting.

      Give me just a nice soaking kind of rain – any day.

  2. indypendent

    Just read on Huffington Post Glenn Beck will give the commencement speech at Liberty University.

    Jerry Falwell, Jr stated that Beck is the only person in the media that stands for our founding principles.

    And what principles would those be Mr. Fallwell and Glenn?

    Separation of church and state or white men only need apply?

    • indypendent

      Just remembered – maybe Glenn Beck will be able to rub elbows with our own infamous Phill Kline.

      One thing for sure – Beck is in the right place.

      Both Beck and Evangelical preachers know how to use those crying jags to separate the masses from their money.

  3. I’ve been thinking about those religious nutjobs who want the Constitution rewritten to more closely resemble the Bible — never mind whose interpretation of which Bible, that’s too much for them to think about. They may have greater insight into the situation than we do. We think we’re a nation of laws, they know their congregations represent a nation of sins, and they need that path to redemption. See, they just ask to be forgiven and all is well. Punishments for breaking laws don’t look nearly as easy to get out of!

    • indypendent

      Unfortunately, these religious nutjobs also believe that forgiveness is only for those people they deem ‘worthy’.

      Isn’t it funny that all the worthy people seem to be their fellow nutjobs?

      I heard a joke the other day that made me laugh out loud.

      Have you noticed how every television preacher is always telling people to send their money to God and then give their own addresses? How convenient, huh?

      • WSClark

        I love the faux preachers that say “God want’s you to have riches!”

        So why doesn’t God just send me a check? He has my address.