GOP No-mentum

On Wall Street Reform

“Look, there’s no rush right now. We need to get it right.”
– Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), 4/21/10

Start over please, Mr. President.”
– Fox News’ Steve Doocy, Karl Rove, 4/19/10

Rather than engage in substantive debate over reform, Republicans decided early on that they would lie about the legislation and slow down its progress. Instead of trying to fix the mess created by their own Party, Republicans are using a rhetorical ploy to confuse the public and kill reform. Over and over again.

Ultimately, Republican efforts to stall, slow, and stop progress on the stimulus and health care reform failed. Hopefully, history repeats itself in the course of Wall Street reform debate.


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12 responses to “GOP No-mentum

  1. The RepubliCAN’Ts will have much to explain to their constituents leading up to mid terms!

    • wicked

      They won’t explain. They’ll make up more fairytales and twist everything to make it appear Republicans are the party of heroes, saving their constituents from the wicked, evil claws of the Libruls and the destitution of death panels and poor houses.

      Nothing is going to change.

  2. “Start over” simply means “leave alone.”

    It seems to me they’re doing a great job of scrapping the Republican Party and starting over.

    I do understand that their ‘base’ will easily believe they’re saving the world from eville libaruhls, but people who don’t march in lockstep won’t buy it.

  3. What they’ve (The Party of No mometum) lost sight of is that we did start over, when we voted back in November of 2008, and when the choice of the majority of Americans took office January 20, 2009!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I have mentioned him before, the guy I watched in downtown Wichita that literally had a fist fight with himself.

    Knocking himself to the ground with blows to his own chin and chest.

    It was at least worrisome if not concerning, but was totally entertaining to see!

    Ahh About the same thing the Republicans are being in this financial reform.

    Swinging wildly and more often then not only suffering self inflected blows.

    McConnell was on State of the Union Sunday, the host brought up what the President said about McConnell’s statement that it was a forever bail-out of the big banks.

    Then brought out what it actually does and how that what McConnell said what not true.

    His response?

    He went out on this limb: The President keeps saying he want to be Bi-partisan yet he keep pointing out every time the Republicans are lying… that is not very Bi-Partisan!

    If that is not enough the very thing they point to as being a bail-out is a wait for it…….A republican idea!

    Put in by one of the Republicans on the committee……”YOU SOB TAKE THAT AND THIS AND HOW DARE YOU POINT OUT I AM A LIAR…. TAKE THIS ….DAMN YOU THAT HURT!

  5. Maybe we should start over back to that time the Supreme Court appointed the president and then we wouldn’t be in such deep doo-doo today!

  6. With each accomplishment of this democratic majority it gets more difficult for “The Party of No” to convince average Americans they are fighting for them with their no votes. This time they’ve chosen a foe that will make their mission of obstruction most difficult! Taking the side of wall street / big banks doesn’t bode well for convincing Americans that Republicans are on our side.

    They had years to come up with any plan to solve any of the problems. They had no plans then, and they have no plans now. Governing by refusing to govern isn’t a plan, and becoming more obvious with each passing day!

    I know they don’t do change well, but someone needs to tell them “Delay” isn’t their party leader.

  7. Here’s another one Republicans will have a difficult time fighting against, and will be another democratic accomplishment!

    Congress Takes on Citizens United

    Democrats plan to introduce a bill next week that will curtail the ability of corporations to make political contributions in the wake of January’s Supreme Court ruling, which found that companies and unions could spend unlimited amounts of money on political candidates. The new bill proposes a wide variety of measures, such as requiring CEOs and group leaders to attach their names to ads, much as political candidates do, forcing the disclosure of major donors whose money is used for “campaign-related activity,” and tightening political restrictions on companies with 20 percent or more foreign voting shares. So far, corporate interests and Republicans don’t like the idea, but given Main Street’s antipathy toward Wall Street, some Republicans are coming around; Rep. Michael N. Castle (R-Del.) is sponsoring the bill in the House.”

    • indypendent

      Here’s a thought Republicans should be aware of:

      One thing I constantly hear from the Party of NO is this idea that government should not take from one person to give to another person.

      If that is what they truly believe – then why do they support taking my tax dollars to give to corporations (a person now as deemed by the Supreme Court ruling) so they can outsource American jobs?

      I wonder if any of them have given this sticky little mess any thought?

  8. indypendent

    The Democrats need to run all those videotapes of Republicans defending the huge salaries and bonuses of the Wall Street CEO’s.

    I suspect you will be seeing alot of the same Republican faces in those videos who are now trying to appear that they, and only they, are the ones who are really trying to rein in those nasty Wall Street fat cats.

    On more thought, Democrats need to put up a split screen with each videotape from the past where they were defending the CEO’s and today where they are trying to appear all tough on those nasty old bankers.

    • indypendent

      Also – let’s get some videotape of the Republican-controlled Congress led by Phil Gramm when they did away with all those nasty financial regulations back in 1999 – the roll call as which way everyone voted.

      The Republicans like to blame Clinton for that deal (which he is to blame for signing the damn thing) but let’s remind every American which party was actually in control at that time.

      I suspect, again, many of the same Republican faces are still in those hallowed halls of Congress today.

      Nothing brings out the cockroaches like turning a bright light on – huh?