Perceptions of U.S. Improving Since the Start of the Obama Administration

According to a BBC poll, the influence of the U.S. is seen as more positive than negative by a number of countries.  This contrasts with poll results during the Bush years. 

I heard these results on a BBC news program which is broadcast overnight by KMUW.  They, of course, interviewed a conservative talk radio host, who viewed the positive views of Obama by “Democratic/Socialist countries” as less than reassuring.  The BBC host did a fairly good job of ridiculing this bumpkin on how it is hard to see how positive views can be so negative.

My president is not perfect, but I am still proud of him and support him.



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9 responses to “Perceptions of U.S. Improving Since the Start of the Obama Administration

  1. Here, in Wichita, the news on the front page is the results of a new survey by the Pew Research Center showing Americans’ trust in government and its institutions has plummeted to a near-historic low. Among other things this survey proves to me is that the Republicans are very cranky, very vocal, very angry. And they are sore losers!

    –snip from the NPR article about this survey:

    “Measuring Anger

    Pew surveys dating from 1997 show that an average of about 55 percent of Americans typically express frustration about the federal government, with the exception of a temporary spike in trust after Sept. 11.

    In the current survey, 56 percent say they feel frustrated by the federal government. The big difference this time, according to the Pew survey, is the growing numbers who expressed “intense anti-government views.”

    The proportion of Americans who say they are angry has doubled since 2000. Now at 21 percent, it tops the previous high of 20 percent in 2006.

    “The percentage who are angry is still small,” Kohut says, “but it’s twice as much as it was back in the late 1990s.”

    Pew found that intense anti-government sentiment is concentrated among Republicans, independents and others who lean Republican, as well as those who agree with the Tea Party movement.

    Anti-government animus is particularly intense among the 30 percent of those surveyed who say that “government is a major threat to my personal freedoms,” Kohut says.

    Those numbers among people who identify with the Tea Party movement “go through the roof,” he says. Fifty-seven percent in that group say the government is a major threat to them, and 43 percent say they are angry with the federal government.

    Those negative feelings far outpace the view of traditional Republicans, 43 percent of whom said government is a major threat, and 30 percent who described themselves as angry. By contrast, 18 percent of Democrats view the government as a major threat, and only 9 percent say they are angry with the federal government.”

  2. I’m also proud of the increased respect from around the world. It was a sad time in our history when bush the lesser was dragging America and Americans through the mud. Even then, as disappointed as we were we weren’t angry, and we weren’t conducting ourselves in violent ways! We were directing our energies toward electing someone who would bring change to the direction we were headed.

    Those who are angry today must have learned how to conduct themselves from the last president with the little “R” beside his name!

  3. indypendent

    I can understand people being frustrated with the federal government (state, county or city government included) but I cannot understand this complete, obsessive hatred towards the government.

    I’ve noticed lately on the WE Opinion Line the Tea Partiers are going out of their way to stress they are peaceful protesters, not racists or bigots and they are non-violent.

    They must have forgotten about all those rude, hateful town hall protesters that shouted all kinds of names at others. They must have forgotten all those signs of hate and the sign it’s time to water the Tree of Liberty with a gun tied to the man’s leg.

    Oh, but don’t fret none – there are videotapes of each and every one of those events. And I’m sure some enterprising person will be only too happy to bring those videotapes back out at the appropriate time to remind Americans of how things really were.

    The only reason I get frustrated with the government is when I see these Republicans all throwing their temper tantrums and yet still continue to draw their huge pay, benefits, perks and yes, their government-sponsored health care!

  4. indypendent

    I read on the Huffington Post about a new Conservative Network coming soon. It seems Kelsey Grammer (aka Frazier) and Comcast are teaming up to present an alternative media for those folks who think America has nothing to apologize for and, of course, for all those working people who are paying more than fair share of taxes.

    It will be called the RightNetwork.

    It will be a network that will strive to entertain, educate and otherwise justificate (is that a word?) all those conservatives who want a network that shows their viewpoint of the world is the right one.

    I thought that was what Fox News was for?

    I guess I’m confused here. Since when is Kelsey Grammer considered such a model Conservative? Isn’t Mr. Grammer’s past personal life filled with some rather missteps (like most of us humans?).

    On second thought, maybe Mr. Grammer will fit right in with the C Street bunch and the rest of those God fearing, family morals-loving Conservatives. LOL

    I suspect Comcast is just trying to give Rupert Murdock a run for his money or does Rupert own Comcast, as well?

    Or maybe this RightNetwork is for only those ‘real’ Conservatives that even find Fox News becoming demonic since Rupert Murdock has recently backed off his love for the Tea Party?

    • I’m pretty sure I herd bush the lesser say he thought someone needed to justificate the need for more edumacation.

      Fox News is making bunches of money, it seems logical that someone would want to give them a run for that money.

      What you’ve done in the past, in fact even how you conduct yourself currently, isn’t as important as that little “R” on your voter registration card. It makes you a superior person without any other actions — IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE!

      Then there are the Rinos… 😉

      • indypendent

        I’ve been seeing the CINO lately – Conservative in Name Only.

        That was brought up on Opinion Line when Conservatives were calling Obama the Neville Chamberlain of our time.

        When pointed out that Chamberlain was actually a Conservative politician – that’s when the CINO word came out.

        So, you’re right, they can do or say anything they want and they are not to be challenged because, after all, they are ‘right’.

        Excuse me, but don’t fools always think they are right also?

  5. indypendent

    Also, when it was brought up that many of the health care reform bill ideas originally came from Republicans – like Bob Dole – and the Republican Room when ballistic.

    Is it actually possible that these people really don’t know the historical facts or are they just plain stupid fools?

  6. indypendent

    I saw a picture of President Obama, Michelle and the two girls last week and the issue was about their taking a weekend vacation in North Carolina this weekend (I think it’s this weekend). It was also mentioned that Obama’s mother-in-law will be going with them.

    Anyway, I looked at the picture and I thought to myself – now that is a wonderful picture of a family that truly loves one another. You can just tell that they really care about one another.

    Then I thought – isn’t that exactly what the Conservative Republicans claim to have when they campaign?

    Then a third thought occured to me – a mental picture of a President McCain and his family planning a vacation.

    That’s when I stopped thinking and just sat and thanked God that never happened. LOL

    Seriously, I do think the Republicans would love to get Obama on anything; but unlike Bill Clinton, I don’t think Obama has that particular Achilles heel.

  7. klaus

    Yeah, it’s funny, isn’t it? How all this rage, and all these demads for fiscal restraint, and mistrust of the gov’t suddenly coalesced when Obama took office.

    Racists? No, of course not. Racism has nothing to do with it.