Obama Hostile to the Press?

Dana Milbank of the WashPo reports on Obama’s alleged hostility to the press. I am inclined to see these reported actions as “smart management” of the 4th estate, rather than supression of my right to know.

I had not seen this amusing photo before.



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7 responses to “Obama Hostile to the Press?

  1. The caption for the above photo is
    “Munchies for all.”

  2. PrairiePond

    Well, that settles it. He must be a moose-lem. All real Americans know the munchie of choice for star spangled stoners is Cheetos not Fritos. What is he, a Mexican? A Frito Bandito? Damn furriners anyway….

  3. The latest is that he came from another world, a real alien. I don’t even think it was Mars which might be more acceptable since it’s closer and all that.

    On the subject of the press — can’t they go to his website, Facebook page, read the tweets? The rest of us can! Maybe all that makes it more difficult to put their ‘spin’ on it?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I got tickled when someone got outraged because it was said he had slipped out without the press to go watch his daughter’s soccer game! OMG when an outrage we may never know if he was setting beside a terrorist leader and sharing a bag of popcorn!

    Maybe a secret meeting with the President of Iran while cheering for a goal!

  5. indypendent

    I read on Huffington Post about the White House Press Corp are also complaining about Gibbs.

    What is it with these press people – are they all taking lessons from Republicans on how to become cry babies?

    I can understand why all the secrecy about the Nuclear Summit. If they were discussing what to do with countries like North Korea and Iran – why would they want that to get out into the press?

    Besides, Obama knows that whatever was said, it will be reported and then Dick and Little Dick (Liz) Cheney will go out and twist his words and make the entire world go ‘newclar’ and run for their guns.

    There are sometimes the press need to back off and let the president do the best job possible.

    After all, it’s not like Obama did not come out and give his comments to the press during and after.

  6. wicked

    As if Dubya gave a lot of press conferences. Hard to do when you’re on vacation. 😉

  7. WSClark

    Why, tell me why Obama is bogarting that bong.