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  1. indypendent

    Is anyone paying attention to the Nuclear Summit Obama seems to be having some success with?

    Sounds like Russia, China and the Ukraine are at least attempting to work with Obama on this issue.

    I wonder how long will it be before we hear from Dick Cheney and Little Dick Cheney (Liz) go on their bender about Obama is making us all less safe?

    If I remember correctly, didn’t St. Ronald Reagan do some of this declining nuclear weapons treaty work when he was president? I read in the Opinion Line today where someone said Reagan reduced nuclear weapons by 38%.

    Of course, I’m sure the good little lockstepping Republicans who want to keep us safe will be able to say that the world is a much more dangerous place today than in Reagan’s time.

    They may have a point – maybe that explains why Reagan gave those weapons to Iran??

  2. I am!

    Leaders from 47 nations gathered to talk about making the world a safer place. Respectful talks about peaceful solutions.

    I feel proud again.

    • indypendent

      This is what happens when someone in the White House takes off his gun holster, spurs and big hat and stops saying ‘bring it on’.

      Intelligence wins out each and every time.

  3. The sore losers and their media outlets —

    Sure enough, Fox News, the Drudge Report, and conservative bloggers have focused on another example of President Obama bowing to another foreign leader, in this case Chinese President Hu Jintao.

    “He just can’t help himself,” writes Gateway Pundit. “What a disgrace.”

    The Hot Air website writes that, “I don’t know if I’ve gotten used to him doing this or if it’s a small relief to see him not go quite as perpendicular as he did for the Japanese emperor, but my heart-ache isn’t as pronounced as it was in the past.”

    Media Matters, which collected these and other comments, denounced what it called the conservative media’s “tired obsession with Obama’s supposed bowing.”


    They’re so jealous and scared. President Obama meeting with success once again. And there they are — leaderless, without ideas or solutions.

  4. indypendent

    The same people whose heart aches at seeing Obama being respectful to visiting foreign dignitaries are the same peopole who condemn Obama for not going to church since he has been president.

    But wait a minute – these were the same people that complained because Obama sat in the same church for 20 years!

    So, which is it? Do they want Obama to go to church or not go to church?

    Or is the real point behind their irrational behavior is because Obama does not go to their particular brand of church?

    Me thinks it is the latter.

  5. indypendent

    There is an interesting article in the Huffington Post about the continuing raging feud over those Tea Baggers using the N-word in Washington the day the health care bill passed.

    Seems our Tea Bagging friends have been noticeably upset by the accusations of being home to bigots and racists since the news first broke of this happening. I’ve noticed that sensibility on the WE Opinion Line lately – they sure are touchy about this issue.

    Seems there is a person Andrew Breitbar (sp?) a known Conservative blogger and famous for that ACORN videotape of the pimp and prostitute (which I think starred the very same guy that alledgedly broke into Sen. Landrieu’s office in Louisiana) that has been focusing on a video shown on YouTube that disputes the facts as told by the 3 black Congressman who were the ones walking through the Tea Bagging group to get to the Congress to vote on the health care bill.

    Well, it seems like this videotape that Conservatives and Tea Baggers are using as proof that no such racial slurs were used – was taken well AFTER the time the incident happened.

    Hmmm….when will these people learn that in today’s modern technology – there are ways to tell if a videotape is real or fake.

    Kinda reminded me of the numerous times Fox News has been caught stretching the truth or outright lying (as only each beholder can judge) with all their news coverage.

    And isn’t it also telling that the person defending these Tea Baggers in this story is also tied to some other shenanigans?

    When, oh when, will Republicans learn you never attempt to cover up. That’s what got Nixon into trouble.

    • Breitbart actually once described himself at Matt Drudge’s bitch and greatly admires the yellow journalism and propaganda that Drudge has engaged in. So, that tells you all you need to know about lil andy.

      As far as trying to prove that nobody used the “N” word in the crowd the day the Health Care bill was signed, a video of the crowd after the fact hardly proves anything except that Breitbart has learned alot from Drudge. Crooks and Liars (and filthy propagandists).

      We should not be surprised that the conservatives are in denial about the facts of ANY issue or given situation. They live in a permanent state of denial. BUT the left should be careful not to paint all Tea Party members with the same brush. We need to stop trying to paint the whole movement with the same brush. Of course every member of the movement isn’t racist. And we fall into the trap of having our salient points about the movement disregarded when we make sweeping generalizations. Let’s face it; no matter how this astroturf group started and no matter whether they have a platform or not, they aren’t going anywhere and we have to deal with them.

      The Coffee Party sent out a tweet today that I thought was interesting. It is about public civility and a pledge that some religious leaders are taking in that vein. I think it says alot about the Coffee Party that they are thinking along the lines of public civility.


  6. indypendent

    Has everyone heard (probably) about that little Russian boy that was put on a plane and sent back to Russia with a note from his adoptive mother saying she no longer wished to parent the child?

    This has given the term ‘the Ugly American’ a whole new face – hasn’t it?

  7. indypendent

    Just saw on Huffington Post about Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn (sp?) had a private meeting with 25 Wall Street executives about the upcoming financial reform bill.

    Seems the Republicans are all over the Wall Street guys looking for monetary support (of course) and McConnell and Cornyn pledged their support to these Wall Street guys to help reign in that big bad old government.

    But today McConnell was on the floor stating that there should be an end to taxpayer bailouts and that we should let banks fail if that is what it takes.

    Seems there is a provision in the financial reform bill that sets up a $50 billion fund (paid for by banks themselves) that would help struggling banks to survive.

    I guess the big banks don’t want the little banks to get a hold of $50 billion to give them a leg up if one of those big banks decided to ‘lean on them’ (using the old mafia term of persuasion).

    So, only the big banks will survive?

    Oh, there also provisions in the financial reform bill that outlines certain regulations for banks to follow . It seems these Wall Street executives that met with McConnell and Cornyn don’t like those rules either.

    So, what may sound like the GOP leader McConnell being against bailing out all banks – that is not exactly what the facts are. It seems those 25 lucky Wall Streeters will be protected from all those nasty, new rules that the socialist wants to put into place.

    This is why it is imperative that each and every American get involved, do their own research and then vote.

    • Wonder how much Mitch McConnell costs? I’ll bet he’s cheap, I know he’s worthless so it shouldn’t cost much to buy him.

    • indypendent

      I just read about this on Huffington Post. Isn’t it amazing how such a common, average, mavericky girl from Alaska can be so elitist as to demand bendable straws?

      I wonder if anything near this is in her contract for her speech in Wichita for that school fundraiser?

    • indypendent

      But the real story is how these contract pages were found.

      Hmmmmm….seems no one knew where these pages were, or even of their existence, when they were asked to produce them for Open Records request and then like magic – they appeared in the dumpster.

      Imagine that??