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  1. WSClark

    Smoozing with the enemy! I had a very nice breakfast with Too Smart, Free and XXX yesterday. As usual, I ate too much (breakfast is my favorite dine out meal) but it was a good time.

    We were a bunch of old men, sitting around jabbering. Too was the youngster of the group at 52.

    I was compelled to wear a West Virginia Mountaineers tee shirt, after losing a bet with Free. It was odd on several levels given the tragedy in the mines.

    This is a monthly “tradition.” If any wants to join and see how the “other side” lives, drop me an e-mail.

    We take turn deciding what restaurant to go to – next up is XXX, but if you have a fave, I am sure we can work it out.

    Carry on! This is going to be a beautiful day!

    • Glad you guys enjoyed getting together! Friends make life more worthwhile. No man is an island, and we all gain from each person we know. Even if it’s a negative interaction, if we allow it — we learn.

      6176, Iggy and I met for lunch yesterday. Enjoyed seeing those two gentlemen! We talked and talked about what’s going on with us, our kids, our lives… Fun!

    • XXX was put out that we did not invite him here. I had a choice: I chose a writer whom any blog manager would choose. No apologies there. Good writers are worth their weight in gold – won’t mention the weight of my choice because I don’t know it.

      I deeply regret that our blogger Jammer decided to leave because of this conflict.

      I think that anyone who wants to control others because of their personal issues need to seek therapy. Hear that, Mike?

      I am happy to have had this issue and the opportunity to work this through.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Wow it has been so long since the last time I was referred to as the “youngster of the group”.

      Of years of late it has always been “the old fart”.

  2. What are your thoughts on the Mom of the 16 year old boy who changed his Facebook password?

    I have lots of thoughts, but without more info I mainly have questions.

    1. what judge would allow a case to go forward?

    2. why is the young man’s legal guardian his grandmother?

    3. how can we go about teaching young people about their ‘electronic footprint’ and how much affect it can have on all aspects of life?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      I know nothing about this, but would surmise that the answer to your first query is related to the guardianship status of the grandmother.

      There are multiple reasons why a grandmother might be the guardian. One deals with the ability to cover the grandson under the grandparents’ health insurance, in a situation where the parent cannot obtain (or will not obtain) such coverage.

  3. Nowadays college admission offices and human resource professionals search for electronic info and find out things they can’t even ask about. Sometimes the things they learn guarantee that person won’t be admitted or hired.

    This is an important subject!

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Yes, it is important. I know of two cases where young people (college graduates, even) lost their jobs for posting “stuff” on Facebook. Makes me wonder….

      • indypendent

        I am curious, we are all the time hearing about ‘Big Brother’ after us but in the case of these two college graduates losing their jobs – were they in government or private sector jobs?

        If it is Big Brother – that is scary enough. But if it is just their company – then that is even scarier (in my opinion).

        Unless, of course, they were slandering their company or their co-workers – then I could see why that behavior would not be condoned.

      • How about just abusing the time the company is paying them to work? There is a date and time stamp and if they’re messing around on Facebook while ‘on the clock’ I can understand a company being disappointed and taking action. Then, if warned and the behavior continued… It really shouldn’t take a warning, but I suspect most companies would do that to protect themselves and their investment in the employee.

  4. Look at the electronic footprint left by those who call anyone who disagrees with them names like stupid (and worse). Do you suppose they would like prospective employers to see how they conduct themselves? Do they realize how much this shows about who they are, how they may resolve differences or challenges in a workplace?

    Do they imagine that if they’re using a ‘nic’ they won’t be identified? And how does one go about rationalizing poor behavior just because it’s anonymous?

  5. WSClark

    Ah, I’m no “trouble maker” and I certainly have great respect and affection for the dude known as Iggy.

    I just poke him every once in a while to see if he’s paying attention!

    He’s our fearless leader, where would we be without him?!?!?!

  6. Strange isn’t it — that a political party can have need to ‘go around’ their leader and yet this be no, nada indication there is internal strife? That’s what I read! All is well, this is nothing…


    GOP marginalizing Michael Steele in run-up to midterm elections

    The GOP is turning to party leaders other than Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele in an effort to raise money and resuscitate its image before the midterm elections.

    …the party will rely heavily on skilled leaders outside of Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters, where the rocky tenure of Chairman Michael Steele has posed a major distraction and raised concerns about fundraising.

    Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governors Association and a former RNC chairman, frequently comes up as a party tactician seen as working effectively toward his goal: to get as many Republicans elected governor this fall as possible.

    A new political group organized by former GOP officials, American Crossroads, could also take up some of the slack left by the troubled RNC – and divert funds. The group, which is soliciting donations from wealthy Republicans and corporations, seeks to raise $52 million to be spent on GOP candidates around the country. It is being run by former RNC chairman Mike Duncan and former RNC co-chair Jo Ann Davidson, with advice from another former RNC chair, Ed Gillespie, and former Bush White House adviser Karl Rove.

    In effect, Chairman Steele is being marginalized. Steele’s term as leader expires in January, and for now, there appears to be no organized effort to oust him.

    “He becomes a caretaker if these guys effectively work around him,” says a former party official. “If Rove and Gillespie are successful, and [John] Boehner and [Mitch] McConnell [the House and Senate GOP leaders] are too, he will become less and less relevant – not that he’s not relevant, but his role will be less and less significant.”

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I strike at you because I am unseen, I am vile because I am unknown!
    I wander the web spewing hatred I would never say face to face.

    I am anonymous!

    So the inner loathing comes out at night when the fake me is within the safety of my darken home.

    I can say what I have been thinking and no one can strike back at me for saying it.

    I can eat children and no one knows who I am!

    I can hate without fear of being punished for hating.

    I am anonymous!

    All you know of me it the fake name that appears on the screen.

    I can be tall and lean on the net while to see me you would think how short and unattractive I am.

    I can call you names and down grade your very existence while safe from you.

    I can talk to the little girls and dream of having degrading sex with them and the people at my church will never know!

    I am anonymous!

    On line I can be who ever and what ever I want to be from the bravest of souls to the deepest of sinners!

    I can live out my wildest fantasies while not being seen and condemned for them.

    Show my racism and my discuss for women and how they make me feel when I see a beautiful woman who would not want to be seen talking to me.

    I am anonymous!

    within that box that set on my desk, is contained the real me with all my faults and shortcomings to expose.

    I can be Superman or the Devil which ever the moments thought is.

    I am anonymous!

    In the end I can show my inner hatred for me and all that makes me feel less then human and no one will see who I am…… I am anonymous!

    • WOW, Rick! That is amazingly awesome!

      The last line wraps it up, doesn’t it!? Those who are ugly to others really do have an inner hatred for themselves.

  8. David B

    PBS had a great documentary last night.. about the Buddha…

    Did anyone catch it?

    • indypendent

      I have seen some documentaries about Buddhism before – so I don’t know if this is the same one you are referencing.

      I have to give Tiger Woods credit. He has said several times recently that he has returned to his Buddhist teachings and that he sees his straying away from these beliefs as one of the factors that allowed him to get into trouble.

      He said this week that he meditates daily and it is helping him.

      I can see that being beneficial. I am not a Buddhist but to simply take some time out of our day and sit to think, center ourself and get our mind into thinking outside of our own existence and into the bigger picture of the universe cannot be a bad thing.

      Maybe if more faiths would include this ritual into their teachings, the world would be a better place.

      Besides – if people are busy meditating then they cannot be watching Fox News or on the phone spreading the latest gossip.

      • indypendent

        BTW – I am not a Tiger Woods fan so I did not give him any free pass on what he did.

        But I also know that no person is perfect and if he is trying to make amends, then more power to him.

    • I didn’t, but I’m very interested in Buddhism. Seems there are lessons we could all benefit from in their teachings.

  9. indypendent

    How appropriate for the Old Guard Republicans to come up with a new fundraising group other than the RNC.

    Isn’t this just a version of the old con game where they move the shell with the gold coin around and around the table?

    The same donors who do not want to appear to condone the Sex Club RNC money have no problem sending their money to another Republican group . Although once the money is there – there is no guarantee it won’t be used for the sex clubs or anything else that a good family-values, moral, upstanding, God-fearing real Republican would look down on – right?

    If donors don’t like the RNC Chairman spending money like he is doing – then they need to get rid of him now.

    But I’m sure they don’t want to appear like they are being racist by firing the black man they just hired to appear they are making that tent of theirs BIGGER.

  10. indypendent

    fnord – of course, you’re right about the employees being on Facebook while they’re on the clock.

    I just assume (silly me) that most people will not surf the Internet/Facebook on work time.

    I know, I’m an old dinosaur from the Olden Days – LOL

    And if there is a company policy outlining such behavior is wrong, then the consequences should be doled out as warranted.

    • indypendent

      fnord – How do you feel if the company fired someone for what they did on Facebook on their personal time?

      This is when it gets tricky – in my opinion. And that was what I was thinking when I said it is even scarier than Big Brother watching us.

      Just where is that line between employer and employee?

    • It would depend —

      Do they have their employer listed on their Facebook page? If so, they are still representing their company even on their own time. I think it’s best to keep the two really separate. To the extent you may say you are employed as a “Buyer,” but not list the company.

      What kinds of things do they post on their Facebook page? Are there pics of wild parties? Do they talk about their sexual life in detail?

      I do understand what you’re saying! I agree completely that it is tricky. But some things are best kept private and some people don’t seem to have enough good common sense to realize that. Facebook and other social networks shouldn’t be considered private in my opinion and what you put there should represent your ‘public’ face.

      I think it’s best to think about that electronic footprint and keep what you put out there ‘acceptable.’

      • btw, I don’t take my own advice and I do list my employer on my Facebook.


        My employer is listed as “(my last name) Household” and my position as “Extremely Important.”

        It’s the best job I’ve ever had!

  11. David B

    What bullshit. Online is just fine. Online all the time. It’s the 21st Century for gawdsake. Most jobs have plenty of downtime… let people keep their minds active and their contacts current.

    It’s not like yer shutting down Lucy Ricardo’s pastry assembly line to post 144 characters.

    • I know plenty of people who do their job exceedingly well even checking around to see if someone else is in need of help, and still have time to be online.

      Then there are some who don’t.

      I bet the employers know the difference too.

    • indypendent

      You’re right it is the 21st century, but if your employer has the policy of no Internet use while on the clock, then that policy should be respected.

      My employer provides a computer in the breakroom for anyone who wishes to surf the net while off the clock.

  12. indypendent

    I have seen some very personal and tacky stuff on Facebook. Some people just don’t think – I guess?

    I heard on the local news about some website that compiles a bunch of information about people that they have gotten off legal websites.

    So, if you’re not careful and don’t want much personal stuff out there on the net, then they said to go to the bottom of each website login site and to opt out of sharing your information.

    This was on Channel 12 news and I dont’ remember the website’s name – did anyone happen to see this?

    When I get time, I’ll check on Channel 12’s website and get that name of the other site.

    • “Some people just don’t think – I guess?”

      Either some people don’t have the brains god gave a goose, OR they have no idea what appropriate behavior is.

      So, why aren’t you and I Facebook friends? 🙂

  13. David B

    I guess I should not ever post that my VISA Card number is 786282182182 expiration 12/13
    validation code 321

  14. tosmarttobegop

    Wal-Mart has a segment of their D.P. department that is tasked with surfing the net looking for reference to Wal-Mart. And yes it at time involves the internet activities of associates that is associated to the company.
    That may include what those associates are saying about Wal-Mart.

    A site of interest especially was “Wal-Mart sucks”, there was actually a segment for present and past associates to post comments. LOL one time I saw a post defending the store I worked at and from the post could tell that the poster was an assistant manager from the store.

    One night I saw her and made a off hand comment that was from that post.
    She went red and questioned, “Oh you saw that?”.

    She confused that she had been drinking that night and posted it.

    The Derby store had the most locally of posts and several talking about orgies and sex in the back room and auto tire and lube. I came to work the night I had read all those and said I knew what the problem was on third shift.

    We were not having enough orgy!
    I said it in the break room and everyone looked at each other in the break room.
    Then the general agreement was not even if we were the last people on earth!

  15. tosmarttobegop

    Oh this should be a fun topic and if I am still in the mood to start it tomorrow I will write it up.
    The how’s and differences between how Democrats/ Liberals and Republicans/ Conservatives think.
    How there are differences in how we see things and think about things.

    Please forgive me for shortcomings on explaining how Conservatives see and think even I have trouble understanding them!

    And the POV on Liberals and Democrats will be from perceptions.
    (Oh this should be so “you said what?)

    I have been somewhat a student of human nature and find it interesting and I admit confusing at times.

  16. Zippy

    I’m sorry, but Tiger managed to repulse me.

    Yeah, the cheating blah-blah-blah whatever. The man hits a ball with a stick for a living. I know we do this weird celebrity-sports-hero worship thing, but–the man hits a ball with a stick for a living.

    Whoever it was diddling, it wasn’t part of his job. It was between his and his wife, or should have been.

    But, apparently, the relationship between him and Nike was more important. The same folks who used the Beatles original recording of “Revolution” over the objections of the surviving Beatles, and did just a little Asian child sweatshop labor on the side.

    What is it that people won’t do for money, even if they don’t really need it.


    • indypendent

      Are you talking about that Nike ad with Tiger’s dad talking to him?

      I heard about it, but never saw it.