Tweet Justice For Beck???

Starting at 9:00 this morning the Jewish Funds for Justice will start sending twitter messages to Glenn Beck; one every minute to the television host.  Their reasons for doing so: “to confront Glenn Beck about his bizarre and incongruous opinion that there is no place for social and economic justice in religion.”

An example: 

 And Jesus said to
All his hungry disciples
Hands off my fish, chumps.

Will this attention be helpful or a problem for Beck?  I think ignoring him is better.

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5 responses to “Tweet Justice For Beck???

  1. I agree, Iggy — ignoring him is the best way to rid the world of hearing from or about this idiot. He is exactly like Westboro Baptist Church in this respect and would cease without attention.

    There was a letter to the editor in today’s local paper that I found interesting and agree with. It’s a bit off topic since it’s about the Phelps gang, but as mentioned above they thrive when we react.

    Here’s that letter:

    “Don’t sue Phelps

    Obviously, everyone’s heart goes out to the family members of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder and the resulting grief and sorrow in mourning their loss (“Donations pour in to cover Phelps verdict,” April 2 Eagle). Sadly, we also are forced to deal with the antics of Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church and the Fred Phelps family.

    Although it is magnanimous to help pay court costs on behalf of a fallen soldier’s family (sit down, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and your political agenda), it really just plays into Phelps’ hand. The only way to stop Phelps is not to sue him or assist the payment of court costs. He will go broke without contrived court cases.

    Patriotism has its place, but our patriotic fervor is predictably used like a nose ring by the Phelpses, the O’Reillys and the Osama bin Ladens of the world.”

    • indypendent

      I saw this letter also and the writer makes a valid point. Fred Phelps and his Klan make their money by having lawsuits filed against them and when their freedom of speech is upheld (like it should be), then they reap the benefit.

      The Phelps Klan has made it their livelihood to abuse the very system they claim to hate so much.

      But Glenn Beck’s situation is not the same – in my opinion.

      Glenn Beck is a political junkie with corporate sponsors. And I think rather than jam up Beck’s Twitter with all these tweets – let’s go after the corporate sponsors and jam up their toll-free phone lines with complaints about Beck’s rude behavior.

  2. indypendent

    Normally I would agree that ignoring is the best way to go. But in Glenn Becks’ case, I think he needs to be treated just like he treats everyone else.

    If Glenn Beck wants to proclaim his ideas to the world, then he should expect to be told back by those that disagree with him.

    Tweeting Beck is one thing’ but more to the point – hurt him where he lives – the wallet.

    Go after the sponsors of his show – again. Some of those sponsors bent the last time Beck’s mouth caused an uproar. Who knows, maybe Beck is on thin ice with the sponsors and this pushback will be the just the final straw that broke the camel’s back?

    But, this pushback will have to be a commitment for long-term. Just one day of tweeting this goofy bird will do no good. This behavior needs to be kept up daily for as long as it takes.

    • tosmarttobegop

      When ABC did a investigation of Robert Tilton and discovered his scams.
      Tilton when on his show and stated it was proof he was doing the work of the Lord as the servants of the Devil were attacking him.

      Though it did effect the numbers and the total amount of his intake of money he ended up only getting in eight million dollars the rest of the year.

      Beck will use the same tactic and point to it as proof he is telling the truth as there are forces trying to silence him.

      BTW here is a favor video:

  3. indypendent

    Also – Glenn Beck’s bloated ego will get the best of him yet. What is it the Bible says – Pride goeth before the fall?