Where were you?

Where were you during those miserable eight years of bush the lesser when everything you complain about was happening?  Do you realize how small and petty your outrage appears today?


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  1. indypendent

    The difference I see from the Bush years to the first year and a half of Obama is the level of hatred towards Obama.

    I personally disliked Bush and Cheney and thought their policies were disastrous, but I was not so filled with hate that I found myself out in the streets throwing bricks, dressing up like Paul Revere and generally making an ass of myself.

    • indypendent

      I wonder if these people realize that feeding such an intense hatred takes so much more energy that trying to channeling that energy into doing something positive?

      Also, that much hatred within one’s body can do all kinds of damage. It’s a cancer that eats at the one doing the hating – not the victim of the hate.

  2. David B


    Rush Limbaugh: President Obama’s ‘character assassination’


    What color is the kettle, pot?

  3. I still to this day abhore bush the lesser and hold a great deal of animosity for how far down he took our country. As you said, I wouldn’t consider violence, or gang protests. Negative energy spent doesn’t get positive results. There isn’t to this day anything those tea baggers are FOR, they are just angry and against anything of the Democratic Party. Sore losers, who aren’t even smart enough to know America spoke loudly in the proper way by electing President Obama in the fall of 2008.

    Since taking office in late January of 2009 President Obama and the Democratic majorities have made much progress. Our country is no longer on the precipice of failure.

    I know history will deal with bushco and they’ll get exactly what they deserve. There’s never been a worse president. We should all remember and guard against a repeat of that atrocity! When someone tells me bush isn’t president any longer I’m thankful and determined to never forget!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    In talking to people outside the blogs I learned the prevailing attitude was though they did not like everything he was doing. He was our President at war and did not think long on what they disliked.

    The only real differences was about the motivation, those Democrats thought it was nothing more then about oil. And that was as far as they thought about it and Bush.

    The Republicans simply dismissed concerns with he is the President and exposed to information they were not.

    Also, it is something that still mystifies me that such angry and distrust comes with a Democratic President.
    It is more open this time combined with disillusionment with the Republican party for their handling of the last eight years. Both are components of the Tea Party.

    • indypendent

      But if the Tea Party is about the disillusionment with Republican Party, then why is Todd Tiarht and Sam Brownback on the speakers stage at their local events?

      As I recall, both of these loyal Republicans rubber stamped everything Bush and the Republican Party did for the last 8 years.

      • Zippy

        Confusion, and cultural commonality. Think about it.

        Brownback etc. (and long before–very long before) told them what they want to hear. They are hurt and angry, but unfocused.

        But I humbly submit the issues go beyond party labels. The TEA party folks represented those who saw themselves of losing control–over the entirety of society.

        To a large degree–please, someone, prove me wrong –they are what used to be called the ‘religious right.’

        They were played, hard, by the Republican Party, and they know that much. Some of them.

        But it’s still about control. They don’t understand or respect why governments exist in the first place.

        And, even under Democratic rule, there are plenty who are grateful for their existence, as the deals and money keep flowing.

        It’s rather–no, exactly–like the moronic argument that the demise of journalism is a good thing, because they only served the purposes of the opposition.

        Wrong. The demise of self-governance is a plague on survival of our very species. Government is not the problem; bad government is. To paraphrase Ted Rall (with whom I don’t always agree), Ronald Reagan should be charred black by now.

        It requires an intense degree of both naivete and self-centerness to believe that simply denying tax money to Washington would somehow keep that power from being exercised. You take ordinary citizens out of the equation, rest assured the system will still work—for those who own it.

        But even then, power does not automatically confer wisdom. Lest anyone lurking think I mean all the poor are Solomons, well, the French Revolution was necessary and inevitable, but the makeshift goverment proved to be not-so-good at governance.

        Neither power nor money assures competence, and the stupid often make crucial decisions. But it can be changed.

        And if I seem to be conveniently touching on an Obama theme, I would just say that I believe in not forgetting about campaign promises, and not for bullshit political reasons, but for the future of this country, if not the world.

        But then there is November, and some scary poll numbers.

        Well, the elections was not was not won by being scared by poll numbers. They are cyclical, right?

        Greenwald, as tightly-wound as he (and many liberal activists) can be, was right about Washington.

        “Where political pressure comes only from one side, that is the side that wins — period.”

        Cynicism sucks, but realism rules. In my frequently-wrong opinion. 😉

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Some may be Zippy, but by and large the R.R. will not or can not admit to having been fooled. Bush was God’s President and to now turn against that is the same as saying that God was wrong.

    I heard someone over the weekend make a valid point about the Tea party.

    Their greatest downfall is they have not figured out exactly what they are for and not against. Beyond the simple phrases of the need no thought process to understand the problem and the solution to it.

  6. indypendent

    I think the Tea Party original movement might have been a good idea but when Fox News and Dick Armey and the Koch millions hijacked the group – that is when the whole engine left the track.

    But I wonder if the following cars behind that engine have realized yet they ARE off the track?