Saturday, 4/3/10, Public Square


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  1. wicked

    I wonder how the Pope and Vatican in general will be enjoying this Christian holiday weekend.

    AP: Vatican waited years to defrock Arizona priest

    • wicked

      New criticism of pope further clouds Easter Week

      This is pitiful. These people who covered up the molestations and rapes should be tried in a court of Common Law and stop hiding behind their gold lace frocks. Because this is worldwide, maybe an international tribunal should be called. Or let’s be like the Catholics and hunt them down, slaughtering them and burning them at the stake after fake trials. Yeah, I could go for that.

      Guess I’m just not in the Easter mood today.

  2. wicked

    omg you have to read the comments. The signs are funny, but the comments will have you ROFL, I swear.

    • I’ve heard some of the worst of them speak about ‘the details,’ ya know, ‘where the devil is.’ đŸ˜‰

      There really must be two separate standards and they’re as good at recognizing that fact as they are at spelling and grammar. Not very on either count.

      Words matter.

      Elections matter.

      The solution for those angry sore losers is to elect those who will accomplish keeping them in a state of status quo. The world they understand is one where nothing changes.

      Somehow I doubt the politics of thwarting President Obama at every turn, the all or nothing attitude that prevents compromise, and always talking about what they won’t do looks attractive to people capable of thinking (and spelling).

  3. indypendent

    There are more than a few people on the WE Opinion Line who are defending the Catholic Church. After all, there are child molesters in every religion or group – or so their argument goes.

    That is probably true, but how many of those religious leaders condone the molestation by covering it up for years and years and years?

    Any modern-day Catholic that does not demand that investigations be held and the truth comes out AND the guilty parties be punished, then these people are just the same as saying they are okay with molestation. That’s my opinion.

    After all, what are they afraid of – the truth?

    • The cover up makes everything worse. The fact that they’ve allowed priests to continue to be influential in children’s lives after they’re been proven to be pedophiles is unforgivable.

      And, the mixing up of homosexuality (which is very normal) with pedophilia (which is not normal in any way) is another unforgivable act of the Catholic Church. They seem not to have truly learned their lessons even tho it’s now got a public light shone on it!

  4. Here, Bob Schieffer says it very well —