The economy had its biggest jump in jobs in three years in March, according to a government report released Friday.


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  1. According to CNN Money“While the news was positive, there were a number of short-term factors that inflated the reading, including an addition of 48,000 by the Census Bureau as it geared up for the once-in-a-decade headcount of the U.S. population.

    Still, the addition was good news for an economy that has suffered a net loss of 8.2 million jobs since the start of 2008, a month after the official start of the recession.”

  2. indypendent

    Yesterday Sean Hannity on Talk Radio was already denouncing the good job numbers that were expected today.

    He stated that most of this gain were the temporary census jobs and those jobs were certainly not living wage jobs with health care benefits.

    Wait a minute, that sounds familiar.

    Doesn’t Walmart have alot of those same type jobs? And every good Republican worships Walmart – don’t they?

    There was also one talk radio host yesterday that was advocating for our health care to be put into the hands of Walmart because they know how to make a profit.

    Funny thing is, there is a guy who was wanting to put health care clinics into Walmart (kinda like Walgreens has done recently). This guy is the former CEO of HCA. If you remember the HCA corporation, this is the corporation that Bill Clinton vowed to break their back – and alot of their top brass did end up in prison.

    But their CEO found himself with a golden parachute of money and simply left the scene. His name is Richard Scott and he’s from Texas (go figure).

    Do some research and find out about this guy – he is an example of why our health care system is in the shape it is today.

    Follow the money and alot will be revealed.

  3. Zippy

    It looks like we’ve bottomed out–maybe–but a fact is just that. The best performance since 2007 isn’t exactly stellar, but at least the numbers are clearly trending in the correct direction.

  4. I heard an NPR news cast on the radio this past week about the quality of worker the census is hiring this year. People with advanced degrees, skills and experiences that are making the management of the work force, the decisions that need to be made… much more efficient. I’ll go see if I can find a click for that story — it was truly interesting!

  5. David B

    YEA!!!!!!! Now let’s have that bar graph grow some blue like it fell into red… all the way up to November!

  6. indypendent

    Any time the graph goes up is good – and for whatever reason.

    If the Republicans were so concerned about all this unemployment, then why did they not do something about it when they had 6 years of total control?

    I think we all know the reason for that one.