Poll: Census Is Not an Invasion of Privacy

Representative Michelle Bachmann has stated that the Census does not need all the information it solicits.  A Poll done by CNN/Opinion Research finds that 83% of a sample representative of the U.S. population does not think the information sought by the Census is an invasion of privacy; while 16% thought it was an invasion of privacy.

80% of the respondents to the above p0ll thought the information obtained by the Census was useful compared to 20% who did not think so.

Read more here.

The fact that the census is constitutionally mandated does not seem to deter Ms. Bachmann.  Read more here.

I think the image below, might be on to something.


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13 responses to “Poll: Census Is Not an Invasion of Privacy

  1. She really is batshitcrazy! What does that say about the people who elected her?

    I admit I don’t remember what questions were asked on the census in the past. Coming every ten years and not paying any more attention than it takes to complete it and get it back in the mail doesn’t memories make. Is this years different than those in the past?

  2. Zippy

    Want to see a real invasive census?

    India’s census to include photos, fingerprints

    But we’ve given up–voluntary–so much privacy in this country I wonder if New Delhi is just leading by example. Perhaps we’ve reached a limit (do the Tea Party people care about genuine invasions of privacy, i.e. overreaching government and, more commonly, businesses?).

    But, yeah, my census form is already turned in, and she is batshit crazy.

    • Liz

      Actually, yes; if you bothered to do your own research into the Tea Party ideologies and reasons for existence, you would see the top three and really the only concerns are for the reduction of the overreaching hand of government, the explosion of aggressive and hurting taxes, and insane fiscal irresponsibility that our nation cannot sustain.

      I recommend you take ten minutes to educate yourself about the “Tea Party people” and you will see that genuine invasion of privacy is EXACTLY what they care about.

      • indypendent

        Are we talking about the original Tea Party or the Tea Party hijacked by the Republicans?

        My local tea party tells me to vote out all incumbents but yet has only incumbent Republicans on their stage as featured speakers.

        Are those incumbents really there to tell me to vote them out?

        I don’t think so.

        The Tea Party, as I see it, is a shill for the GOP.

        If you want to talk about the over reaching of government and explosion of aggressive and hurting taxes against the middle class and the fisacl irresponsibility – then we have no further to look than the Republican presidents starting with Ronald Reagan and ending with George W. Bush.

        Bush and Cheney spent trillions of dollars on their war for profit but since it was not put on to the actual budget – you don’t think that counts?

        Well think again.

  3. indypendent

    My daughter said she received one of those longer versions of the Census form to fill out this time. The letter said something about a randomly picked address to send a longer version with more questions as to what services are in the neighborhood, the nearest fire station, nearest police station, what major roads are nearby, etc.

    She said it was a pain in the ass to fill out.

    And really, all the questions on there probably could have been found out by other means – so there really is nothing ‘intrusive’ about it.

    My census form was the basic one – few short questions and I was done.

    So, what’s the big deal?

    I have to laugh though , the ones that follow Ms Bachmann are probably the ones who despise paying taxes but sure do love those government benefits and their Constitution.

    Maybe someone needs to point out the fact that the Founding Fathers were the ones that established the Census as a way for all people to be fairly represented.

    • Zippy

      Hey, if those who elect people like Bachmann want to be undercounted (and apportioned lesser representation), that’s fine with me.

      • indypendent

        My thought exactly. There was an article on some web site that was saying the Republicans will be the ones who are hurt the worst by their own people refusing to send in their census forms.

        You just cannot fix stupid.

  4. Some websites ask for more invasive information just to leave a freakin comment. haha

  5. Zippy

    P.S. I think “race” as exists as social construct which, although based solely on ultraviolet light exposure, has had both social and environmental and thus physiological consequences, and well as profound differences in culture.

    But I think as human society becomes more global and–eventually–less focused on deliberate inequality, those differences will disappear and, over time, even the physical distinctions will blend.

    • indypendent

      I think the same will be seen for homosexuality in the next few decades.

      The younger generations are not so obsessed about this issue.

      And with the dwindling numbers of people who drawn to their religious churches, perhaps this is why some preachers have taken up the gay marriage issue as ther political ‘calling’.

      I’ve often wondered if this push to take science out of the public school is not just another way for these churches to try to stamp out the trend of younger generations not being homophobic.

      I believe that all humans are simply what they are – be it straight or gay – due to our birth. I do not believe homosexuality is a preference.

      Let’s face it, churches know they are losing power with future generations and if they succeed at taking science out of the public classroom, then they will be one step closer to keeping the truth about homosexuality being more about scientific reasons and not just because someone chooses to be gay.

      That, and the fact these people don’t want the general population to become too educated. If that happens, what would happen to Fox News’ ratings?