Guess What Google is Changing Its Name to…

At 1 a.m. on this date, Google changed its name to “Topeka” in reciprocation for the Mayor’s offer to change Topeka’s name to Google.  I did not know this, but did you know the Indian word “Topeka” means “a good place to dig for patatoes.”  Read more here.

Oh, and I am sure this has NOTHING to do with today’s calender date!



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4 responses to “Guess What Google is Changing Its Name to…

  1. I saw that and got a great big kick out of it! With the Phelps making the news again, this is at least a positive mention of Kansas in the news. And I clicked a link on google about Topeka and it said that Topeka produced Alfred E Neuman. I haven’t had time to check into this, but, if it’s true, it fosters a new-found respect for the zip code beginning with 666. LOL!

  2. I sure did not know that Alfred was from Topeka. But I have met real residents of the city who looked goofier than him.

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    Similarly, the “no vowel” gmail sign-in page had nothing to do with the date. Right…