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  1. Off for a day of duty in the city. I’ll catch up this evening.

    Don’t blow away!

    Remember that day the wind quit blowing in Kansas? Everyone fell down.

  2. From the website of the Hutaree (the “Christian” militia just busted by the feds):

    “Jesus spoke of the ten virgins in Matthew 25: 1-12. The wise ones took enough oil to last the whole night, just in case the bridegroom was late. The foolish ones took not enough oil to last the whole night and figured that the bridegroom would arrive earlier than he did.
    These bridegrooms represent the Christian church of today. The oil, just as Jesus explained, represented faith. If you read the story right, you find out that the people with enough faith to last as long as it might take are the wise ones. They know and believe in the testimony of Christ, even through the darkest and most doubtful of times. This day is soon.
    The foolish ones are the ones who expect Christ to arrive too soon. They have brought for themselves only enough oil to last for a short time, having not enough faith to last through the darkest hours. ”

    More irony–these fools apparently thought that God would need their help to fight evil “in the darkest hours.” They have not a clue what true faith is. They ran out of oil a long time ago.

    • Maybe Zippy will remind me of what he said recently (so well) about people making decisions they attribute to their god… If he hasn’t stopped by to say it again by the time I come home this evening, I’ll go find it.

      Sadly, these deluded and quite dangerous people who are planning / committing acts of violence in the name of their god are not few in numbers. They are the first to condemn their counterparts in the Middle East, while behaving in the same manner as those they condemn. After all, Christianity is a superior religion thus they have a superior cause… All the while not able to see truth through the hate that clouds their vision.

      • I read an article on Yahoo and some of the comments that were posted there. I find it very amusing that suddenly conservatives are worried about the overreach of government power. When Bush began expanding the powers of the Federal Government against the citizenry, those that protested were called unpatriotic, lefty, liberal, commie, socialist–all kinds of names and bad things. Now that it is a black Democrat in office, it seems that the conservatives have finally figured out how frightening the abuse of power can be in the hands of a federal government that is out to protect itself.

        Pretty funny stuff.

    • Also from the Hutaree site a Rapture Index link. So you know when it’s coming. (Even though there are several quotes from the Bible, some allegedly straight from Jesus, that tell us that this time will come like a thief in the night and nobody will know it is coming)


      • indypendent

        That was exactly what I was thinking.

        Their own Bible tells them that nobody knows the date of the Rapture but yet these nutjobs are out in full force, armed to the max with enough gunpowder to blow us all to the moon and then they think the ‘other’ guy is the bad guy?

        Another thing I noticed in that bunch – white angry males?

        There was one woman in that bunch but I guess they figured somebody had to cook them their meals and bear them children


      • wicked

        Indy, the Rapture isn’t even mentioned in the Bible, is it? Armageddon, maybe, but the first mention of a Rapture came along centuries after the Bible was written and is the creation of men, not God. At least that’s my understanding.

    • The comment Zippy made and I thought of when this topic came up was in the thread where we discussed violence in the Quran and Bible. (The bolded emphasis is mine.)

      Zippy said —

      “Using ‘holy’ doctrines to justify violence has indeed gone on for centuries, from the Crusades to the Inquisition to the Nazis to Jonestown to Heaven’s Gate.

      I think the essential point is that you never should believe that anyone human speaks for God, if there is one. That virtually guarantees abuse of power, for who would dare question God?

      “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.

      Thomas Jefferson, to his nephew

  3. indypendent

    I do find one thing interesting though. This militia group had planned to kill a policeman and then bomb the policeman’s funeral.

    So, in order to get their ‘Armagaddeon’ started – these people had to strike the first blow?

    How then is this the real Armagaddeon? If the Armagaddeon is prophecied to happen – then it would not take take their group to start it – would it?

    I know, I am thinking logically and there is no logic in these twisted radical Christianalized minds.

  4. indypendent

    Did everyone hear about the white man arrested for threatening Republican Minority Whip Eric Cantor and his family? This guy is so smart that he made a video of the threats and put himself on YouTube.

    I assume this is connected to the shot that was fired at Cantor’s office last week?

    I haven’t heard where Cantor has apologized to Tim Kaine the head of the DNC for attacking him and accusing Kaine of inciting violence when reporting that his office had been vandalized after the health care bill vote.

    Cantor did say last week that this nonsense has to stop and with that, I do agree with Cantor.

    It might help if Cantor would apologize to Tim Kaine and help start that stopping of the nonsense.

  5. indypendent

    I wonder if it had been Republicans’ offices with bricks thrown through the windows and some guy in Alabama known for telling people to go out and throw bricks if these same Republicans would have not told the public about it?

    But, then again, they would not be accused of whipping it into a frenzy and using it for political purposes – huh?

    Oh, I’m sorry, my mistake. I keep forgetting the golden rule of Republicans: I can do it because I want to but that other guy had better not even think about doing it.

  6. indypendent

    I just read on the CNN website about the 9 teens in Massachusetts that have been charged in the bullying of a 15-yr-old girl that committed suicide.

    Reading this article made me sick to my stomach. We were just talking about the issue of bullying last week.

    In this article, it did say on the day the girl killed herself, school officials witnessed the bullying.

    And what did this girl do to bring on the bullying you ask? The supposed ‘dating relationship’ she had with a boy six week prior to her death. It seems this group of bullies did not approve of her dating this guy.

    What is the world coming to? But, am I really surprised or shocked to hear teens are into bullying because they don’t like someone for doing something they don’t like?

    It’s not like the adults who throw bricks through windows or adults donning costumes and parading through tea parties with signs spewing their hatred towards our president – now is it?

    What a sad and sorry world we are creating for our future generations.

    • And just like in the case of the boy that was bullied and ostracized on a daily basis at my daughter’s school, you can’t tell me that the administration or any of the teachers had no idea that this was going on–no clues, no whispers overheard, no prior activity witnessed. There were kitchen staff and adult monitors in the lunchroom at my daughter’s school that knew that nobody would sit by this boy every day and they did nothing to stop it. There were at least TWO teachers that saw that boy every day that had to know what was going on and nothing was done. And of course when I notified the principal, all she did was effectively blame the boy for improper hygiene that was making the kids treat him badly. With idiots like this running schools, how do we think our children will have any morals or common decency?

      • indypendent

        Your story about that little boy ran through my mind when I read this CNN article about this young girl that took her own life due to the insensitivity and depravity of others.

        At what point will our society finally say – enough is enough?

  7. tosmarttobegop

    The Moslem brotherhood who is responsible for the killing of Anwar Sadat.
    Their thought process was that by killing Sadat it would be such a big thing it would insight the people to raise up against the Government.

    The people would take to the streets and demand reform and change to a more fundamental Islamic Government.

    That night they were totally bewildered, the streets were quiet and there was no demand for reform! Bin Laden’s second in command and said spiritual guild was a part of that plan.

    You hear the behind the scene thinking and it only leaves you wondering in what realm of reality does that make sense? Likewise with this Christian militia group.

    • indypendent

      There is no reason or logic to their thinking – that is why they are the wackos.

      Unfortunately, there are enough phoney Christians who admire these wackos for standing up for what they believe. How many times did we hear that about George W. Bush? Republicans admired him because he took a stand and never backed down – even when proven he was wrong.

      Even if if their belief is so out of this world it does not make any sense.

      The only result from all this nonsense will be the fact the majority of Americans will be so repulsed by all this nonsense wacko crap that the moderate and reasonable Christians will get the blame .

      I wonder how many times God has wanted to thump some of these wackos on their pointy little heads and tell them to ‘knock it off’?

  8. David B

    Greenpeace Unmasks Koch Industries’ Funding of Climate Denial Industry

    Koch Industries has “become a financial kingpin of climate science denial and clean energy opposition,” spending over $48.5 million since 1997 to fund the climate denial machine, according to an extensive report today by Greenpeace.

    The Greenpeace report reveals how Koch Industries and the foundations under its control spent far more than even ExxonMobil in recent years to fund industry front groups opposed to clean energy and climate policies. Koch spent over half the total amount -nearly $25 million – funding climate denier groups from 2005 to 2008, a period in which Exxon only spent $8.9 million.


    • indypendent

      And their supporters would say what? The source is Greenpeace so it is tainted.

      These people don’t think beyond the end of their noses.

      These people are not the ones that can see the big picture. They don’t see themselves as being the bad guy in the fact they continue to profit off energy sources that pollute our environment.

      Their logic is – if God made the energy source we use, then would it be bad?

      These are also the people that cannot see the fact that our overpriced health care system was dragging us down economically.

      You just cannot open a closed mind.

    • wicked

      Koch is also a proud “sponsor” of the Tea Party. 😉

      • The tea party is like the Republican Party as a whole — a core group of intolerant bigots who have no attraction to any voter that is peaceful, and rational. They make a lot of noise, call a great deal of attention to themselves and still represent too few to be relevant at the national level.

        Koch is buying the votes of those already in his pocket, and managing to drive away any new ones.

      • indypendent

        Sponsor? They are more like the tail wagging the dog.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Karma can once in awhile bit you in the rear end!

    In an attempt to exempt the state from having to follow the Adding of crimes against those for their sexual preference and being transgender in Federal law.

    Being investigated as a hate crime and having to provide to the Attorney general of the United States files and aid in such investigation by that office.

    The Oklahoma state senate accidentally stripped protections from crimes based on gender and religion along with race. By sighting the wrong part of the Federal hate crime law.

    But did not exempt crimes based on sexual preference from being investigated as a hate crime!

    So in Oklahoma if you do a crime like burning a church it is not a hate crime.

    But waiting outside a Gay bar so you and your buddies can do some Gay bashing is!

    It is predicted that the bill will be changed before going to the house to be voted on.

    Them there Oklie hates women, Baptists and left handed Mongolian sheep herders!

    But do love them Gay men!

    Karma is something huh?


    • indypendent

      That reminds me of a ballot issue on keeping the county dry after many years of people trying to change the law.

      I was in my 20’s at the time and as I remember it, the leader of the anti-alcohol group was so mad come election day because the ballot question was worded quite legalese and it was basically one of those questions that you had to think about the question before answering it.

      You can guess what happened – the county went for the alcohol and it was overwhelmingly. It seems those that fought so hard against alcohol coming into the county could not figure out how to answer the question and the end result was that they voted for alcohol!

      Come to think about it, those anti-alcohol voters were all acting like the Republicans today. They were throwing their hissy fits, yelling their threats, throwing bricks, etc.

      But, an election is an election. The county is wet to this day. And this vote is just another one of those chapters in the local history books of ‘what were they thinking’.

  10. You know how there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud? The silver lining to all this anger, and inability to conduct themselves in a civil adult manner, all the name calling and violence is that they show exactly who and what they are.

    You think that is attractive? You think those people are who anyone wants to be in charge of anything?

    They have no ideas to run on. With regard to health-care reform they are running around setting themselves up for failure because that law isn’t going to be repealed. Yet, that’s their only idea!

    • indypendent

      They’re too busy paying for their leaders to go to a sex club to worry about Americans without health care.

      You really must get your priorities right. LOL