The Hutaree: A Right Wing Threat

A paramilitary group from Michigan which called itself Hutaree planned to kill police officers whom it considers to be foot soldiers of the government.  They planned to make a fake 911 call and then kill the officers who responded to the call.  Further they planned to show up at the funerals of the officers and kill more officers who would likely attend the funerals.

Strange as it may sound this group considered themselves a Christian organization.  From the Washington Post  “The group’s Web site bears the slogan ‘preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.'”

Eugene Robinson in his editorial today notes that the very real threat of extremist groups now appears to derive soley from the right wing.  While the left had violent groups in the past, this is not currently the case.  Anyone have a theory on this development?



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  1. Sorry, I had not seen where so much was posted on this subject on the open thread. I think Robinson’s notation that the violent extemists all come from the right wing these days is interesting. I wonder why that is? I am at a loss for speculations as to why.

    • Because they’re sore losers. Because they’re afraid, because they’re bigots, because they have no ideas or solutions, only opposition to anything Obama. Because they have no leaders, because they are a rather small regional party with no relevance at the national level. So now they’ve resorted to violence, or at least inciting others to violence. There really are no other reasons.

      • indypendent

        You know fnord – what will be interesting to watch is how Republicans handle the financial reform that is next on Obama’s agenda.

        How will Republicans be able to say they are for the average Americans when they continue to defend the Big Banks and Wall Street fat cats?

        How will they be able to compromise with Obama when McCain so proudly boasted last week that no Republican will work with Obama from that point on?

        They have yet again painted themselves into a corner.

        But I know, they will try to spin it into a positive for their side. But, I’m thinking at least one smart political analyst – Rachel Maddow – will not be hesitant to bring out the videos of all their past public statements.

        That Rachel is one smart woman.

      • Financial reform will be interesting! But, of course, they are against government — free market and all that. They don’t learn! There has NEVER been a time in history they were fiscally conservative — NEVER! It’s words they say, it isn’t actions they take.

        In order to exist as a viable movement, they depend on everyone forgetting that they’re basically always wrong.

        Why would anyone want regulations relaxed to make a few people rich?

        Huge inequalities of wealth and power come about when allowed — or rather when they aren’t controlled. Their old stupid argument about jobs being created by these big businesses has been proven wrong, yet they can’t see this happened due to lack of regulations. In fact, I’m not sure they are even capable of acknowledging the fact.

        Government generates no funds, it only spends. When Republicans are making the decisions the money is given to the richest and most powerful; when Democrats are making the decisions at least part of the money is given to the people. It’s all taken from the people and given away. The big difference is who benefits.

        I ask for ONE example of a time the Republican Party was fiscally conservative? ONE example of when they were good stewards of tax monies? Just ONE?

      • “I ask for ONE example of a time the Republican Party was fiscally conservative? ONE example of when they were good stewards of tax monies? Just ONE?”

        Anyone? Anyone? LOL!!

  2. Thinking more on why the violence is coming from the right, could it be that they are more frequently incited by hate A.M. radio and websites?

  3. indypendent

    Perhaps because they have seen their power slowly disappearing and they don’t know what else to do but spread fear?

    Fear and hatred has worked so well in the past for them – why stop now?

    Even their churches practice the tactic of fear to keep their followers in line.

    I don’t know about you, but my God is a loving God and is not one who is just sitting on his golden throne wanting to throw fire and brimstone on my head.

  4. indypendent

    The Right Wingers do not accept responsibility for their part in inciting violence – as was evidenced recently in the Dr. Tiller’s murder case.

  5. Yeah, when they are in the minority it’s patriotism. And, of course, they’re justified in their anger and disappointment.


    There have never been people with shorter memories or greater hypocrisy!

  6. I know that FEAR is at the bottom of any kind of extremist militant groups. Just as extremist militant islamics want to blame all of their woes on the US and use a twisted religious philosophy to justify murdering people for their cause, so do US militant groups follow the same philosophy and course of action.

    Generally it seems to me that white supremacy is at the heart of alot of the fear in US militant groups. They never use that as a reason–but if you dig deep enough or look at the website long enough, you will find it.

    So, add up the lack of jobs, the ruined economy that can’t produce the kind of jobs that pay a living wage anymore, the lessening numbers of white men both in the citizenry and in positions of power and some twisted religious bullshit that has gotten WAY out of hand and you get the Hutaree.

    They are scared because they feel they are losing control (ironically, they never had control) and they are attempting to act to do something about it.

    Some have made much of the fact that this group was planning actions against police. I think it is perfectly logical, given that the police are now receiving military-type training, that anyone that feels as though the government is their enemy will believe that this extends to the local police force.