Monday, 3/29/10, Public Square


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  1. Absolutely LOVED this–trying to get the word out so that folks can do this everywhere the Phelps Cult rears its ugly head.

  2. I love it too!

    I thought the group out in California who simply stood among them with signs was good, but this is absolutely head and shoulders better. I love that the thanks goes to Westboro Baptist Church, the acknowledgments that without them coming to town the money couldn’t be raised.

    WOW! Almost makes me hope the Phelps clan comes around soon. I know a bunch of us could make it a fund-raising event — even a BI-PARTISAN event! One of the few areas we all still agree.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if the Phelps Cult raised money for things they abhor EVERYWHERE they went?

      Do you think they would eventually stop showing up if their presence counteracted everything they believe in?

  3. indypendent

    Did anyone else see Michelle Bachmann (Congresswoman from Minnesota) on CBS yesterday morning with Bob Schieffer?

    First of all, I have go to say this, that woman’s voice is so annoying. I could not imagine having to listen to her for more than a nano second.

    But back to the point – Bachmann was on spewing her usual hatred of Obama and the health care bill.

    She wants everyone to send their support to Republicans so they can repeal Obamacare because it is not right that the government is in control of 1/6th of our economy.

    Then I got to thinking – she may have a valid point. But why stop with Obamacare? Why not repeal Medicare and the government-provided health care for all the elected officials and government employees? That would mean Ms. Bachmann would have to get rid of her own health care plan.

    Maybe Democrats should use that tactic to fight any repeal of the health care bill brought up by Republicans.

    As we all know, no Republican would ever dare vote to repeal Medicare and their own health care.

    I got

    • indypendent

      BTW – don’t mind the ‘I got’ at end of my post. My fingers got to typing faster than my brain was working. It’s Monday….

  4. I read an interesting article over the weekend about a Supreme Court decision on commerce that will stand in the way of Republican attempts to overturn this health-care reform law in the courts. And the irony is that the majority opinion was joined by Republican hero Justice Antonin Scalia.

    Here’s one of the articles I found on this subject —

    There’s another problem with the lawsuit being brought by the group of state AGs. Many judges are often reluctant to hear a challenge to a law until it has actually gone into effect — what legal types call a “ripeness” issue. The individual mandate won’t go into effect until 2014 — by which time factors like the composition of the Supreme Court, and the underlying politics driving the lawsuit, may well have changed.

  5. Under chairman Michael Steele, the RNC spent $1,946.25 at Voyeur West Hollywood, “a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex,” says The Daily Caller. The RNC denies that Steele himself visited the club, saying that it was “a reimbursement made to a non-committee staffer.” The RNC is also investigating the claim. It’s just one of several lavish expenses that the RNC has incurred under Steele. Others include a $43,828 trip to Hawaii, $17,514 on private jets in February alone, and stays at other hotels like the W, the Venetian, and the Four Seasons.

    Steele has raised $96.2 million during his tenure, but he has spent $109.6 million.

    • indypendent

      ‘The RNC denies that Steele himself visited the club, saying that it was “a reimbursement made to a non-committee staffer.”

      LOL – Even if it was not Steele in that club, why are they reimbursing a non-committee staffer? And why not name that person and let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Tea Partiers Going Broke

    Can you throw a tea party on a dime? Despite the favorable, anti-incumbent winds at their backs, tea-party candidates are struggling to make money; Republican primary challengers have raised 37 percent less than their Democratic counterparts, even though there are twice as many as them. “The problem with the tea-party movement is it has inspired too many candidates,” says one failed tea-party candidate. “The movement will fail if it can’t coalesce behind candidates who can win.” Asked about tea party candidates, who threaten to deplete GOP coffers and push the Republicans’ general-election candidates to the right, DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen said, “this is great news for us.”

  7. indypendent

    fnord – those Republican Attorney Generals all know now they have no legal standing for the lawsuit they are filing.

    The irony is – Republicans claim to be the party against such frivolous lawsuits – don’t they?

    I suspect this lawsuit filing is for fundraising purposes.

  8. David B

    Voyeur West Hollywood

    Damn, I’d never get in.

  9. David B

    You KNOW you do… anyone with an icon like yours has a little kink!

  10. David B

    Now I have to wonder what else was in that box you packed your kink in! ;->

  11. David B

    Energizing the base?

    Eighty-six percent of Democrats questioned say they approve of the job Obama is doing, a surge of 12 points over the past week. The poll indicates that 47 percent of Independents approve of the president’s performance, up 6 points in a week, and 12 percent of Republicans give him the thumbs up, basically unchanged from a week ago.

    “Some parts of the Democratic base, particularly lower-income Americans and union households, appear to be coming back into the fold,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Obama’s approval rating changed the most among Americans who make less than $25,000 a year – the group that is most likely to benefit from the new health care law.”

    Among union households, the president’s approval rating soared 9 points to 58 percent.