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  1. David B

    Come on! Come on out for the Final Friday Art Night.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    We need to wait and see, several things in the health care reform strike me more to be like the TARP.

    One problem with TARP was there was an assumption, if we give them the money they will naturally know what to do with it!

    Well they did do what they thought was natural… put it in their pockets and then seem surprised when everyone objected. They did exactly what they had been doing not what we thought needed to be done.

    Several of these provisions with in the reform seem to depend more on those involved will do what should be the right and correct thing to do.

    Depending on a sense of right and wrong guiding them instead of outlining exactly what is to be done!

    A lot of wishful thinking…

  3. “I do not look upon these United States as a finished product. We are still in the making.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    At least we’re doing something. We’ve spent a hundred years talking about the need to do something. I understand it isn’t what we hope the finished product will be, is there much that starts out perfect?

  4. Wonder what Scott Brown is thinking about now that he has engaged this lady in something he shouldn’t have? I like the letter she wrote! He may learn a lesson. Again, maybe not.

    Maddow takes full-page ad in Boston to say she’s still not running

    Don’t miss the ‘comments’ at the link. You’ll enjoy them!

    • indypendent

      Like we have all said before, Scott Brown got into office due to Independents and the weak Democrat candidate.

      I’m wondering if all those Independents are so happy about Brown’s brown nose lock-stepping with the Republicans?

      Brown is only in there until 2012 – so his dance card might just be canceled sooner than later.

  5. indypendent

    Rachel talked about this last night. You know, she’s right – it is just a fundraising stunt for Republicans.

    Don’t you wonder why they picked on Rachel? She is smart, won’t back down from them, knows how to play their politics game and she is an outspoken homosexual.

    All those traits will bring out all the crazies with their money to hand over in a minute. Republicans and Pat Robertson know how to dupe their masses out of their money (or shall I say the taxpayers’ money? – I’m sure alot of those duped people are getting some type of government check).

  6. indypendent

    As for the health care bill, I’m not sure if the entire bill is good or bad. But is it any different than any other large-scale bill that has been passed?

    When was the last time a bill of this significance had everything I or you wanted in it and none of the stuff we didn’t want?

    Plus, that part about the mandate to purchase insurance – if that is thrown out in court – that will only hurt the insurance companies because it will deny them those guaranteed new customers.

    • indypendent

      Perhaps, if that mandate is thrown out in court, then that is when the single payer system comes in?

      I’m thinking Obama and Pelosi might have just played some R’s like a fiddle.

  7. indypendent

    Hey, didn’t Scott Brown vote for mandated health insurance?

    How can Brown now be joining al those AG’s who are filing their frivolous lawsuit against health care reform bill?

    And the sad part is, all these AG’s know they have no legal standing to file a lawsuit but yet will bow down to the Rabid Republicans to be in their good graces come primary time?

    Pitiful – just pitiful.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    There are two points of contention, one being like NCLB the part of a unfunded mandate.
    Ordering the increasing of people onto Medicare and Medicaid to the States but little if any Federal money to help the States to cover those people.

    As it is most States have to do a balancing act in order to cover the cost of those already on these programs.
    And now the Federal Government will be forcing them to add to those ranks and for the most part not help with the cost.

    It is a easy way to say they will now be covered, through it is also a mindless way of addressing the problem.

    The establishment of clinics will help in this and it is mentioned if not actually spelled out that they will be free. Though what is actually free?

    The second point is the mandating of insurance, it is truly questionable if the Federal Government actually does have the power to do that. The Constitutional powers under the Constitution give the Government the power of regulating interstate commerce that is established but not to establish it themselves.
    The concept was not thought of when the Constitution was written since we had been fighting against such things to have our freedom.

    Anthony Weiner was on the O’Reilly factor and had a odd argument.
    Saying that it will not be illegal to not buy insurance but you will be fined if you do not?
    That there was no law that stated you had to buy insurance?

    SO if that is the case then where in the heck does the fine come in?
    That would amount to you have to pay a fine for not doing something wrong!

    • The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is a law. If it contains a mandate to purchase health insurance, how can anyone say there isn’t such a law?

      I don’t like the mandate. I understand it, but hope it’s changed.

      How can anyone know that this new law is unfunded? Did someone expect the funding to arrive before the law passed? Honest, how can anyone say the funding won’t be given to the states until there is some evidence of that? Perhaps that’s one of the reasons some provisions of the law don’t happen immediately.

  9. This article talks about both the problems and solutions of increased Medicaid patients for the states. Seems some states will face immediate problems because they have further reduced those eligible for state help in attempts to balance state budgets and the newly passed law doesn’t allow them to do that. So, right now, before the law’s mandates for increasing eligibility go into effect they can’t cut like they wanted to.

    Some States Find Burdens in New Rules on Health Care