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  1. Wicked,

    Check this out. Answer four simple questions and this ‘calculates’ what the new health care bill will do for you —

    • wicked

      Thanks, fnord. It’s pretty much what I figured.

      If nothing changes, I’ll be eligible for Medicaid in (no later than) 2014. Funny, because I’ll be eligible for Medicare two years after that.

      Until that time, I’ll be required to have insurance or pay a fine of up to $2085.

      Should I write a thank you note now?

  2. wicked


    Funny as hell!

    • That was good!

      If the rejection drugs don’t work, maybe Nancy can share some of hers and they’ll be closer to a match…


      • wicked

        Geez, I’m slow this morning! That was funny, fnord, and I didn’t even realize what it meant until now.

    • Those ‘isolated incidences’ seem to be piling up really high!

      I hope he’s right that they can’t destroy this country.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    It is something I have noticed that the Democratic does seem to be reluctant to actually go all the way in anything. No matter how important or meaningful.

    • It took a ball transplant to get them this far! They would have needed brain transplants to go any further and no one is sure whether they’ll reject the ball transplant yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You gotta watch this! Do these people have enough sense to breathe without being prompted?

    THREE WORDS: not good for the country!

    (Sadly, it gets even worse from there)

    • wicked

      I was simply amazed at the IQ of all (not just some) of those people interviewed.

      Watch out for those blue pills!

      I’m sure you noticed how the majority, when asked, had no idea what was in the bill.

  5. Like the whining and complaining we’ve heard so much of, this doesn’t entice me to join in their style of political activism!

  6. We’ve been told the tea bag movement is average Americans.

    Those people in that video might be average every day Republicans, but I refuse to believe they represent the average American. Although I’m reminded that Rove used the realization that “half of Americans are below average” as his political strategy. I guess Rove knew a lot more about Republicans than I do!

    • I’m sorry to say that there are those in my very own family that believe some of the myths that were repeated on that tape and would say the very same things that you heard on that tape. They are very average. They are scared and upset by what they see as the decline of America. They are also very misinformed and delusional about how it got that way.

      I spoke to my mother a couple of years ago, an unfortunately devout listener of Rushbo, on the subject of extremist religious groups bent on taking over the government. I would never have believed that she would say what she did. She didn’t have a bit of a problem with religious groups taking over the government. She thought they would bring back some of the decency, morals and values that this country has lost.

      I always thought my mother loved Democracy, as she taught all of us children to be proud of this country and its history, economic system and system of government. My mother who grew up not too far from the scene of the Boston Tea Party has no problem with throwing over Democracy for Theocracy–the exact thing that brought people here from Europe in the first place.

      This is what it has come to in this country. We can’t discount these people entirely–I guarantee it will backfire; it already is. We have to figure out a way to deal with them.

    • “Vanderboegh said the action was meant to “get everyone’s attention.”

      “What I was trying to get across was that people do not understand how on the edge of civil conflict this country is,” he said.”

      That is no veiled threat–wouldn’t that qualify as inciting to riot?

      • wicked

        Sounds like the Twitterers that backpedalled on their tweets, calling for assasination. And I was wrong on the other thread. I should have said the Secret Service, not the FBI, would already have their names and numbers.

  7. I think people like Rush, Hannity, Beck get by with inciting to riot every day. Get paid well while doing it!

    Our world often seems inside out to me.

  8. wicked

    I think I should go make sure the door is locked. There’s a plane circling above the area. They must be looking for someone.

  9. indypendent

    As for the average American – perhaps that is why Republicans are so intent on destroying public schools – they want to keep Americans on the dumb side?

    As for that guy from Alabama and his call for people to throw those bricks, I heard on Rachel Maddow last night that he gets a monthly government check. Now isn’t that special?

    He lives off the very government that he says is so evil.

    Sounds like those Tea Partiers who don’t want government health care but yet they are on Medicare themselves.

    Are these people hypocrits, liars or just plain stupid?

    I’m thinking it is all 3 – what do you think?

    • My experience with these folks is that they are delusional or in denial. They aren’t lying to you necessarily as much as lying to themselves.

    • wicked

      If it weren’t for Fox News, Rush, Glen, and others, there would be fewer problems. Without that guidance (aka brainwashing), all the followers have is normal news, and they might learn to think for themselves.

      Then again, maybe not. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Yeah, I don’t think so; “normal” news is almost as slanted and biased as FauxNews. Some days it’s all I can do not to scream while I am trying to find out what is going on in the world.

        ABC is the worst, followed closely by NBC and CBS. It is quite sad to see the depths to which the CBS Nightly News has fallen.

  10. For those who do graphic design, photography… take at look at this new Photo Shop tool — amazing!

    • wicked

      Neat stuff. And all it costs is a measley $1800.

      I use and have always used Paint Shop Pro (Jasc) for graphics, which was later bought out by Corel and turned into a photo editing tool, not graphics. Granted, it doesn’t do what CS4 does, and it would be nice to have CS4, but not at the price they want.

      I also have Fireworks and Flash via Dreamweaver (Macromedia), bought out by Adobe and now offered through Photo Shop. My youngest is taking a website design class that uses Dreamweaver–but it’s the CS4 version, not the Macromedia Suite 8, so she can’t use mine. They do pretty much the same thing, but the tools are placed in different places and some have been upgraded. $399 for that alone. She downloaded the trial version, but it’s expired, and she still has 2 months of school left. I never took a lesson, just learned by trial and error.

      I now understand why other website design people and companies charge the outrageous prices they do.

    • Griffin uses Photo Shop and Catia and I don’t know what other kinds of programs at work, bought and paid for by the employer.

      I can type. Although not without errors.

      And, upload a photo here and there…


  11. ACTION ALERT: Campaign Finance Bill Stalled on Senate Floor

    Yesterday evening, our bill to bring Supreme Court Justices and other judges under the Kansas Campaign Finance Act was debated for nearly two hours. The bill, Senate Sub for HB2079, drew at least three attempts to amend for purposes unrelated to the original bill. At the end of the debate, the third amendment was not ready, so the bill was “passed over” with no action being taken.

    This bill is now sitting on the Senate’s calendar, but has not been scheduled for future action!!

    Time is critical. Unless the Senate completes debate on this bill in the next few days, it will die at the end of the session. Ironically, at no point in the debate were the merits of the bill actually discussed – all debate was on the unrelated amendments, one of which passed, one of which failed, and the last that was not printed in time for the debate.

    WHAT YOU CAN DO: The Senate Majority Leader, Senator Derek Schmidt, and the Senate President, Senator Stephen Morris, control the bills that appear on each day’s debate schedule. THEY MUST HEAR FROM US! Please call and email them and ask them to RESCHEDULE SENATE SUB FOR HB2079 FOR DEBATE! IT’S TIME FOR THIS BILL TO BE DEBATED ON ITS MERITS AND TO GET THE VOTE IT DESERVES!

    Senator Schmidt’s office number is 785-296-2497; his email is

    Senator Morris’ office number is 785-296-2419; his email is

    ALSO: Please call your own Senators and ask them to support having this bill get debated and voted!


    • wicked

      I have no clue what that’s about.

    • Anti-abortion group plans effort to oust Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier

      An anti-abortion group launched a campaign Friday to oust at least one Kansas Supreme Court justice in this yearโ€™s election because of how the court has handled cases on the issue.

      Kansans for Life will campaign against Justice Carol Beier and may expand its efforts to other justices, Executive Director Mary Kay Culp told The Associated Press. Abortion opponents are especially upset with Beier because of majority opinions she wrote in 2006 and 2008 cases.

      continue at —

      • wicked

        Thanks (again), fnord.

        This is a red, red state. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it passed, even if they have to call a ferit (for it only) special vote in the dead of night. How Kansas has managed to get people in high political places is beyond me. I applaud that, since the smaller ones all smell like peanuts.

      • indypendent

        They can campaign all they want, that is their right. Hopefully, they will be so busy doing that they will leave others alone?

        Or am I hoping for too much?

        I’m still waiting for those anti-abortion protesters that harrassed Dr. Tiller, his family and his staff and their children for years to get their karma. Anyone who thinks standing out in front of a person’s home or church and protesting is their ‘right’ as an American, needs the same thing done to them only ten-fold.

        And I just wonder how many of those people are Catholics? Have you heard the latest about the Ireland Catholic Church and the child abuse that has been hidden there for years? Sounds alot like the same crap here. So if anti-abortion protesters are Catholics, perhaps they should help clean up their own church backyard before starting on somebody else?

      • wicked

        To indy on the Irish Catholic thing:

        It isn’t just Ireland, it includes Italy (as in ROME), the seat of all things Catholic. It seems it’s the U.S. mess that caused the uproar in Ireland and Italy, where they finally started speaking up LOUDLY about the same happening there.

        The Catholic church simply pays the fines and court fees. And since the Vatican owns most of the art wealth in the world (not to mention all those churches done in gold leaf), it’ll be a while before it’s broke.

        Money always fixes everything. Except those broken boys.

      • wicked

        But there’s more, and I should’ve added lawsuits to the list of things the church is paying for. Brain not working well.

        The debate rages on whether the altar boy molestations are caused by the celibacy of priests. Or do gay Catholic men become priests because it’s a place that’s all men, all the time, and those boys are “available” to them?

        I’ve known a gay priest. Probably more than that who were not openly gay. His brother, who I never met, was also a gay priest. We didn’t agree on the biblical, but I never thought to ask about his relationships with altar boys. At the time, no one was speaking of it, or I probably would have!

      • “Or do gay Catholic men become priests because itโ€™s a place thatโ€™s all men, all the time, and those boys are โ€œavailableโ€ to them?”

        Oooh that argument drives me nuts! There is a difference between a homosexual and pederast. Homosexuals are attracted to others of their own sex at appropriate age levels. Pederasts are only attracted to children.

        It’s as insulting to gay men to suggest that they are pedophiles as it would be to a homosexual man to suggest that he is a pedophile–just because he is gay or not gay, or perhaps just because he is male. Let’s do be careful about mixing those things, please.

        Lecture over.

      • It is possible men who are attracted to the priesthood have been fighting against all sexual feelings most of their life. I would believe that many of them have no idea what their sexual persuasions are when they enter the priesthood.

    • More on the bill that has now been put into a kind of limbo —

  12. indypendent

    I agree about all the news channels about their depth of coverage. I have been biting my tongue for the past week about all the ‘news’ coverage about Sandra Bullock and her cheating husband.

    I watch CBS in the morning and every day they are talking about Sandra Bullock and her being devastated about her husband. Has she moved out? Is she considering divorce?

    Well, you know what? I do not think that is news. And everytime that Maggie Rodriguez gives the camera that pouty look she has when talking about sorry she feels for Sandra Bullock I just want to scream.

    You know, if Ms. Rodriguez and the rest of them were really feeling bad for Ms. Bullock, they would shut the hell up and not make her personal life the ‘news’.

    But, I’m sure the ratings would go down if they did not cover the latest celebrity gossip and then their big corporate God would bring down fire and brimstone onto their heads. God forbid one penny is lost in profit.

    • wicked

      I don’t watch news on TV. I see plenty of it online to keep me fair and balanced. Even local news is a rarity in my house.

      I also don’t buy magazines. If I want to see ads, I can visit a plethora of websites with real sparkly ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t vote for republicans anymore, either. It would take one that would promise me everything I want, and then actually follow through on it. Since we know they’re the party of (broken) promises and never give the common man or woman anything, guess when I’ll vote for one again?

    • wicked

      I do have to say that Sandra Bullock is my favorite (living) actress. But I don’t follow every single word printed or spoken about her carousing hubby and their marriage. It’s private.

      • indypendent

        That’s the way I feel about it also. But, sad to say, I think our society is so celebrity gossip obsessed that if we were to go back to just the real news – nobody would watch.

        And I wasn’t just trying to single out Sandra Bullock – she just happened to be their victim this week.

        I felt the same way about all that Tiger Woods coverage.

        When is America going to grow up and start acting like adults?

      • wicked

        Indy, I didn’t mean to imply that you were picking on Sandra, if it seemed I was. I definitely got your drift. ๐Ÿ™‚

        It’s all a part of the dumbing down of America. Sad thing is, it’s working. Just one more bright and shiny object to keep attention away from the important stuff going on behind the wizard’s curtain. Which makes me wonder if The Wizard of Oz was actually a politically based thing. Now that’s something to think about.

  13. Our Kansas House did however have time today to pass a ‘strip club bill’ that would keep dancers at least 6 feet away from everyone AT ALL TIMES.

    And, I read in this morning’s paper that a bill has been introduced to exempt Kansas made guns from federal laws. THERE ARE NO GUNS LEGALLY MANUFACTURED IN KANSAS! So if they’re here they are subject to interstate commerce laws and that’s federal.

    Meanwhile have they figured out how to balance the budget?
    For gawd’s sake…

    • wicked

      Instead of passing a strip club bill, why don’t they tax all the people attending said strip clubs? Oh, wait a minute. Then those congressmen would have to pay more to get in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything else gets hit with a sin tax, yet it isn’t the sinners that are paying. This would be a step forward in rectifying that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for balancing the budget, see above.

    • You know how many tape measurers will need to be purchased to enforce this??

      • wicked

        Hey, the girls can incorporate the tape measures into their act! Uh, dance. I have a feeling many of those men wouldn’t measure up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • indypendent

      Keeping strippers at least 6 feet away at all times will bring about good morals as well as making abortion illegal.

      These are just words on paper and we all know that as soon as these knuckleheads in Topeka get through patting themselves on their back, the strippers have already figured out a way to get around that 6 feet rule.

      People are human beings and with that said, all kinds of immoral things are done every day.

      But, I’m sure some preachers and prudish church women are beaming that they got their beloved politicians to listen to them and pass that stupid law.

      But at the end of the day, we all know what happens in real life. But if we pretend real hard like it does not exist – then we can go on in our make-believe world and think we are just fine and dandy little Christian boys and girls.

      Satan must be having a real laughing fit about now.

  14. indypendent

    Wasn’t it Congressman Patrick Kennedy on the House Floor a couple weeks ago having a yelling fit about how our media is so obsessed with the wrong things? At that time, the big story was about the Democratic Congressman Massa (?) who was resigning under a cloud of suspicion about some inappropriate remarks he had made.

    And this entire time our country is losing soldiers on the battlefield of two wars that we are stuck in, losing billions of dollars on and the media is so obsessed about some politician hack and his big mouth?

    Sometimes I think we are reaping exactly what we have sown in this country.

    We have our priorities wrong and yet we are so still so arrogant that we defy anyone to tell us we are wrong.

    God help us all.

  15. It sure is nice to have you ladies around on a cloudy dreary afternoon. I like talking to you! But now if I don’t get busy, there will be no dinner at my house tonight.

    • indypendent

      Same to you fnord – I think we all kinda think alike. I suspect there are more just like us.

      And let’s not let the fact go by that we are women – I think that says alot. I would love to see a strong woman in the White House. Then maybe some of this crap would be cut down to size – LOL.

      I wonder how Hillary would have handled John McCain and the rest of his Just Say No boys? I suspect Hillary would have found all their weakspots and hit them where they live.

      And I bet she knows all their secrets in their skeleton closet. Maybe that is why nobody really messes with Hillary?

      • wicked

        It’s definitely why they’re afraid of her. And they are afraid, so afraid that they were certain they could control her as prez.

    • wicked

      What time is dinner? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • indypendent

        What’s for dinner? Soup sounds good and from the looks of the weather outside my window – I’m not wanting to venture out tonight.

  16. indypendent

    wicked – if these men actually did measure up – I suspect they would not have to be in a strip club.

    What do you think?

  17. indypendent

    As for men in strip clubs – I work with a few men who frequent these clubs and their wives say they don’t mind. I asked the guys once if they felt bad about having to buy attention from a woman?

    I asked them if they thought that those women would give them a second look if they did not have those dollar bills in their hand. And each one of them knew exactly what I meant and they all said – if my wife does not mind, why should you?

    I gotta admit – they did have a point.

    But I think the younger generation has a different view of strip clubs. After all, we now have Miley Cyrus doing a pole dance on a national television award show and nobody seemed to mind.

    I remember when Walt Disney was alive and Annette Funicello was forbidden to wear a 2-piece swimsuit because Disney felt that she was representing his company and did not want her to look improper.

    Miley Cyrus also works for Disney and I’ve often wondered how many times Walt Disney must have turned over in his grave at the things his company’s star is doing these days.

    • wicked

      I’m right behind you on the Disney thing.

      Annette actually did wear a two-piece in at least one of the Beach Party movies, but was forbidden to allow her belly button to be shown. I’d have to check on it, but I think that one was Beach Blanket Bingo, one of the later ones. I seem to remember the suit. The top of the top was up to her collarbone, and the top of the bottom nearly hit her rib cage. LOL

  18. Whew… that was a close one.

    I walked around the kitchen and opened the fridge and some cabinets, then called Griffin and asked him whether he would prefer potato soup or going out to get Mexican.


    He had no problem making the decision. Should I order the enchiladas?

  19. wicked

    I was trying to discover if, in the past 20 years, the Democrats had voted unanimously against a bill. Instead, I found interesting stats on the party that I wasn’t aware of, so I thought I’d share the link.

    • Interesting, just like you said!

      Did you find the answer you first looked for?

      • wicked

        There was a near-unanimous vote against CAFTA. I’m still looking, now and then.

      • Around midnight on July 27th of 2005, the House of Representatives approved the Central America-Dominican Republic-United States Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA in a 217-215 vote.

        Since CAFTA was so damaging to American workers, it wasn’t able to pass on the merits. CAFTA’s passage was bought by an outrageous amount of pork barrel politics, and fake side deals, and unbelievable pressure from the Bush Administration.

      • Meanwhile, critics of the trade pact have been blasting the last-minute maneuvering by GOP leaders determined to pass the agreement.

        When official voting had ended in the House at 11:17 pm, as the fifteen minute voting period had expired, legislators had actually voted to defeat CAFTA 180 (one hundred eighty)โ€“175 (one hundred seventy five). But in an unusual move the final House vote was held open for an extra forty seven minutes, giving Republican leaders time to furiously round up holdouts in their own party until they had secured just enough to ensure approval.

        * Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader:
        โ€œThe Republicans turned the floor of the House of the Representatives into a “Letโ€™s Make a Dealโ€ set that was reminiscent of what happened at the time of the medicare prescription drug legislation that evening and again this time they kept the vote open a long time. But many of the overtures that were made to members was made before even going to the floor. So this is about again an abuse of power, an unethical way of passing legislation and depending on what members decide to do, may require further attention.”

        Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Charles Taylor of North Carolina said he voted against the bill, but that a problem with the electronic voting system failed to record the vote.

      • They have short memories, don’t they?

      • wicked

        Yes, they have short memories. But you know how it is. Anything that gains the Republicans what they want is acceptable.

  20. WSClark

    Our dear old friend Am Way, successor to Reggie is bad mouthing our poor little blog over at WE. With permission of the administrators, I have a message for Mr. Way.

    Dear American Way,

    Please go fuck yourself, right after you finish with the horse you rode in on.

    Please visit again soon, lurker.


    Will Clark

    Chief Provocateur and Resident PITA.

    PS: I did say please.

    • Still fascinated with us, huh? (shrugs shoulders) We are fascinating people! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I take exception with that ‘dear old friend’ part, wsc!

    • wicked

      Slumming? I do that over at WEBlog. I just don’t bother to be one of the residents of the slum by posting.

      • wicked

        A shower is required after each visit there.

      • WSClark

        Ah, now that Reggie has been banned, I am trying to be a good boy and bring a little civility to WEBlog, it has become an embarrassment to my adopted hometown and I sincerely hope that outsiders do not judge us based on what they read at the local blog.

        It would be unfortunate if people from outside our community were to base their opinions of Wichita on the discourse at WEBlog.

  21. WSClark

    Ya’ know, I am not a Kansas native, and I hated this state when I first moved here, and that move was not by choice.

    Now, I love my adopted home state and defend her at every opportunity.

    Yes, we have our very own collection of morons, but we are still way ahead of OK, AK, MS and AL.

    For the most part, we Kansans are good people – we rally around to help each other in times of crisis and support one another through food banks and community outreach projects.

    We aren’t bad folks, we just have bad folks among us.

    And we have a great zoo.

    Maybe they can cage some of the bad folks among us.

  22. Thunderchild

    “Ah, now that Reggie has been banned…”

    No, he hasn’t.

  23. Zippy

    I could not possibly care less about the WEBlog wars. I lost a good friend today, but I still wouldn’t care.

    Then I read the news before bedtime and see this:

    “The Tucson, congressional office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was vandalized a few hours after the House vote overhauling the nation’s health care system, authorities said Monday.”

    I have more important issues to deal with this week, but those thugs are not going to rule by intimidation.

    • wicked

      I saw that yesterday and forgot to mention your Gabby was one of those “hit” by the insanity.

      Positive thoughts headed your way on those issues you’re dealing with.

  24. I’m sorry about your sadness Zippy.

    Thugs. Yes, running amok.

    I also don’t care about who says what or who was or wasn’t banned at WEBlog. If the poster mentioned is gone, accept it as the gift it is no matter why it happened.

    Do you remember how bush the lesser became the best ambassador the Democratic Party ever had? Thugs, whether they be the kind who vandal or the kind who show their butt at the local newspaper blog and all others spreading misinformation and pitchin’ hissy fits, do their ’cause’ a great disservice.

    • indypendent

      If these people had any real power, they would not spend their days 24/7 on some blog in Kansas spinning their tales of woe because a black man beat them at their own game and got into the White House.

      That’s their problem – they know they have no power and in order for them to feel superior to someone else – they need to go looking to stir up trouble.

      I wonder if this AmWay person is a man or woman? If it’s a man, it seems very petty and immature for a big, virile man to have to come snooping over someone else’s fence just to get a thrill or to run back to the group and start gossiping.

      Just like a bunch of old women at the church. God hates gossip, don’t they know that?

  25. indypendent

    Just the fact that someone from the WEblog feels the need to come over here and see what we are saying shows more about them than us.

    I really don’t care who comes here or what they have to say about us.

    This is a free country and unlike the Republicans – I believe that in order for me to enjoy my guaranteed rights as an American, I need to be able to let all Americans enjoy those same guaranteed rights.

    All Americans as in all minorities, all economic classes and all political groups.

    But, I know these words will be lost on certain people who like to complain about everything and everyone else because their side is currently on the losing side.

  26. indypendent

    ‘Yes, but have you heard who Jesus has been going out with latelyโ€ฆโ€ฆ.’

    LOL – I wonder if these WEbloggers realize that Jesus is not that white man in the picture they have hanging on their wall?

    Jesus also hung out with all the wrong people – you know, the poor, the hungry, the disabled, the sick.

    Why Jesus even talked to a thief while dying on the Cross. Jesus actually promised this thief eternal life in Heaven with him. Imagine that – Jesus associating with a thief?

    Why didn’t Jesus talk to all those holier-than-thou, self righteous, pious religious leaders in all their golden robes? After all, they were the ‘important ones’ and Jesus should have been talking to them. Right?

    • indypendent

      BTW – I also remember when Jesus ran the money vendors out of the Temple.

      I bet Jesus would have a good time kicking butt in today’s mega churches. My oh my, the fur would fly.

  27. indypendent

    I just researched the CAFTA vote in 2005. I wish more Republicans would actually read some of the crap the Bush Administration rammed through.

    Did you realize that CAFTA made it easier for foreign investment and foreign countries to bid on our government procurement contracts?

    I wonder if these aviation working Republicans who are so mad at Obama for ruining the aviation industry even know that it was their boy GWB and the other ‘real’ American Republicans who rammed that CAFTA deal through Congress on a 217-215 vote?

    And with all those backroom deals to boot!

    And, if I am not mistaken, since this was in 2005 – many of today’s Republicans were in the Congress when they passed this bill.

    Maybe they should be reminded of their own votes?

  28. indypendent

    fnord – somehow I don’t think Jesus would approve of all these brick-throwing thugs or effigy-burning racists who claim to be such good moral Republicans.

  29. indypendent

    Whenever one of the phoney Evangelical Christians tries to ask you if you want to go to Heaven – simply ask them if they are going to be there.

    When they answer ‘yes’, then politely tell them ‘no thanks, because that would not be Heaven to me’.

    That usually shuts them up real fast!