Happy Birthday to this Blog: 03-21-10 Marks One Year

According to fnord, the first year of this blog will be marked on 03-21-10.  It has been a great year and I thank you all for your help.  We’ve seen friends, interlopers, and others visit us.  We have prevailed as sane individuals and I expect we will continue to do so.  A big thank you for your generous help!


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12 responses to “Happy Birthday to this Blog: 03-21-10 Marks One Year

  1. fnord

    Happy birthday! It’s been nice visiting with you all, and sharing the news and opinions you’ve brought to PP&Ps over the last year.

    Here’s a link to our very first posts —


  2. fnord

    A few ‘stats’ from our first year —

    As of a few minutes ago we’ve started 1,057 threads; 19,662 comments have been made, and the blog has had 153,629 views in our first year.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I am glad I was invited, thanks Fnord!

    Some frank and honest discussion here, that is refreshing after so long on that other blog.

  4. PrairiePond

    This is just such a great place to visit with friends, hear other INTELLIGENT opinions, be able to think things through with little dogma or abuse, and to just plain have some fun.

    You are a great bunch of people. The only good thing that has come of my time on tbtsnbn was meeting you all. I feel like you are my lifetime friends.

    And special thanks to Fnord, Iggy, and all those who have been “admin” people here. They keep the lights on, the fridge full, the furniture clean and the mortgage paid. Oh yeah, and when some of us have overstayed our welcome, they’ve gently, then forcefully, reminded us when it’s time to go home and take a shower, or better yet, dont come back at all!

    Without them, we’d be huddling on a street corner, or worse, we’d be scattered to the winds with no way to reach each other.

    You’ve done a good thing here, Fnord, Iggy, and all. A most sincere thank you.

  5. That’s it, a year? Madness! I’d have sworn there was more. Thanks for a great place!

  6. fnord

    Many of us ‘met’ several years ago in cyberspace, then in person, and finally we decided we wanted to be sure we kept in touch, were there for each other and Iggy made us this place. We made new friends after we moved in here. A good thing!

  7. David B

    the bear is upside down

  8. iggydonnelly

    Thanks to all of you for joining us. Excellent post above, omawarian.

    A special thanks to fnord for her tireless help. She has been the spirit that has kept this place going.

  9. WSClark

    “as sane individuals”

    Speak for yourself, I am happily insane.

  10. klaus

    A day late, but Happy Birthday.

    This is a great blog. It’s so nice to come somewhere that I can sincerely agree with people.

    Keep up the good work. And Thanks!!!