Senate GOP Plays Politics

Using arcane Senate rules that allow individual lawmakers to grind presidential appointments to a halt, the Treasury Department has seen a number of posts go unfilled for long stretches over unrelated complaints from GOP Senators. The holds are anonymous and thus their reasons are often not made public, but The Washington Post finds that the holdup centered on issues that were unaffected by the appointments in question, including a plan in Canada to ban fruit-flavored cigarettes and a dispute over online gambling. After President Obama directly challenged the GOP to speed up the process in February, over two dozen appointees were confirmed, but Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY), who also blocked unemployment benefits earlier this year, still has holds on two senior Treasury officials.


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12 responses to “Senate GOP Plays Politics

  1. fnord

    All the playing of politics the Republicans have done will win them elections. They will be able to go to their constituency with absolutely no ideas of how to change or improve anything, with nothing more than complaints and be elected.

    More Americans will know the contestants on American Idol than what is happening in their nation’s capitol.

  2. PrairiePond

    How’s that bipartisanship thingy working for obama?

    Maybe he needs to go to rick warren for some counseling….

    • wicked

      It isn’t. I’m seeing a tiny, tiny glimmer of his realization of that. Not enough, so he needs a big, hard push—or a whack on the head. (figuratively speaking, of course.)

  3. wicked

    Bunning needs to lose his Senate seat and be unemployed for a few years. Completely unemployed, until he runs out of savings. No health care, either.

    • PrairiePond

      I’m in! How do we make that happen? I’m sure if he ever loses his seat, there will be big cushy lobby jobs or board seats. The very rich, they take care of their own.

      • wicked

        Oh, of course. But this is the time Karma should take a huge step forward and wave the magic wand over them all.

        So maybe we pray to the God of Karma? 🙂

      • fnord

        I’ve seen the God of Karma in action too many times to not have great respect for what She can do! 🙂

  4. PrairiePond

    “So maybe we pray to the God of Karma? :)”

    “I’ve seen the God of Karma in action too many times to not have great respect for what She can do!”

    I certainly cant disagree with those sentiments! However, why is Karma so damn selective on who she punishes? It seems to me that quite often the bad get rewarded, not punished.

    I just wish she’d be a little more consistent!

    • “It seems to me that quite often the bad get rewarded, not punished.”

      That’s because our country is upside down. The bad get rewarded and the good are punished every day. It is bad to be smart, it is admired to be dumb. It’s popular to be shallow and unrewarding to be sincere and substantive.

  5. indypendent

    I think Bunning has stated he is not seeking re-election – but maybe I’m wishful thinking??

    • I think I’ve heard the same thing. I think that is part of what is going on with him. He’s never been really open minded, but i think now he is in the “screw you, I don’t work here anymore” mode.

      What a jerk