Palin, the TV star

Coming soon to a television near you: Variety reports that Sarah Palin is near a deal for her TV project about Alaska, which Mark Burnett will produce. A&E and Discovery are the front-runners for the show, which is expected to cost about $1 million per episode. Variety says the show “will center on interesting characters, traditions, and attractions in the 49th state—with the ex-VP candidate as guide.” Palin and Burnett pitched the show to the four major networks, before moving on to cable. A decision could be made in the next day or two.

The ex-nearly-half-a-term governor may have found her cash cow!


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6 responses to “Palin, the TV star

  1. indypendent

    A cost of $1 million per episode? What the hell for? What is the population of Alaska – around 700,000? And how many cities does this state have? Just exactly where is all that $1 million per episode going?

    I’ve watched the Travel Channel about Alaska and I’m sure everyone has seen all there is to know about Alaska – we don’t need the Queen of the Caribou to show us how dress a moose in the wild.

  2. wicked

    “The ex-nearly-half-a-term governor may have found her cash cow!”

    And most cows end up in the slaughter house.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    When I first heard of that for ten thousand dollars you could have your picture taken with Palin and Bachman. several thoughts came to mind, are they naked?

    Do they pleasure each other or who every is having their picture taken?

    If so then 10, 000 would be a worthy investment for such a picture. You could turn around and sell it for several hundred thousand dollars!

  4. indypendent

    Is there no price too high or no level too low for the cash cow to cash in?

  5. wicked

    Do we really believe we’ll get an honest account of Alaska from Sarah? Will there be a show about the Drop-Out Governor?

    • wicked

      Will we get footage of the view of Russia from Sarah’s front porch?

      There’s more, but I can’t stay and play. 😦