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  1. Found this interesting–Republicans used to be more thorough than this. Seems they touted the first Republican woman to be elected to Congress, but she was a pacifist LEFTY Republican!

  2. fnord

    Stewart Spoofs Beck

    Progressivism Is Cancer
    If you miss this important show about the cancer that is destroying America, you might die.


    Someone as crazy as Beck is great fodder for laughs and fun, and someone as talented as Stewart does a better Beck than Beck himself is capable of!

  3. I have to go get robbed at the car dealership now, which is a story in itself, but I just wanted to share the following. It is a perfect summation of how I feel about the health care “reform” that is getting ready to be passed.

    Zero Public Option + One Mandate = Disaster

    The paragraph that stuck out for me was the following:

    “The quality of the Senate health care legislation hasn’t improved in the three months since Dean condemned it. What has gone over the top is the cacophony of voices and pressures to tout doublethink as virtuous pragmatism.”

    This is exactly what is happening when people say that you are sacrificing the good to the perfect–they are touting doublethink as virtuous pragmatism. Could never have said it better!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Oh life as a couple, my oldest called last night and I could hear the panic and pain in his voice.

    His girlfriend had moved to be with him in Washington State.
    She got a job selling Mariner’s tickets and left last Sunday with a crew four hours away.
    He never thought to ask her what motel they would be staying at or even where in Seattle they would be working in?

    He had last heard from her the night before and the crew was going to a bar.
    No idea what or which bar in Seattle there can’t be more then one in the largest city in Washington could there be?

    Yesterday he texted her and no answer, he called and it went to her answering machine.
    This was out of character for her and as the day passed it became more of a concern.

    Finally at eight last night his stomach was in knots and he called the Seattle Police and filed a missing person’s report. He called everyone he knew she knew and asked if they had heard from her.

    Totally lost as to what to do and feeling helpless!

    But while we were on the phone he suddenly said “SHE IS CALLING!!!”.
    And hung up, he called back later and told me she had lost her cell phone at the bar and did not realize it till after getting back to the motel.

    She work all day yesterday and finally got a chance to return to the bar to look for it.
    Finding it she called.

    I asked him if she started out with “I am sorry….. I am sorry!”.
    He said no, it took a few minutes before he stopped yelling “where the hell have you been?” Then she finally got the chance to say she was sorry.

    NEVER AGAIN, he said that he would let her go somewhere for a week without knowing where she was staying, the phone number of the motel and that she better call at least once a day!

    I said “son welcome to the world of being a couple!” and that he needs to remember how he was feeling and not to ever put her through the same thing.
    He had not so far, but there is no better way to learn that lesson.

  5. fnord

    Yes, but couples also must remember the lyrics of that old country song, “Velvet chains.”

    She should have called. He probably would have appreciated a call saying she was safely back at the motel that very first night!

    Glad she found the phone!

  6. Zippy


    I have been of late waffling on the health-care bill, but the endorsement of Dennis Kucinich tells me that, as a first start, it’s now or never. The new CBO figures also addressed some of the very valid concerns you have about its effect on Arizona’s mess of a budget.

    So I say pass something now, and fix it next year. If nothing happens, nothing will happen. I don’t say this with any great enthusiasm, but, hey something is better than nothing.

    We have too many un-insured and under-uninsured Americans, and many of them, I’ll wager, are the same struggling retirees who persuaded you to vote for TARP.

    Let’s just get this done, one way or the other. Letting it die is not an option.


    cc: here

  7. tosmarttobegop

    In a way that thought and promise is only on paper.

    It should start out with :
    “If we do not lose too many of our members then……”.

  8. Monkeyhawk

    There wasn’t a phone in the motel room?