Tuesday, 3/16/10, Public Square

Happy birthday to yooouuuu♪♫•*¨*•♥*¨*•♫♪ Happy birthday toooo you♪♫¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨♫♪Happy birthday ♪♫•*♫♪Deeeeaaaarrr  Steevveenn, aka Igggyyy♥ ♥ ♥Happy birthday♪♫•.¸¸♥*¨*•♫♪Toooo♪♫•*¨*♥¨*•♫♪…Yoouuuuu!♪♫•*♥*•♫♪


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11 responses to “Tuesday, 3/16/10, Public Square

  1. PrairiePond

    Happy Birthday to a truly wonderful man. I’m so glad to count you as my friend. Thanks for all you do, and especially for who you are. A true Renaissance Man!

  2. fnord

    Happy birthday Iggy! Here’s hoping today is exactly what makes you happiest and the first day of your best year yet!

  3. Zippy

    These guys can sing it better that me. 🙂

  4. Zippy

    Totally unrelated: Public Option, Alive Dead, Or Nailed to the Perch? You Decide.




    ActBlue’s vid is motivational, but somewhat less than factually convincing, but the votes were there–before supposed supporter Max Baucus dealed it away.

    I agree with Ezra Klein, though the result will likely be depressing — the Sanders amendment deserves an up-or-down vote. At last we will see who was only mouthing the words last summer.

  5. Zippy

    Whoops! Looks like I violated WordPress’s “3 link” rule.

    Oh well.

    • fnord

      You’ve proven you’re not a troll so you post just as many links as you’d like and then go into the “dashboard” and approve your own comment (you have those privileges here), or one of us will come along and do it. 🙂

  6. I slept in late today. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was not expecting them. Didn’t think anyone knew the date.

    Don’t have any plans for today other than eating dinner with my son. He will drive me in his car – a role reversal.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Iggy at your age it is best that someone drives you.

    failing eyesight, shortening of temper,
    In order to get where you are going it take driving down the center line.

    Oh and those curbs! they are tending to leap out and under your tires when you turn.

    You know 19 can be a difficult time in life!

  8. Thanks TSTBG. My son and I had a good meal. Later I heard from my daughter who is out in Colorado with her friend. She did not break a leg during the trip. She is ski-ing and snow boarding – she is very sore though.

    I am very blessed to have such good children. And I am blessed to have such very good friends here and elsewhere.

    My daughter is trying out for her highschool’s spring play. She is very much of a thespian. She is good at it.

  9. ALWAYS LATE (!!!)

    Happy Birthday, Iggy!

    And many more!!!