Write letters — to incredible kids!

Last week I learned that the third Thursday in March — the 18th this year — is set aside as “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.”  Camp Fire USA began this annual, award-winning, national call to action, asking adults to write letters of love, encouragement and inspiration to the children of America.  What a worthwhile idea!  At their website (linked above) Camp Fire USA gives letter-writing tips and encouragement on this day set aside to offer positive reinforcement to the incredible kid(s) you know!


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2 responses to “Write letters — to incredible kids!

  1. fnord

    My two oldest grandsons are both in college on the west coast, so I have the letters I wrote to them on the mailbox ready for the mailman to pick up and start them on their journeys. Neither of these two young men is still a kid, but they are certainly incredible! Now, I’ll begin the letters to those incredible kids in my life who live closer by.

    I love this project!

  2. fnord

    Adorable animal video! Adults should take lessons from kids — of all species — and learn how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with enthusiasm.