Mother’s Rule…

A suggestion of my mother’s that I try to remember is the old saw:  “if you can’t say something nice, it is best to say nothing at all.”  Having read on other blogs what posters who post here are saying, I am wondering if that very old advice might not, in fact, be helpful.

People can blog where ever they want.  They can say whatever they want, but it does bother me that these humble pages are sited in their protracted animosity toward one another.  I worry that the foregoing does not represent this blog well. 

As always, do what you wish.  But please remember, your actions can have effects on others.



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11 responses to “Mother’s Rule…

  1. This is a good rule that I often fail to observe. But, I was taught better.

  2. fnord

    I guess I could ask for an explanation, ask someone to bring me up to date, but I’m guessing I don’t want to know.

    What we say, how we conduct ourselves does reflect on others who are close to us. But then again we all suffer from that condition called being human.

  3. Two bloggers who sometimes blog here, both of whom, I considered to be on the progressive side of things got into a knock down/drag out, insult hurling, etc., etc. fight on TBTSNBN’s open thread over the weekend. You’ve had them both at your house fnord. I think a lot of both of them and was disappointed to witness that spectacle. The Cons, however, were no doubt still having orgasmic aftershocks today.

  4. fnord

    I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” — George Bernard Shaw

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Yeah I read all that, kind of got lost as to what it was all about. There is too much “us against them”.
    For some if you differ with them on one thing it makes them against you on everything.

    It really made me sad that they would be so aggressive to the other both are good people.

  6. TSTBG,

    Yes, we’ve met them both at fnord’s h0use. I was not sure I’d like WSC, but I did, very much.

    Jay has always had a soft spot in my heart.

    I was troubled by what I saw… on the other blog…

  7. Thunderchild

    “but it does bother me that these humble pages are sited in their protracted animosity toward one another.”

    I apologize for my part in that. I THINK the record will reflect I didn’t start it.

    I offer only that. The other offender will have to speak for himself and his new found and unknown con friends. I did not presume to speak for anyone that posts here. He and his friends did.

    OF that person I will only offer my personal observation that he is not to be trusted. That is based upon personal experience and I note that in saying it.

  8. Thanks, TC. As I say above, your experience has been different from mine.

    I was very sorry to witness what I saw. I will leave it at that…

  9. Going to bed now. See you all later…

  10. tosmarttobegop

    TC as I have experienced with the other one and observer in you, both of you are true confutation people.
    Not saying that is bad just can lead to misunderstandings it did between me and that other person.

    That too is not bad, Pmom and I often had disagreements and misunderstanding in the old days.
    Now we have real respect for the other.

    As for his “friends” believe me when I say being here and hanging with the people here has made me the odd man out with the Cons. Hank and I are the only ones who truly get along and he accepts my differing views. Though he may hate me if I do not manage to get the box of cream filled donuts to him.

  11. Thunderchild

    “Hank and I are the only ones who truly get along and he accepts my differing views.”

    I have to say that I do not think that Hank respects your differing views. That’s just my opinion and again my own personal experience.

    But feel free to explain it. It might help me to understand Clark.

    I find small things redeeming in most of the cons. But by and large I just think that they are just not very nice people. In MANY years of interaction, I have found nothing to tell me otherwise.