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  1. wicked

    Good morning!

    Actually, I’m getting ready to go to bed, after staying up to work. It was a helluva week. A week ago, the refrigerator finally gave up the ghost–or maybe I should say it gave up the cold. It was 20 years old (isn’t that about 100 in people years?) and hadn’t been doing well, so it was time.

    Wednesday night I finally found a replacement on craigslist at a great price and started making plans to get it the next day. Thursday morning arrived with a call from my editor. They wanted to move my (tentatively) scheduled January 2011 book up to October. And the editor hadn’t even read the full manuscript and approved it. So it was “hurry and get us some titles!” and “you’ll need to do the cover information as soon as possible!” Hear me sigh over my own cheering?

    We picked up the new (used) fridge a few hours later and finally squeezed it in through the kitchen doorway this evening, with help from my son-in-law. Wow! Cold food! (I plan to blog about this on my blog. I’m still laughing (groaning) at the whole ordeal, including the multiple climbs over the top of the fridge that was jammed in the doorway for almost two days.)

    So I’ll have my nose to the grindstone this quiet week of spring break, with no g-kids to get to and from school. Changes need to be made on a book proposal, meaning 4 new scenes out of 9 to rewrite. The sooner it gets done and hopefully bought, the sooner I get paid. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

    Y’all have a great week! I’ll pop in when I have a few. Minutes, not drinks, although that sounds good, too.

  2. fnord

    Bill Golden, a self-identified conservative, writes about his experience at a Coffee Party event on Saturday —

    “Enough of labels. Enough of political party hacks and support groups — both the Democratic and Republican parties are focused on the next election. Neither can be trusted to hold real discussions and to make hard decisions. Each put party before country.

    As for all the liberals, moderates, conservatives and wingers of every stripe: I’m not Satan, and you ain’t Lucifer … even though you drink coffee, tea and/or koolaid.”

  3. I have some things to do, so I won’t be sticking around. But I found this website this morning and thought it might interest some of you. Don’t have a clue as to the origin of it.

    • fnord

      “Kobach would have you think his endless litigation is an expression of the goodness of his heart and his intense love for “traditional” America.

      If you have bought into that, you’re, well… WRONG.”

      Sounds par for the course, he is a Republican and money is the goal in life it seems. They only respect those who have it, other attributes that might seem admirable pale in comparison to those who worship money.

      At his own website he describes himself as — “Kris Kobach, 43, is a Professor of Law and lawyer who litigates against the ACLU in courts across the country.”

      We talked about this last week. The irony will never be seen by those who have chosen their biases against a group that fights for everyone without regard to anything above their need of protection.

      Brownback as governor, this extremist as Secretary of State — yep, wingnuts in high office — must be in Kansas! I don’t think any clicking of the heels will get us out of this nightmare.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    LOL frigs can be maddening, my dad bought one at McConnell’s surplus sale.
    It was already old and beaten up, looking like it had been in some back room of a NCO club.

    They had that frig for over twenty years from the day he bought it.
    Meanwhile we went through five frigs in the same time frame!

    When mom moved in with us, she finally gave her frig to someone else as we did not need one at the time.

    I have wondered about that Coffee party, the majority is in the middle and is made up of all categories.
    The problem with the middle is these people seldom are really paying attention to any great depth to Politics or what the Politicians are doing.

    They are the moment angry at something and do not get the emotion or drive to stay involved or angry.
    I get the feeling the Coffee party is more to say we care too! Again the moment emotion.

  5. fnord

    We have two old refrigerators! When we moved to this house over 19 years ago we bought a new one and moved the old one to the garage for overflow. That old one has sat in the garage which isn’t heated or air conditioned plugging away in the heat of summer and cold of winter, it’s now 28 years old and still going strong!

    We did some refurbishing in the kitchen in recent months and decided to save for a new fridge. Haven’t got there yet, but I’ll lay even odds that if we move the newer old fridge to the garage and let the older one go to its well-deserved place of rest, we’ll regret it! I think we should let the newer one retire and keep that hard working old one — working hard seems to keep it thriving!

  6. tosmarttobegop

    LOL yeah dad did not buy that one because they needed it.

    It was where he kept his beer.
    But it outlasted the main food frig and the one after that one too.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Well I have things to do, hunt up a salvage gas tank for mom since she manage to hit something that bent and poked a hole in her car’s gas tank.

    OMG if you saw her car you would swear she is DUI!

    Ahh and the job search too.
    Why was I not born rich instead of good looking? What…. I am not…Boy life suck huh?

  8. indypendent

    Talking about old fridges makes me think of an issue I was talking about a few weeks ago with some of my co-workers.

    I remember the days when I bought something, it was made well, worked well and if it needed repaired – we called a repairman to fix it.

    Nowadays, with all this cheap foreign-made crap, you’re lucky if it works when you get home. And don’t even think about repairing it – it is cheaper to go out and buy a new one.

    I think that is the goal of all this corporatization. The more things break or don’t run, the more crap they sell. It’s a win-win situation – for the guy selling the crap.

    I guess what I am trying to say is – I miss the quality workmanship that at one time made America great.

    I think that quality and self pride was sold when our politicians and Big Business sold our country’s soul for that extra dime in profit.

    And that is the real shame of America.

  9. David B

    Of note.. refrigerators are real energy hogs. So if you can get rid of a second one..

    I need a ‘fridge of a kind I have never seen. I’d like smaller fresh food space and more freezer space, almost like if you reversed the current common arrangement.

  10. fnord

    Well, David, now I feel really motivated to save my pennies and get that new fridge, which will probably be much more efficient just because it’s new, even if it doesn’t last as long. Then get rid of both energy gobbling old ones! Today it’s just the two of us most of the time so it is kinda silly to have a second refrigerator! An ice chest would suffice for parties and family get togethers!