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  1. fnord

    Good morning. It looks to be a beautiful day!

    Did you see this?

    Virginia Thomas is no ordinary activist. In fact, she’s the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and she has founded a tea-party-linked group, which could stretch the court’s traditional sense of impartiality. Thomas’ new group is called Liberty Central Inc. It’s a nonprofit lobbying group set to issue score cards for Congress members during the November election. The group and work doesn’t violate ethical rules for judges, but it could potentially be grounds for conflict of interest for her husband. Liberty Central may be a nonpartisan group, but it leans towards conservative principles and its non-profit title allows it to raise unlimited amounts of corporate money without disclosing its donors. The group is set to launch fully in May.,0,6505384.story?page=1

    • PrairiePond

      Well, certainly the repukes have politicized everything else. Why not SCOTUS?

      Right now, appointing judges is the ONLY reason to keep obama in office for another term. If someone dies or retires and he appoints a wingnut, which I would not put past him or his DLC buddies, then all bets are off.

      He’s never worried about pissing off his base before, so why should he worry with his next SCOTUS appointments? He’s likely to appoint a wingnut in the name of bipartisanship.

      Or as I call it, bipartisanshit.

  2. fnord

    There was an interesting article in this morning’s paper regarding judicial appointments.

    “Thirteen months into his presidency, President Obama finally gave liberal supporters the kind of judicial nominee they had sought and conservatives feared.

    Goodwin Liu, 39, is an unabashed liberal legal scholar who, if confirmed, could become a force on the federal appeals court for decades.

    If a fight over Liu’s nomination emerges in the Senate, Republicans will label him a liberal judicial activist, while Democrats will defend Liu as a moderate committed to core constitutional values.

    They will talk about his impact on the 9th Circuit, but the real focus will be on something else.

    “The bigger concern is that he’ll wind up on the Supreme Court,” said Levey, a conservative.”

  3. fnord

    Speaking of SCOTUS, don’t miss this article —

    and this online ad —

    • Monkeyhawk

      I figured the time was near since Olbermann was away from his broadcast all week.

      I like that Keith was reading Thurber to his Dad.

      The passing of a loved one is always sad. But Thurber always makes me smile. I betcha Ted Olbermann enjoyed the stories. And decided to go meet the author.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    This is kind of terrible but I think I agree with PP on picking a wingnut for SCOTUS.
    I get a chuckle everytime one of the wingnuts said that Obama is the most liberal Senators or he is a socialist.

    He seems in about everything he is doing to be very Conservative not wanting to upset the apple cart very much. There is at least as much danger of him picking a more conservative judge as there is a left winger.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Posted this at his site:

    I lost my dad in January of 2004, the last time I had seen him alive was at Christmas.
    I said something to him that might seem awful, “ I hope you die like grandpa did.”.
    But he knew what I meant and agreed that was the way he wanted to go too.

    Grandpa asked Grandma when supper would be? Than said he was laying down for a short nap.
    He never woke up, no suffering just simply stopped living.

    WE both got our wish a few days later, but the feeling of real loss did not leave so easily.

    I would hear a joke and think I need to remember it and tell dad.

    See something on the news and think I wanted to talk to him about it.
    He always seemed to have the wisdom of Solemn and the clarity of sight beyond reason.

    For father’s day one year I wrote a short called “Blame my dad!”.
    In part:

    “If you find me a honest man blame my dad as he taught me how to be honest.
    If you find me insightful, blame my dad as he gave me more insight then the eye can see.

    It ended with: “If you find me a good man then blame my dad for he was the one who taught me what being a man is about.
    A part of the most important job a human being and a parent does is to form and make a person that is worth the title of a “human being“, you mom and dad accomplished that job well.

    I though since 2004 still feel your loss in me. I still talk to dad, even remember to tell him those jokes I hear.

    In my words and opinions I can hear his voice, if some one had not met him all they have to do to know him is to hear me.

    We really do turn into our parents! All and all that is not such a bad thing to be.

    • wicked

      TSTB, I hear ya. A couple of years ago, I got up one morning and the first thought in my head was that I needed to call my dad. Then my steps faltered a little. My dad had been gone for over 20 years. My thought at the time came with a smile. It was: Unless you’ve got a phone line to heaven, you won’t be calling your dad.

      I wonder if thoughts like that ever end. I have a feeling they get fewer and farther between, but that’s about it.

      Blessings, friend.