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  1. PrairiePond

    OK, so, this just in from the department of “just because you are paranoid it doesnt mean they are NOT out to get you….”

    Hee hee heeee!

    Well, my editors and I had a BIG laugh yesterday. Unbeknownst to me, someone from the little hell hole known as WaKeeney has been… wait for it…

    Copying my blog posts from here, printing them, and then mailing them anonymously to my bosses. My editor told me about it yesterday when he received the copy of my comments regarding the editorial on freedom of speech.

    Yep, just let that sink in for a moment.

    I had no idea my “fan” club extended to our little blog. Geez, guys, we’re famous! HAHAHAHAHAH

    Apparently, the person who is doing this wants me fired from the newspaper, and thinks they will drive a wedge between the editors and me. Nevermind that we’ve been friends for 35 years. Nevermind that they are WELL aware of my blogging activities. Nevermind that while they disagree with me, and I with them, they have NO intention of shutting down my column or my blogging activities.

    In fact, Jerry told me to keep on blogging. And, btw to my “fan” club reading here, he said to tell you that he and his wife greatly appreciate getting those anonymous letters with my posts. It saves them a lot of time not having to actually read here every day.

    The sad part of this is that some folks really do not believe others have any right to disagree with them. Thankfully, while my editors swallow the Fux News baloney hook, line and sinker, they do believe I have a right to say what I want to say.

    Sorry “anonymous”. You’ll have to try harder to get me fired. Jerry and I laughed all day and called each other “pinko commie” and “wingnut warrior” all day long.

    Ya know, I go days, even weeks here without posting when I am busy. “Anonymous” must not have a life if they can sit and read here all day every day to catch one of my fairly infrequent posts. Sad. or as Tracy would say “pitiful. Just pitiful.”

    So anon, buddy, come on in here. Register and post. The water is just fine. Surely you are not scared to post here, being the big bad person you think you are.

    Or… are you as big a coward as Jerry, Cathy and I think you are?


    And THAT is why the wingnuts will never win. Too stupid to live. Darwin will take care of them.

    Keep those letters coming. And yes, you can expect to read this same thing in my column next week.

    Wont you and yours be so proud!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Tell them she is a Lesbian! Oh they already know…..Tell them that she can cook some mean fried Chicken!

      Oh they already know that too.

      OK tell them they are lucky to have such a wise and witty person in their employment….. Damn I ran out of things to say!

      This coming from R. Bluedog, R. Liberaldog, R. Whinnydog, R. No writerdog.

      The bother that people can go to when you pee them off! And the childish manners they will go to.

  2. PrairiePond

    BTW, Jerry knows who you are. You made some comments to him about things I never said in a column, but did say on the blog.

    Too stupid not to give themselves away!


  3. PrairiePond

    Hee hee heeeeee….

    I also forgot to mention that the letters have been postmarked from WaKeeney, and they previously included blog posts from TBTSNBN before I stopped posting or reading there.

    So, I thinking this cowardly ass wipe (that’s a-s-s w-i-p-e for those inglorious, I mean ignorant bass turds following along at home) followed us here from the old place. They’ve been reading me over there as well.

    Gee, maybe the WaKeeney Minesterial Alliance should be alerted. It’s never too late to burn a heretic witch at the stake.


    Maybe “anonymous” should cc them too? Hee hee hee heeeeeee.

    And yes, I take great glee in all this. It proves every point I’ve ever made about the stupidity and vileness of the wingnuts.

  4. fnord

    Is this person literate, capable of hanging sentences together in written form? Does this person have the ability to express why they may disagree with your opinions, and support their differing opinion in a persuasive way? Any ideas for solutions to challenges facing all Kansans, all Americans?

    We’d all like to hear why and how they formed their own opinions and any ideas they may have!

    Otherwise, they’re just another of the many who have nothing but hate and vitriol (usually expressed in the name of their god) reduced to screaming, “NO,” and making it evident that’s all they’ve got to keep their hypocrisy, hate and bigotry company.

    Sore losers, aren’t they!? Willing to take down America in their quest to defeat President Obama and the democrats.

  5. PrairiePond

    Heh, Fnord. I think the first letter just said they thought Jerry and Cathy would like to know what their employee is saying. The ones thereafter are just screen prints. The envelope is postmarked WaKeeney but of course, with no return address.

    I’m sorry if I hurt my editors’ feelings, because despite our often bitter disagreements, they have been my friends forever and I do love them dearly. And I know they love me too, as they have always been in my corner, even through the roughest times.

    It is the internet, though, and of course I’ve known all along someone from there could be reading.

    I just thought the big words would be too confusing for them….

    HA! Heheheheh.

  6. PrairiePond

    “many who have nothing but hate and vitriol (usually expressed in the name of their god) reduced to screaming, “NO,” and making it evident that’s all they’ve got to keep their hypocrisy, hate and bigotry company.”

    Aint it the truth, Fnord. Aint it the DAMN truth!

  7. Zippy

    I heartily concur. One has to wonder about mentality that think it’s proper to fire someone for perfectly legal, unrelated activities on their own time.

    Oh maybe one doesn’t. We have a loudmouthed conservative jackhole here who modestly calls himself Jon Justice. He works at a radio station with an equally modest moniker, “The Truth.” Most of what they play is standard satellite-feed hard-right drivel (Rush etc.), but Jonny-on-the-spot is local.

    One of his targets: a local Hispanic public defender, Isabel Garcia, who participated in a demonstration wherein a head effigy of infamous Maricopa County Sheriff Joe was hung or burned or punched or something like that (it’s on Youtube).

    Joe Arpaio has infamous for many years for many good reasons, but one of his stunts more recently is instructing his sheriff’s staff to becoming illegal-immigration enforcement officers. You see a questionable beaner? Check him out! Arrest him if his “papers” aren’t in order. Yes, it’s that extreme (and, anyone’s Gawd, I’m glad I don’t live in Phoenix!

    You might think that’s the job of the INS, but laws never got in the way of Sheriff Joe putting on a good show. It’s amazing he’s not in prison.

    Enter Derechos Humanos (“Human Rights”), a group that viscerally opposes such policies, and an Hispanic Pima County defender who happened to attend.

    Then enter right-wing pinhead “Jon Justice,” who told his small knuckle-dragging following to complain, over and over, to the County administration office, to try to get this lady fired, succeeding in tying up the phone lines for hours.

    “Justice” declared that he wasn’t attacking her free-speech rights (just her right to make a living as a public defender and have them). He wrapped his idiocy by saying her actions were “inappropriate” for someone who works in a taxpayer-funded position.

    Yet somehow screwing with county adminstrator Chuck Huckleberry (for whom Garcia doesn’t even directly work, let alone his receptionist), wasting hours of taxpayer-funded time on bullshit, was cool.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    My mother-in-law was working in the back room of a printing shop in Lyons.
    Now she did have gas on occasions but certainly no worse then anyone else.
    (She might be glad she passed less then a year ago, this was not her favorite story)

    Her boss came to her one day and told her she needed to have something done about it.
    Else he and she would have to fire her!

    The poor woman often was in tears because try as she might there was nothing the Doctor could do since it was no worse then normal. Changed her diet, took any medicine the Doctor told her to take.
    There was only about 13 hundred non-agricultural jobs in the county so it was important to not lose the one you have.

    LOL I would try to comfort her, since she had so much funny tormenting me when ever I farted.
    I would keep telling her that truly if she had that problem I would be the first to make an issue of it.
    Since I was rarely given the chance she did not have a problem her boss did!

    PP you are so lucky to have the bosses you do, far too many times I have seen small town bosses act holier then thou.

  9. Zippy

    Heh, quite the story, Smart.

    By the way, my TPM link contained a fact that didn’t quite sink in, for me, at first:

    The sheriff has turned to Kris Kobach, a law professor at the Universoty of Misssouri — Kansas City, reports the Arizona Republic. Kobach, who serves as chair of the Kansas GOP, was John Ashcroft’s top immigration adviser at the Justice Department, leading a program designed to tighten border security after 9/11. Kobach’s program, which included close observance of Arab and Muslim men, even legal U.S. residents, fell apart complaints of racial profiling and discrimination, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

    Since then, Kobach has become a frequent media spokesman for the anti-illegal-immigration cause. He has also worked as a lawyer for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-illegal immigration organization that SPLC lists as a nativist hate group. As part of his work for FAIR, Kobach crafted local laws for towns including Hazelton, Penn. and Farmer’s Branch, Texas, designed to crack down on citizens who rented property to illegal immigrants. The Hazelton law was struck down by a federal judge in 2007.

    Great. Now Kansas is exporting its morons.

    • fnord

      Not that I think you’re concerned about it, but wanted to point out — Kansas has water shortages, there’s definitely a shortage on well-educated capable youth who stay in the state, common sense is in short supply, but we have no shortage of morons. The in-state breeding program is one of the most successful in the nation.

      • The in-state breeding program is one of the most successful in the nation.

        ROFLMAO, fnord!!!!

        Can I steal that from you and turn it into a tweet?

      • fnord

        Of course. Kansas is good for something — even if what we’re good at is being a bad example.

        Don’t you get the biggest kick out of listening to our state’s Republican morons complain about everything coming out of Topeka? Do they not realize they’re eating their own? Guess not.

  10. Zippy

    . . .but he still serves as chair of the Kansas GOP. Talk about extra-curricular activities. Huh.

  11. fnord

    I should quit being surprised at how often my ‘Quotes of the Day’ gadget addresses our conversations.

    “Books have the same enemies as people: fire, humidity, animals, weather, and their own content.” — Paul Valery

    PrairiePond, is your stalker so pure they don’t have any need of taking their own inventory, of scrutinizing their own content?

  12. fnord

    Save the date —

    Carl Kasell Student Talk
    Tuesday, April 6th at 2pm
    WSU’s Elliott Hall Room 112
    Open to the public, no tickets needed.

    Carl Kasell VIP Reception–By Invitation Only
    Tuesday, April 6th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
    Century II Concert Hall Lobby
    The reception will be hosted by WSU Provost Gary and Georgia Miller and music will be provided by Ryan Windham.

    Carl Kasell Lecture
    Tuesday, April 6th at 7:45pm
    Century II’s Mary Jane Teall Theater
    Tickets are $10. Please register below.

    Carl Kasell, a veteran broadcaster whose career spans more than 50 years, is the official judge and scorekeeper for NPR’s weekly oddly informative news quiz show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, which airs at 10am on Saturday and Sunday on kmuw. Wait Wait is currently kmuw’s highest ranked show. For 30 years, Kasell provided newscasts for NPR’s daily newsmagazine, Morning Edition, a role he held since the program’s inception in 1979 until 2009.

    more here —

    • iggydonnelly

      I caught the Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me show a few years ago when it was recorded at Century Two. It was well worth the ticket price and the time.

      Rebecca Brandywine (I think I have that name correct – she is a local romance writer who has a national audience) was the local guest for the show. A friend of mine, who many years ago car-pooled to WSU with Brandywine, says back in that day she was always reading romances and would proclaim periodically that she could write them too. What I remember from the radio show was that Brandywine was wearing a lavender dress with matching lavender shoes. She was very blond, too..

      Not long after the radio show recording Brandywine was in the news when her Arab looking boyfriend was arrested for putting what looked like a bomb on her front porch.

      Sorry for the digression… It will be worth it, I predict, to catch Carl Kasell in any of the above venues.

  13. fnord

    If Kansas Republicans were able to look past the little letters after politician’s names they would be very interested in this story and what the current Administration is doing to help them! When it’s agribusiness, every citizen of our state should pay attention.

    Administration Turns Eye Toward Big Agribusiness

    — a few snips (but read the whole) —

    “A deepening divide between big agribusiness firms and family farms will be on display Friday when the Obama administration launches a series of workshops probing antitrust issues in agriculture. Big firms say the forums will show a well-functioning market, but some some producers hope the meetings will expose a system increasingly hostile to family farms.

    “The biggest boar at the trough needs to win no matter who he lashes out with his tusks and kills, ’cause the biggest company left standing will be efficient, and that efficiency will move down to the consumer,” Foster says. “That’s hogwash. That doesn’t work. We found out from the banks that it doesn’t work that way. They keep that efficiency in their pocket.”

    • After watching Food, Inc, I am a real fan of change in agribusiness. I just rented the DVD from Netflix and I am going to make as many of my family members as I can tie down watch it.

      It really hit home for me. I knew that a lot of family farmers were struggling and that we had lost a lot of them. But I had no idea that the problem was as pervasive as it is. The only way to destroy the monopoly on our food and reinstall the former system of family farms and using local products is to starve the corporations out.

      If the government would put some regulation in place, that would be extremely helpful. But I have little faith in our government to do what is right over what is financially rewarding for themselves.

  14. iggydonnelly

    This Pond stalking story is really quite interesting. There was a time when I would have welcomed traffic regardless, but now think there is some I can just do without.

  15. Monkeyhawk

    “PrairiePond” —

    It’s easy to get a local postmark. Mail a stamped letter to the local Postmaster and they’re required to put it in the system. So your “anonymous” could be anyone.

    It’s nice to know you’re friends with people who value you more than your seditious politics. 😉

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people have never outgrown the urge to tattle.

  16. fnord

    I hope it’s as innocent as a person who never matured and the word “tattle” is apt. Because it’s bad enough to know there are adults with childish mentalities. There are some real crackpots best described with John Prine’s words —

    “Some humans ain’t human…”

    And they’re capable of evil. Ask Dr. Tiller’s family about idiots who think they’re right and you’re wrong and how far they can take their evil (in the name of their god).

  17. fnord

    Texas Board Passes New School Standards

    Start brushing up on the Contract With America, Texans: The Texas State School Board voted Friday to approve new social studies standards that will require students to learn about the importance of Christianity in American history and “the conservative resurgence of the 1980s and 1990s, including Phyllis Schalfly, the Contract With America, the Heritage Foundation, the Moral Majority and the National Rifle Association.” Other changes include making sure that students learn about the violent philosophy of the Black Panthers in addition to studying Martin Luther King’s nonviolence when they learn about civil rights. The vote was 11 to 4, with 10 Republicans and one Democrat voting in favor of the changes. A final vote on the changes will take place in May, but The New York Times writes that “given the Republican dominance of the board, it is unlikely many changes will be made.”