Betty White Humor

We’ve all heard Betty White is going to host Saturday Night Live on May 8th, a pre-Mother’s Day episode also featuring appearances from six “SNL” alumnae.  Here’s a bit of her humor to get you primed and looking forward to seeing more of her!  🙂

St. Olaf to New York: White to Host ‘SNL’


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3 responses to “Betty White Humor

  1. Betty White is still funny. I saw her receive her SAG award this year, right after I watched her performance in “The Proposal,” which was just hilarious. She is comedy royalty.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Yes she is, almost perfect comic timing and can go so clue-less to so naughty and both being totally believable.

    LOL I did not know till after I happen to come across the playing card, but she had as part of her start.
    She was a nude model, I found a old deck of naughty playing cards in my father-in-laws garage and thought there was something familiar about one of the women.

    Then years later in an interview Betty White said she had been a nude model for a playing card company.
    It was her that I thought looked familiar on the card, but she was already a favorite comical actress of mine.

    There really is no current comedian that can match her.

  3. fnord

    In case you missed it, or even if like Paula, you’ve seen it, it’s worth seeing again!