President Obama on the Final March for Reform


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  1. wicked

    Sad to have to say this, but I can’t support this bill. It’s like putting a Bandaid on cancer. It addresses a few things, but nothing more. The insurance companies will find loopholes and use them against everyone. If this is the best our congresspeople will do for us, heaven help us.

  2. fnord

    I know how ‘Pollyannish’ this sounds, but somehow I have deluded myself into thinking this foot in the door with all its imperfections is only a first step. I know for a fact Medicare didn’t start out being what it became or what it is today. Today it is very good for all Seniors and it is the holy grail that neither party can endanger without grave consequences.

    If enough people have affordable health care available — therein lies the detail that disturbs me most — even those who pay no attention will stand up on their hind legs and fight for what they must have to remain productive and to protect their families from dying or bankruptcy because they become ill.

    I see it as another program that down the road a bit benefits enough people that improvements will be made. I see it as the first step to the only solution — Medicare for all.

    It gets me through the day — this Pollyanna attitude.

    • wicked

      This isn’t what we were told to hope for. I’ll try to be Pollyanna, but I fear we’re being shafted. By the time there’s Medicare for all, will there be Medicare? And won’t we already be on it, if it is?

      • fnord

        Yeah, we’ll already be on it, but can you see any politician, or party, keeping their jobs if they try to take it away. That would get the attention of the majority of people who pay no attention.

        You and I know Medicare for all would save our country enough money to end our financial problems more quickly. The people who worry so much about someone getting something they think isn’t deserved can’t win, that kind of evil can’t continue. At least I can’t get up each morning thinking it can, I have to have more positive thoughts than that. It’s like days on end without sunshine send me into depression, imaging that kind of evil is tolerated would do that too.

  3. fnord

    It’s been a century of trying, no one has gotten anything done, doing nothing is not an option!

  4. fnord

    Earlier today, President Obama stopped by a meeting with CEOs of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, and asked them to justify their exorbitant insurance rate increases. Following recent news of Anthem Blue Cross of California raising rates by as much as 39 percent, the President has made reining in these rate increases a key part of his health reform plan.

    At today’s meeting, the President brought a letter he received from Natoma Canfield of Medina, Ohio, which he read to the insurance executives to highlight what’s at stake in this debate:

    “Dear President Obama, I am 50 years old. I was diagnosed with carcinoma 16 years ago, and following my divorce 12 years ago I became self-employed. After my COBRA benefits ran out, I was able to find costly but affordable health insurance. As a responsible individual, I’ve struggled to maintain my individual coverage and have increased my deductible and out-of-pocket limits in an attempt to control my costs and keep my health insurance.

    “Last year, 2009, my insurance premium was increased over 25 percent, even though I increased my deductible and out-of-pocket to the highest limits available. I paid out over $6,075.24 in premiums, $2,415.26 for medical care, $225 in co-pays, and $1,500 for prescriptions. I never reached my deductible of $2,500, so the insurance company only paid out a total of $935.32 to my providers.

    “I must repeat, in 2009, my insurance company received $6,075.24 in premiums and paid out only $935.32. Incredibly, I have been notified that my premium for the next year — for next year, 2010, has been increased over 40 percent to $8,496.24. This is the same insurance company I’ve been with for over 11 cancer-free years.

    “I need your health reform bill to help me. I simply can no longer afford to pay for my health care costs. Thanks to this incredible premium increase demanded by my insurance company, January will be my last month of insurance.

    “I live in the house my mother and father built in 1958, and I am so afraid of the possibility I might lose this family heirloom as a result of being forced to drop my health care insurance.”

    • Obama read that letter to the insurance company executives–with a straight face??

      The plan that he is proposing won’t help that lady, either.