Penn Puts Gay Box on Application

The University of Pennsylvania last week became the first school to announce that it will provide a spot on its application for students to indicate their sexual orientation. Is this a good idea? There seem to be some obvious objections—for example, hyper-competitive students will simply lie about their sexual orientations if they think it will give them an edge. But Gabriel Arana raises some more interesting points at the American Prospect: “Students who are out in high school live in communities that are more tolerant. Statistically, these communities are more educated, less religious, wealthier, and whiter. Having grown up in a conservative, largely Hispanic community on the U.S.-Mexico border, I would not have felt comfortable identifying as gay on college applications. So if the intention is to recruit gay students, the effect will be felt only by the subset of gay applicants who, at 18, feel comfortable identifying as such. It really becomes a proxy for other demographic attributes that on the whole are largely indicative of privilege.” Furthermore, Arana points out that elite schools like Penn already have large and active LGBT communities—in general, they don’t face the same problems in attracting gay students than they do with students of racial minorities.


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4 responses to “Penn Puts Gay Box on Application

  1. fnord

    So without asking about race, they have some indications of same. Rotten!

  2. fnord, I hope that was not their intention. Penn is an Ivy League School, though not everyone knows that. They have a long standing liberal tradition, as the author asserts.

    I’ll have to confess, I am for their recognition of reality.

  3. indypendent

    What am I missing here? What is their reasoning for asking this question? Is there also a box for heterosexual or celibate?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    The only time orientation matters to me is if I am interested in having sex.
    And since I limited myself to women it is only their orientation that is a concern.
    Though I have to admit, Rachel is so smart and cute I might consider it being worth a sex change!

    Ahh by then wouldn’t that kind of be like her being with a blow up doll?
    Might even be missing the point ( yeah I am in a mood) I mean a Heterosexual male becoming a woman to be with a woman?

    Somehow I don’t see a simple sex change is what it takes to be a woman.
    In a real sense that belittles women, as if the only thing that make someone a woman is having the right organs.

    I am not even sure I am Rachel’s type?
    She may not be attracted to 6’ 2” women?
    Oh but there might be some Lesbians that are!

    It would be bad to have a sex change and end up alone the rest of my life.
    My wife is not Lesbian so she would not want to stay with me, shoot me being a man is no assurance of that anyway.

    I am not sure if I would even know how to make love to a woman if I was a woman?
    Unlike a woman with a man, I am not sure if I could fake a convincing Big “O”.
    And could another woman be fooled like a man can be?

    Is it a ego thing?

    Simply staring at the ceiling and saying “ Oh baby you are the best!”.
    And she would be flattered, because I am saying what she want to hear.
    After all I am a man and the emotional closeness is not always what I am wanting.
    That brings up a interesting question, if a man has a sex change is the little thing truly functional?
    Can it be stimulated?

    Not sure if I am interested enough to research it to that extent.
    I have heard if it is going the other way, it requires a implant if you know what I mean.

    Anyway enough on this and I am not sure why they would be asking the question on a college entry form?