Laughter Is Good for the Soul

Sorry it won’t imbed, but don’t miss it!


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4 responses to “Laughter Is Good for the Soul

  1. fnord

    Thanks for sharing, wicked! I honestly don’t whether to laugh or cry…

    nothing pisses em off more than having to do their jobs

    it’s a bitch, tag you’re it

    A long time ago I learned that humor based on fact is always most effective, this proves it so well.

  2. indypendent

    If we did not have the gift of laughter, this world would be alot worse.

    The entire skit was hilarious but on the serious side – we’ve got major problems and it is clear they started back many, many years ago.

    We need someone with ‘big ones’ to take on these problems and get something done. I thought Obama was the right guy – and I have not given up on him yet. Even if I wanted to, who would I put my trust in to do what is necessary?

    NO corporation has yet to figure out a way to make obscene profits on doing the right thing for America.

    • indypendent

      But corporation s have figured out to make those obscene profits by keeping Americans infighting.

  3. wicked

    That little video, along with others, is the work of Ron Howard. Yeah, little Opie.

    Did anyone else see the campaign video he did with Henry (the FONZ) Winkler? Very cute, but very thought-provoking, just like the above.

    BTW, if you missed the season opener of Parenthood last night, it was excellent. Based on the original movie, but updated and changed a bit, it revolves around one family. Not as funny as the original–no Steve Martin–but definitely one to continue watching.

    For the full episode: