Wednesday, 3/3/10, Public Square


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  1. Monkeyhawk

    Well, that. And Texans are batshit crazy.

  2. fnord

    There is hope the most batshit crazy among them will split the party. Does Perry have any support from the more moderate Republicans, Independents, Democrats? I once heard Texas is about 60 / 40, with the larger number being Republicans, but just sayin’.

    Of course, this means Kay Bailey Hutchinson can stop pretending she is going to resign her Senate seat in…

    • indypendent

      Who is the Democrat candidate and perhaps those moderate Republicans and Independents will be switching their votes to the Democrat as a statement – much like the Massachusetts voters did with Scott Brown?

      After all, Scott Brown is not the cookie cutter social or fiscal conservative the Tea Partiers think he is.

      And we all know Rick Perry is a ‘real’ Republican because Sarah Palin supports him.

      I’m just hoping Texans get what they want and perhaps they will secede if Perry gets back in.

      When you think about it, Texas gets more taxpayer dollars than they send into the government – so that secession would be a win-win for the USA.

    • indypendent

      At least Democrats have not circled their wagons around this guy.

      Maybe Rangel will switch parties? Seems the Republicans love to circle their wagons around their wrongdoers. I wonder if it would help Charlie to have a religious conversion and then join C Street?

      • I think Democrats have been circling the wagons around Rangel for some time now. If you read the article at the hyperlink, it said this:

        Earlier Republican-led censure votes failed – only two Democrats broke ranks during the last vote in October.

        It sounds like what Rangel did was no different than what many others have done and are probably still doing. But these ethics investigations are so ridiculous and everyone should stop just accepting as fact that the system is corrupt and so de facto pardoning the people from their side for doing unethical things.

        I wish their really was a morally superior party–one that was on the side of the people. But there doesn’t seem to be, imho.

  3. fnord

    It’s another day downtown for me! Catch you all this evening. Looks like another beeeauuutiful day in kakeland!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    It is something that does get me ( Oh yeah I am sure I am alone in it too) what some people get in trouble for and it causes their downfall. And then other commit far worse things and skate away unharmed!
    Rangel did a no-no but compared to some of the other sins committed its like he stole a piece of penny candy while the some many robbed the bank.

  5. Did you all see this?

    I think I will go. Might be a good subject for a thread, too.

    • Iggy, if you attend, please, please write a thread. I am dying to know what sites these guys are hawking. Oftentimes these things that are presented as a community service type thing are just free publicity for someone. But it is always informative to know what folks are actively selling across the country.

  6. fnord

    Kinda the way the bloggers here think adults ought to conduct themselves —

    “Coffee Party Movement Civility Pledge: As a member or guest of the Coffee Party, I pledge to conduct myself in a way that is civil, honest, and respectful toward people with whom I disagree. I value people from different cultures, I value people with different ideas, and I value and cherish the democratic process.”

    • indypendent

      Those Tea Party town hall protesters may think they won the war but they only won a battle. I think when all those videos came out showing people getting into fist fights did more harm to their cause than to help bring in any new members.

      And then throw in Fox News, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann and Dick Armey’s Americans for Prosperity taking over the Tea Party Movement – anyone with a shred of decency would think twice before actually going into a Tea Party without a full suit of armor.

  7. indypendent

    Paula – maybe those Democrats are tired of circling the wagons around Rangel? After all, it sounds like Pelosi told him pretty point blank that he needs to do something NOW.

  8. fnord

    I just read an article about the Texas primary held yesterday, that said: “…turnout was 11 percent — more than twice as high as usual.”

    (shaking head and wondering why in the hell are so many people so angry, and yet so few actually vote)

    Here’s the article where I read this statistic —

    • indypendent

      Maybe the angry people are just the ones who make the most noise?

      For the most part, I think people are sick and tired of the whole mess – not necessarily angry – but just ‘fed up’ with everything. And that is directed at both parties.

      But if turnout was only 11 percent, then where is all that groundswell of the Tea Partiers? Where is all that Republican revolution I keep hearing about that is going to come down on the Earth like a plague and wipe out all Democrats?

      I keep thinking about an old saying – Big hat, No cattle. That seems appropriate for this so-called angry mob that is threatening to sweep America.

    • fnord

      Well, Indy, it did say that 11% was more than twice as high as usual. Just an un-freakin’-believable statistic! It seems if we want representation, voting is a vehicle already in place to help ensure that.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Earlier today there was a Political commentator who said he was from Texas.
    There is no center there!