Intraparty battles between Democrats?

It’s been open season on the right for primary challengers, with bids to unseat incumbents like John McCain and establishment favorites for open seats like Charlie Crist. But despite heightened tensions on the left between progressive and conservative Democrats, there has been little to no corresponding electoral pressure from the base to keep members in line—until now.

A major primary battle is developing in Arkansas between one of the Senate’s most prominent conservative Democrats, Blanche Lincoln, and progressive-backed Bill Halter, the state’s lieutenant governor.

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13 responses to “Intraparty battles between Democrats?

  1. indypendent

    Bring on the challenge and may the best person win. This is what democracy is all about. I do not think the Founding Fathers envisioned public service as being anyone’s long-term career.

    Fresh faces, maybe fresh ideas.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I am reminded of an old warning we use to say at the jail.

    There would be a bothersome inmate and one that would drive all the jailers nuts.
    And we would be relieved when they left, but then they might be replaced with someone worse.

    The warning would go,

    “Be careful what monster you want to get rid of, the one replacing it might be far worse”.

    • indypendent

      You make a good point.

      But at some point, I have to believe that common sense will return to politics and all this crap will be toned down – at least to a dull roar.

      The political pendelum is constantly swinging. I just hope the whole damn thing doesn’t come crashing down before it gets centered again.

  3. It is really time for Progressives to take back the Democratic Party. I am glad to see the contest in Arkansas.

    Conservative answers will not solve the problems caused by conservative policies. We need truly progressive thinkers that are not bought and paid for by the corporate masters to take over the party. I don’t know how that will work (or if it can work), but, absent that, there is no recourse for the people of this country and we are back in the shoes of the founders–taxation without representation.

    • indypendent

      Do you think moderates are incapable of being Progressives?

      When I thin of Moderates, I am thinking people like myself – Progressive in social issues and conservative in spending.

      But like I said yesterday – I don’t want just a smaller government – I want an efficient government. Those are two different things.

    • indypendent

      We might have a problem with the requirement of of not being bought and paid for by the corporate masters. Unfortunately, that is in both parties.

      • tosmarttobegop

        And if you need one example of that it is with this health care reform. The influence of big insurance is so open. The both sides should be branded with “Property of Blue Cross”.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I was kind of wondering that point today, what the heck am I anymore?
    I had called myself a moderate not driven by hard ideology and more looking for the solution.
    When I first started blogging I was always taken as a Liberal because I was not blindly supporting the Bush Administration or the party line.

    It died down some once I said I am A Republican still am but that might be so I can vote against Tiahrt.
    The almost overwhelming draw is to be Independent, feeling the “plague on both your houses”.

    But just what is what anymore?

    Many who have claimed to be moderates are sounding like the far Right Conservatives.
    Likewise on the Liberal side with their stances to the far Left.

    There is a difference I can tell between Democratic and Progressive but even then it is intermixed.
    Much like the difference between Oklie Dems and Ks Dems.

  5. Zippy

    I’m going to find out more about the guy first–I generally feel distaste about contributing to out-of-state candidates, but honestly—remember when Ned Lamont defeated Lieberman? That was a valuable lesson that I think need to, once again, be learned.

    Of course the administration can’t oppose the establishment candidates. The power of the office screws up the message.

    But, once again, if Rahm truly believes that citizen uprising is wrong in and of itself, well, that’s fucking retarded. Nader was right: Washington is corporate-occupied territory, and will take at least a few insurgent candidates to shake things up.

    And the endorsements of Glenn Greenwald, Jan Hamsher (Firedoglike) Accountability Now (the organization that grew out of non-partisan outrage at the indefensible FISA bill), and Act Blue, suggest that the guy is a at least worth a look.

    It might just remind the good people of Louisiana that there is more out there to consider. If he gets crushed but a conservative electorate, so be it.

    But anybody remember Huey Long? An asshole to be sure, but the right kind of asshole for the times.

  6. Zippy

    Okay, most of you folks know I type as I think, and hit send.

    Indisputable proof above. Yikes.

  7. Zippy

    P.S. By the way, I’ve sworn off the insult blog, despite some of its worthwhile qualities (still). The personal nastiness is infectious, and I am no longer interested in getting infected. It’s just a dumb waste of time.

    That’s all I’m going to say.

    • PrairiePond

      Good for you, Zippy. You’ll feel better for it.

      And we love your posts over here, even if we disagree!

  8. fnord

    I don’t remember how it’s said but something along the lines of rolling in the mud with pigs and expecting to not get dirty…

    Good morning, PrairiePond! It’s always good to ‘read’ you.

    Type away and then hit send, your posts make sense with or without a few typos, Zippy. It’s the substance (which is always present in your posts), and it’s not like we need wonder whether you know how to spell and punctuate — you do and it shows. I always appreciate ‘reading’ you.