Tuesday, 3/2/10, Public Square


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  1. fnord

    Good morning!

    Looks to be a decent day for winter in Kansas, then two even nicer days before ole man winter rears his ugly head again. Enjoy some sunshine!

    Another four weeks has rolled around so I’ll be downtown all day today and tomorrow.

    Soak up enough sunshine to share a little with me this evening. 🙂

  2. fnord

    I forgot to tell you — my son got down on one knee and the lady said, “Yes! So planning has begun for a June wedding in the tiny village of Annisquam.

  3. fnord

    Does anyone have a prediction on the Texas governors showdown today?

    • indypendent

      Unfortunately, I think Rick Perry will come out the winner. Then I hope Texas secedes from the US. (I know, wishful thinking).

      Maybe we can finally build that border fence like we had planned but just a bit further north?

      Too bad we cannot include Oklahoma in that deal.

  4. PrairiePond

    Fnord, good to have you back.

    I think that batshit crazy perry will win. KBH isnt much better, but she’s semi-sane, which is more than can be said for perry.

    Word is he’ll win today, but it wont be enough to avoid a runoff with KBH. (The Breck girl, UT cheerleader turned senator. WTF?)

    Seems the pauline spoiler will pull enough votes to force the runoff.

    Perry is expected to handily win the eventual runoff.

    I’m so sad for my state….

  5. WSClark

    Well, digressing from the topic at hand, today was the first full day of my youngest daughter’s visit to Wichita from Michigan. Thank you, God, for providing great weather.

    We spent five hours at the Sedgwick County Zoo and had a great time. Both my girls, my son-in-law and all three grandkids were there and we had a very enjoyable day.

    We saw lazy lions, lazy tigers and gorillas with attitude. We saw a giraffe that had gotten down in the moat and was enjoying an untouched salad bar.

    We saw an up close view of a gorillas ass.

    We were assaulted by sheep and goats, peacocks, geese, swans and ducks at the petting zoo.

    We saw bears up close, lions even closer and the gorilla’s ass way, way, way too close.

    The best part was when we saw the 18 month old lion cubs just inches away through the glass – Hailey slid down a little step and stopped with her head leaning against the glass. One lion cub started swiping at her, scratching at the glass. He wasn’t being aggressive – his claws were not extended – he looked like he just wanted to play. Hailey Grace thought it was great fun!

    What a great day and what a great zoo!

  6. fnord

    It is a great zoo! We have a membership, which is so reasonable you would only need to visit the zoo a couple of times to pay for it! I’m glad the weather was nice and the family had a great day. It’s what it is all about, isn’t it!?

  7. fnord

    I met omawarisan last week — he is a soft spoken, quick witted man who is interesting and fun — I very much enjoyed meeting sans keyboards! I enjoyed my visit to the new (to me) place where my sister and Oma live, and am really appreciative that Oma took time out to meet and visit. Isn’t the internet a wonder!?

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Sen. Bunning was playing Politics and it was effecting many people.
    Yes it is coming to be a old song, where was this principled stance during Bush?

    If he had done this during the TARP by now he would be thought of as an American hero.
    BUT to be fair the Democratic was playing a bit of Politics with this too.
    As Bunning himself pointed out, the majority leader had the power to end this anytime.

    Certainly it would not have been a shortage of votes in favor of the bill.

    It was a 100 % bipartisan bill and his one vote would not have defeated it.

    By letting it drag out and by doing so increased the number of people that were suffering.
    To make a pimple head of the GOP obstruction for Political points.

    I bet that it had not been done you would have never guessed by now that the GOP was being obstructionist?

    Bunning point is valid, certainly if you have the money then why borrow it?

    He should have been making his point all along.

  9. indypendent

    I heard on the news this morning that this entire Bunning standoff was due to his being mad at Mitch McConnell for not helping him with his re-election.

    This is partisan politics within partisan politics.

    I think it was Bob Schieffer’s voice on CBS I was listening to, but not sure. I know it was on CBS.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    I too believe that played a part in it, this certainly on the face of it did not make the Reps look good.
    Like I said, if this had been on TARP Bunning would now be seen as a hero.
    But no when he is messing with the unemployed and progress on building America.

    He had said he was not running from re-election so this did not effect him.
    McConnell had more or less forced him into the decision to not run again.