GOP craps on America

How bad is GOP obstructionism in the Senate? Republican senators are on pace to more than triple the previous record for uses of a filibuster in a Congress. In 2009, there were a record 112 cloture votes (the number of cloture votes is how you measure the use of filibusters). So far in 2010, there have already been more than 40 cloture votes. The previous record was in 1995-1996, when the Republican-controlled Senate required 50 cloture votes.

Even if these tactics seem to please ‘the base’ of the GOP, what makes them think it will appeal to moderates?  Is this a winning political strategy?  What do you think?


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19 responses to “GOP craps on America

  1. I think all that the democrats have to do in order to deflect from their piss-poor performance is to point out the extent of the obstructionism and hammer it in. Every single instance of obstructionism and the effect that it will have on the average working citizen should be pointed out by democrats and hammered on.

    People should be pissed off that these assholes are putting their party and their ideology before the good of the people, but I am not sure that they know or understand what is actually going on. And that is, once again, the fault of the democrats for not making sure the public is properly informed.

  2. indypendent

    Sad to say, Paula, but I think the majority of Americans are so turned off by both parties at this moment in time that nothing resembling the truth will ever be heard above all the political theatre noise.

    There’s been times like this before in our country’s history and we survived. But we are living in a technology age of the Internet and for all the good information available, there is double the bad information.

    It’s been said that a lie is believed faster than the truth and that might be quite evident by the fact Fox News has so many loyal listeners.

    I always have to wonder about any news network that keeps having to tell its listeners they are fair and balanced. Are they trying to convince me or keep themselves from laughing?

    • The thing that makes me really mad is that nobody focuses on the bigger picture anymore. Everything is focused on the here and now. If you stop and think about it for a minute, the majority republican congress that existed throughout the years 2000-2006 was called a do-nothing congress because of the very small amount of work they did on behalf of the people. They took more recesses and worked less days than almost any congress in recent memory. Now some of those same people form the do-nothing “just say no” party.

      These people have been getting paid taxpayer dollars to do nothing for over a decade now. Shouldn’t that make us all angry??

      • indypendent

        Hell yes.

        But then the Tea Party says they are in the fight to get us away from all that spending.

        Sure they are – I guess that is why they are in bed with the very Republicans that know how to spend taxpayer dollars and do the least amount of work or good for the country.

        But try telling that to any of these tea partiers. I guess they think we are stupid.

        But to get people to see the big picture is painfully not possible in most cases.

        When I ask Republicans who oppose health care reform what do they think Tiarht means when he tells the uninsured to go get on Medicaid. Most of these people do not get it that Medicaid is paid for by taxes.

        So if Medicaid patients keep increasing, where will those tax dollars come from? The governors were all in their big meeting and the majority of them are in dire straits due to Medicaid costs eating up their budgets.

        But yet, Republicans still cry for no taxes and applaud Tiarht for being against health care reform.

        What difference does it make if federal reduces our taxes and the states increases our taxes – the big picture reveals we are still paying out the same – or even more – in taxes.

        And the stupid people keep dressing up in their costumes, riding their horses like they are Paul Revere .

        They need to back up their horse and look where the shit really is.

  3. NightHawk

    When an idiot like Jim Bunning can tie up the People’s business and respond to legitimate concerns with the response, “tough shit”, we have a real problem. This guy deserves a punch in the nose. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will see their unemployment end because of this Republican’s shenanigans.
    Something is broke, and we need to fix it.

  4. indypendent

    You’re right nighthawk. But the problem is this idiot has alot of supporters who think he is doing a wonderful job.

    Of course, those same people probably think that guy in Texas is a hero for flying his plane into the IRS building.

    • I think the real problem is that our national discourse has been set to SIMPLICITY mode. Everything is white or black, bad or good, conservative or liberal…there is no middle ground anymore. The media paints everything quickly and simply and so many people get their information from the nightly news that it is no wonder we are all thinking in these terms.

      Remember when the Nightly News used to go into detail on a story–show ALL sides (there are more than two) and explain the big picture? I do. We were all screwed when they dropped the nightly news to thirty minutes and made it entertainment instead of informational.

      But I see the Texas guy’s points about the government and the system of taxation in that it is bad, it does single some people out and he was certainly a victim of bureaucratic abuse. The tax laws as they pertain to certain categories of employment are discriminatory. And taxes are unfairly and unequally collected and levied. It didn’t give the guy the right to try to kill a bunch of people who are just trying to feed their families, but sometimes government IS the enemy. We need to acknowledge that and fight the bureaucracy when it is wrong.

      On the other hand, I have always wondered why it is the conservatives think everything is free? How do republican senators get paid?
      How do streets get cleared of snow?
      How does your mail get delivered so cheaply?
      How do seniors get subsidized health care?
      Who pays our fighting men and women and how does the government buy the weapons they need?
      The answer is OUR TAXES.
      Liberty and Democracy aren’t free–and blood isn’t the only currency that is needed to keep it going.

      • indypendent

        I agree the Texas guy had some valid gripes and complaints. And, didn’t he diss on both political parties?

        He was obviously driven to do a horrible thing but rather than learn from this man’s tragic experience, we have people praising him as a hero. That’s where I draw the line.

        You make a good point about things being black or white. But life is messy and there is alot of gray areas.

        But I thought that was why America was so great – we do have freedom of speech and we can agree to disagree.

        But I guess some people just did not get that memo?

  5. indypendent

    Personally, I think in today’s political climate – this would be the perfect time for a moderate politician to come forward. I find myself in that category.

    I do not necessarily want smaller government – I want an efficient government.

    I would like to see a fair tax system. But as long as we have the current tax breaks and the corrupted Congress, that will take a whole lot of pressure from the ‘We the People’ to change things.

    Seriously, I think this is the most opportune time for a third party to really get its footing.

    The Tea Party Movement got alot of people talking but since this group has obviously gone the Fox News Koolaid Route, I think they are losing alot of those independent and moderate voters.

    I’ve checked into that Coffee Party movement and I like what I have read, so far. But, as in the Tea Party movement, if they get into bed with the Democratic Party, it will be nothing but the anti-Tea Party – aka Republican Party.

    And the majority of voters – who are moderates in my view – are stuck with another choice of bad or worse when it comes to vote.

  6. indypendent

    Paula – I have yet to see any Republican turn down any tax breaks that they get from our ‘evil’ government.

    I have yet to see any Republican politician not take credit for the stimulus money paying for some local road project or other public project – even though they proudly boast that they voted against the stimulus bill.

    They are front and center for that photo op, huh?

    • I think part of the solution to our current problems is to make sure that we are pointing out these hypocrisies when we see them-regardless of who is doing it.

      • indypendent

        That is true – on both sides of the political circus.

        But if we get rid of all the hypocrits and liars in Congress, I suspect there would be alot of empty seats – LOL.

        But I think you would agree with me, it does not mean a thing even if we change parties when damn corporations are controlling everything in Washington.

  7. indypendent

    There was a comment on the Opinion Line in the Wichita Eagle today that goes along with my distaste for this corporatization we have going on today.

    Since corporations are now a person, when they kill someone, can they be given a death sentence?

    If so, then that would open up a big ol’ can of worms – wouldn’t it?

    That would involve all kinds of different corporations – auto companies, aircraft companies, tobacco companies, liquor companies and even some of those doctor groups formed as a corporation.

    This question brings out alot of things to think about. Kinda like that black or white theory we were talkign about earlier – life is not as simple as that.

    • That is precisely my point about the unconstitutionality of assigning an entity “personhood.”
      A Corporation can be held liable civilly, but it cannot be held criminally liable, except if it’s CEO or Board President is held liable individually. If this is the case, how can it be a person the same as you and I? If only a PART of a “person” is thrown in jail for crimes against the state, does that mean that if I commit robbery they can just send my left hand to jail and the rest of me can be free to go about my business?

      Corporations have a “senior personhood” status in that some laws affect them and some don’t. If a law creates an underclass, it is unconstitutional because the constitution is based on the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence which clearly states that all men are created equal.

      And if corporations can “talk” to Congress with their money, why are people forced to protest in “Free Speech Zones” far away from the target of their protests?


    • NightHawk

      Maybe the answer is the Chinese model when it comes to business. They seem to have no problem handing out the death penalty when they catch someone being crooked or cooking the books. Of course I don’t condone capital punishment, but maybe a life sentence? One that means the whole snake pit at Enron spends the rest of their lives in prison?

      Extend that theory to politicians. Get caught betraying the public trust, spend a lifetime in prison.

      • Well, I think that the law DOES need to apply equally. So, if Corporations want personhood, the whole corporation should go to jail for fraud if they get caught defrauding.

        They can’t have it both ways. And there should be a special prison for politicians that betray the public trust. The problem is that on a federal level, it’s the crooked politicians that make the laws that apply to themselves.

        We need a federal referendum policy.

      • indypendent

        Is it the Chinese or Japanese that it is considered unhonorable to bring shame on your company and several of these men have taken their own lives after such scandals.

  8. indypendent

    If we start to put all crooked politicians in prison then we will need to build alot more prisons and that means raisng taxes and you know what that means….

    more wailing and gnashing of teeth by the supporters of half those crooked politicians needing to be sent to prison.

    I tell ya, it’s a vicious circle.