The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged…

As our very own DavidB related yesterday, Frank Rich of the NYTimes wrote an interesting editorial about Andrew Joseph Stack III, the pilot who crashed his single engine airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas.  Rich was fascinated by the right’s reaction to this act domestic terrorism – in some cases they came close to praising the suicide mission as an expression of patriotism.  For example, Steve King (R) of Iowa said, “It’s sad the incident in Texas happened, but by the same token, it’s an agency that is unnecessary. And when the day comes when that is over and we abolish the I.R.S., it’s going to be a happy day for America.”  No one condemned the comments of King about the plane crash that resulted in the death of a single 68 year old postal worker.

Rich continues on and speculates that the political atmosphere is as poisonous now as it was in 1995 when Timothy McVeigh launched his attack on a Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK.  I remember that time well and during that period I had a job where I often drove home late at night and to occupy myself I listened to A.M. talk radio.  The nuts were out in full force back in that day and I wonder if truly we are having a re-emergence of that painful partisanship.

I hope Rich is wrong.  See the editorial here.  What do you all think?



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10 responses to “The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged…

  1. Is anyone (this side of a back ward in a state hospital somewhere) deluded enough to think the IRS will be shut down some day? Can’t believe those people – the guy from Iowa was elected to office? How did that happen? Dude, take your Abilify – quickly!

    • Yeah, how the heck is the government supposed to collect taxes from millions of citizens AND “business entities” without the IRS? I guess if we abolish the IRS, we abolish taxes and some people in this country are naive enough to believe that we can do this. I would just like to meet one of those people to ask them a few questions:
      1. is part of the function of a federal government to keep the country safe from other nations and outside threats?
      2. if so, how is the government supposed to gather, train and keep an army to defend this nation without tax money to fund it?
      3. if we get rid of the IRS, how will taxes to fund the military be collected?

      Usually, when you are talking to a die-hard conservative, they will always agree that the answer to number one is yes. I have never talked to anyone that thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the IRS completely and would like to hear the rationale and the plan for collecting necessary taxes without the IRS.

      • fnord

        I’ve met some and they aren’t smart enough to vocalize it but I get the impression it would be back to the days of the Hatfields and McCoys. They definitely have a different idea of ‘well-armed militia’ than I do.

        I usually visualize them forming their circle and shooting each other and any one else who is handy. Then later they can sort out the bodies by friend and foe — the important part is the shooting!

  2. fnord

    No, the IRS isn’t going away. And those who think so are deluded. They would also probably be the very first and the loudest in their complaints when public services weren’t provided.

    They’ve also forgotten what tax rates were in recent years, and how low they are today! At a time when every cost has increased our taxes are lower.

  3. indypendent

    No honest, self-respecting, true Republican really wants the government to be without money. If that happens, then where would all that lovely corporate welfare come from?

    In the conservative’s mind – and then throw in the religious right – these are the folks that think THEY should not pay taxes and those ‘other people’ over there are the ones to pay taxes.

    Wasn’t it Leona Helmsley that said only peons pay taxes?

  4. wicked

    Republicans don’t think. They follow in lockstep and repeat whatever sounds good at the moment, even though it rarely makes sense. And in Kansas, we all know they vote against their own best interests.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    King is for a national sales tax that is why he is against the IRS.
    Probity is one who thinks the income tax is unconstitutional.

    LOL I doubt he is for going back to the old way of tariff and user taxes.

    Federal taxation has long been a sore spot with the anti government groups.
    (Guess what they are not to crazy about the Democratic you tax and tax again people you are!)

    But sadly yes they will be on the raise and though McVeigh motivation was a little deeper then just the tax code. It may turn to a self fulfilling war, as more resist and refuse the IRS and the Federal Government.
    Will move against them and fuel the resistance will grow and turn to armed resistance.

    It will fueled like McVeigh was by Ruby Ridge and Waco and oddly each happened on April 19TH.
    (It is actually amazing how many things happened on the 19TH of April)

  6. Wasn’t Hitler’s birthday on April 19th? Never do emergency service on April 19th, it is generally a horrible day full of emergencies of all shapes and sizes.

    Many awful psychiatric emergencies occur around the equinox – there is something about perfect balance and symmetry that drives people to distraction.

    I have chi-square data that support this. Chi-square tests compare nominal data in regard to proportions in different time intervals. It is not the strongest statistical test, but does suggest directions/inclinations.

    • indypendent

      Wikipedia has Hitler’s birthday as April 20th. I’ve noticed strange behaviors and odd things happening when there is a full moon. I’ve always heard it has something to do with the magnetic pull of the Earth having a strange effect on people.

  7. April, 19th, April 20th – take ’em both off.

    I am pretty sure Indy is right about Adolf’s BD being the 20th because the Columbine people talked about 420 – which is also the code for cannabis possession, besides a date.