“Rain” Starts on March 2nd…

My ex-wife purchased, months ago, a ticket for our daughter to attend the show “Rain”.  I got Emily tickets to see a Beatles cover band a couple of months ago which she viewed as the best concert she’d been to – I am expecting that experience to be upstaged by the “Rain” concert.  Emily plays bass guitar and has most of Sir Paul McCartney’s songs memorized and she can sing them as well.

I was in the forth grade when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I am glad that our generation produced material of interest to today’s younger generations.

Maybe we boomers are worth more than bloated health care needs.  Have any Beatles stories to share?  I have seond-hand stories, but they are the best I have to offer…

The webpage for Rain.



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  1. My second-hand Beatles story: I used to date a woman who had met the Beatles in 1965 on their American tour in Seattle. She was a senior in high school and got their autographs; her best friend who was with her lost her virginity to Paul McCartney. Linda was a nice looking woman and I expect her friend was too. Who got in to see the Beatles were among a select group.

    With Linda’s help, I met and shook the hand of Levon Helms the leader of “the Band”. We had a pleasant conversation with Rick Danko, the bassman for the group that backed up Bob Dylan. This was in the Cotillian in the 1980’s.

    At some point in the 1980’s, on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, I took Linda to a Robert Cray concert at the Coyote Club. Linda ended up in the backstage with Robert and company. Cray was telling stories about old Bluesmen, and I sure wish that I’d had the courage to accompany her.

    Last I knew Linda was living in Western Washington state. She always had more courage than me.

  2. FWIW, I always thought Cray was more of a “Soul” singer than a Blues man…

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I realized I was getting old when I mentioned to a teen the Beatles and he asked “Who?”.