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  1. Good morning! I have been sick, so out of commission this weekend. Did not pay any attention to what is going on in Washington at all. But I read this morning that GOP obstructionism is bringing concrete effects:

    I don’t blame republicans for all that is wrong in Washington, but they should be ashamed of the way their blatant political grandstanding is affecting an already-strained American workforce.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    It is perhaps a valid point was made this morning, transparency having a role in the discontent of the public.
    Most certainly after I started paying attention my opinion and emotional feeling about the Government has changed and turned to a plague on both your houses!

    The more you actually listen to the Politicians the more you hear things that makes you say WTF!

    Some it is like did they actually think about what they said before they said it?

    Do they realize how they are sounding?

    Many things that if the general public had heard them saying it there would be demands for ouster and seeking criminal persecutions.

    Though in a side note it has seem to come that what is actually illegal is open to momentary understanding.

    For too long Washington has been like teenagers left home alone.
    They made their own rules and moral conduct outside of what is acceptable to the outside society.

    In the documentary “Broken Government” on CNN, the subject of a Senator bring able to put a hold on any bill or appointment was talked about.

    Both a Republican and a Democrat made alike statement that amounted to “Yes it is amoral and unethical but that is the way Government works in Washington!”.

    • indypendent

      But the bottom line continues – partisan politics will win out in the end.

      Even if both parties are rotten to the core – those die-hard party heads will continue to support ‘their’ side because they want to win.

      The sad part is – in their ‘winning’, the country loses yet another piece of her soul.

      • tosmarttobegop

        Far too true.

      • Well, yes and no. I see your point where the Congress is concerned. But the honorary head of either party is supposed to be the sitting president (when that party holds the seat) and, in this case, Barack Obama has bent over and MORE to try to invite bipartisanship. I think bipartisanship is overrated in some instances. For example, you would never have gotten a conservative of his day to vote for women’s rights. It would never happen. In that case, you need one party to step up and say, “We don’t give a crap WHAT you think is right or wrong, we will make sure this thing happens because it is CONSTITUTIONAL,” and just man up and push it through despite the protests of the other side.

        When it comes to progressive issues, those have to be pushed through by a majority progressive party. If only we had one now…

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I have said that of late when someone talks about it changing in Nov 2010.
    The only thing that would change is the voices still saying it is rain on your pants leg not them peeing on your leg.

    Part of it could be just we like to be told what we want to hear instead of the truth.
    It works so why change it?

  4. fnord

    Paula is absolutely correct! Only progressives give a darn about women, minorities and those who may be in need. There are definitely certain issues that are left to progressives to accomplish. The Republican Party would very much like to go back to the days when only monied, white men who were land owners had a voice!

    • fnord

      I believe today they may have progressed far enough to call themselves white male business owners, but they haven’t progressed in attitudes.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh this morning I had to do one of my least favorite things.
    Deal with the city here, it does not matter the issue it is always the same.
    They do not make mistakes and if you point out where they did it is at your own risk.

    You point out a problem with the city bill and they state there is no problem.
    In this case it was that the math did not add up and they were charging 10 dollars more then it came out.
    First she said no it is correct, then when I explained the simply math she looked it over and reached an answer by looking at current charges while the problem was with past due.

    Well there is a fine for being past due and pointed to the current.
    Then I pointed out that if it is charge both in the past due and in the current due then that is double charging for the same fine!

    She got the deer in the headlights look then said no it does not… I don’t think?

    The problem with butting heads with the city here and it is not only here.
    You risk them using every city department to make your life a living Hell.
    The city inspector will come out daily to see what he can sight you for.
    The electric department will be out to look for anything not to current code.
    The water department will by saying your usage is out of order.

    Suddenly there is something in your trash that the trash truck is not allowed to pick up.

    If there is a car in your drive way that has not moved in the last 24 hours you are sighted for have a wreck and abandon vehicle on your property by DPS.

    All legal of course and well within city ordinances.

    The longer a city or town has been established the more ordinances then anyone even a city attorney are aware of.

    More then the available paper to print them out.

    Most are never enforced and only made a point of order when the intent is to inflect pain on the hapless soul that has caused their ire.

    Believe me often local law enforcement is used to do this.
    That became part of my problem in that little town in OKLA.

    Told to enforce a city ordinance then chewed out because I had enforced it evenly.

    The classic line was “Damn I meant for you to enforce it against the teenagers not the respectable citizens!”.

    • indypendent

      Sounds like a teacher or coach in a small town when the proud peacock parents think their little Billy or Sally should be the star athlete and either the teacher or coach threaten the little darlings with cutting them from the team for not getting their grade average up.

      Small towns – they are a hoot.

      • wicked

        It’s believed that only the ‘druggies’ are doing drugs in small towns. Those who see the truth know that’s only a small portion. Many of the teens doing drugs are the children of ‘upstanding’ citizens–those people who use their name and, yes, power to make sure the local police look the other way.

        Athletes, cheerleaders, homecoming kings and queens. The coaches and teachers know better than to uphold the contracts these students have signed. There’s always at least one parent with pull on the school board, and those coaches and teachers need their own contracts to earn a living.

        Just one more reason why I left small town living behind. Not that big city is any better, but it isn’t as in-the-face as it was in a small town. And each year it gets worse.

  6. fnord

    This was printed in our local paper this morning but credited as being an editorial from “Hutchinson News” —

    U.S. Senate Race — If you want conservative, you can’t go wrong with either Reps. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, or Jerry Moran, R-Hays. But independent thinking is a far more valuable trait to have in a leader. Moran throws around the word ‘conservative’ in his campaign advertising, but Tiahrt seems almost singularly obsessed with it. That should make us wonder about the depth of Tiahrt’s intellect. We trust Kansas voters are more intelligent than to cast their votes based simply on an ideological label and, in fact, are independent enough not to even care about such labels.


    Wasn’t that the most pleasant way anyone could have told the truth about how stupid Tiahrt is?

    • indypendent

      The race between Moran and Tiarht is getting uglier by the day.

      I read where Tiarht called Moran a flat-bottomed boat without a rudder – it just floats along with the flow.

      Excuse me, but wasn’t it Moran that voted against the Medicare Drug Program and Tiarht voted for it?

      For that fact alone, any self-respecting fiscal Conservative should pick Moran over Tiarht.

      • wicked

        Have you HEARD Moran’s radio commercial? Voted against health care bill, voted against stimulus bill, jobs bill, you name it. He’s as much a part of the party of NO as T-fart.

      • tosmarttobegop

        The contest for who is the most conservative will end up listing everyone they have hurt or screwed over.

        Which will not help them with moderates or independents in the election.

      • wicked

        I’m not disagreeing, indy, only that I heard the commercial this a.m. Imagine what I had to say to the radio! (Yes, I talk to the radio and the TV. 🙂 )

  7. indypendent

    TSTB – your story of being law enforcement in that little Oklahoma town reminded me of an old Andy Griffith episode.

    Barney Fife ticketed the governor’s car for speeding through Mayberry one day. The mayor got all hot and bothered and wanted Barney to tear the ticket up. The mayor called the governor to smooth things over with him because they were such good friends (wink,wink). When on the phone, the governor did not even remember the mayor and then when the Governor said he was going to come to Mayberry later that day and he wanted to see Barney Fife.

    The mayor was up in arms to think the mayor was coming and Barney still refusing to tear up the ticket.

    Andy told Barney that he did the right thing and all would work itself out.

    Guess what – the Governor came to Mayberry, shook Barney’s hand and wanted to tell him that he did his duty and he was right to ticket the governor’s car for speeding.

    Of course, the moral of the story was to do what is right regardless of who is involved.

    I wonder if that sitcom episode would be written the same way today? Are we as a society so used to certain people getting away with crap that we just don’t think anything of it anymore?

    It’s kinda like Bill Clinton and the word ‘is’ .

  8. tosmarttobegop

    It does not happen as much in big towns as it does in small towns, there is more chance of encountering the powerful in small towns.

    I did get to meet a city judge one night but he was released without being finger printed or booked.
    LOL the only one that did not recognize him was the down officer and he was reading the judge the riot act.
    For being demanding and arrogant, the booking sergeant and the city lieutenant were having heart attacks watching it and banging on the glass trying to get the down officer’s attention!

    The judge just smiled and then after the down officer finally learned who he was yelling at.
    The judge simply asked for the officer’s name and badge number?

  9. indypendent

    wicked – I was only trying to point out that to any real Conservatie Republican who likes to think they are the great bastions of fiscal conservative spending and not bloating the government, the choice should be hands-down for Moran.

    Personally, I am hoping for Moran to win to get T-fart (as your name is so perfect) gets kicked to the curb.

  10. indypendent

    I know wicked. I just wanted to make my point clearer in case anyone got the idea that I was actually for either of these two buffoons.