Saturday, 2/27/10, Public Square


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3 responses to “Saturday, 2/27/10, Public Square

  1. David B

    Random rant:
    When consumers are not spending to drive the economic wheels, the government must be the spender.

    The national balance sheet must be fixed on a holistic basis. We must stop send half a million dollars a minute overseas for energy and develop domestic energy sources here. Green and clean energy for future economy and sustainability.

    Tens of thousands of jobs can be created for weatherizing America’s building to stop the waste of increasingly expensive energy. More thousands of jobs will come from bold alternative energy initiatives.

    One sixth of the nation’s economy in healthcare can no longer be the well for insurance companies to draw from like it was a bottomless well.

    America needs bold initiatives to succeed in the decades to come. Vested interests who are pulling the strings of the conservatives must not keep American progress tied up in knots.

  2. Zippy

    Huge earthquake in Chile, New Zealand hit by Tsunami, Hawaii is bracing.

    I just found out. Thought I’d ruin everyone’s day. ;-|

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I had the time today to stop into a book store, I swear that if you ask about a certain non-fictional and factual subject.

    The clerk should respond, “Yes, do you want the truth from column A or column B or column C?

    And which level of truth do you want or 5?

    You can find a book to support any opinion or fact you already have just not one to explain what actually happened!