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  1. tosmarttobegop

    It is granted that this is for the Public show, perhaps there is someone that is not a Political wonk that is watching. But two points, the Republicans and the Democrats are pointing to this study or that study.
    The problem is that often it is their own sources for the Republicans it maybe from Rush to a Conservative ideological foundation with a preconceived outcome.

    The Democrats are sighting articles and pieces from this and that.
    This leaves it to the listener to research or simply take the word of the speaker.
    But all is open to cherry picking for the talking heads, by the time that this is over both sides talking heads will have lined-up those parts that will spin in the direction they want.

    No one is going to repeat word for word either side so it all ends up as Babbling.

    On that note, the Democrats are being far more guilty that the Republicans.
    Sighting out-of date and dribble all to build up to their point.
    But by the time they get to their point everyone is lost and tired of listening.

    I see that almost every time I watch CSPAN and it is no different with this health care summit.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh yesterday I got into a debate on that other blog about morality and Principles with the Conservatives.
    It ended up like trying to teach etiquette and manners to the Hun!
    What they do works for them and is profitable.
    There is not need to change the way they do things for them.

    Even though their actions are contradictory to the stances they take.
    SO moral and Principled that they consider the unborn as human life but that torture is good!
    None disagreed with when I said that the goal was not information that it was to inflict pain.

    LOL TB and I are coming far to close to have the same opinion of Conservatives!

    • lilacluvr

      Inflicting pain and strict, black & white, religious views (for others, not themselves) are often seen together in pious, sanctimonius phoney God-fearing people.

      Isn’t it telling though that the more someone tries to be black & white and more religious than the other guy, the more likely it is for that person to be the preacher man found with a gay prostitute in a motel doing drugs?

  3. David B

    (Democrats are) citing out-of date (information) and dribble.. would you care to be specific, since you have apparently fact-checked?

    • tosmarttobegop

      David I will use an analogy, instead of the history of health care the topic is a car wreck they were in yesterday and you are to be informed.

      If asked of one of those Democrats on TV right now you will get something like this:

      Well the day before I woke up at 6:45 A.M. and had a breakfast of poached egg and lightly buttered toast.
      Then about 1:30 P.M. I went to a funny movie about talking Gophers at the Film flex multi plaza.

      Then about 7:00 P.M. I ate diner at the Red Hen where I had chicken, mashed Potatoes and stewed Carrots.
      Well about 10:58 P.M. I went to bed and had a dream about being a large Butterfly and I would swoop down and picked up everyone on the planet to save them from a flood!

      Then yesterday morning I woke up a little late say 8:30 A.M. ? I really am not sure exactly when it was.
      I had cereal with 1% milk and a glass of Orange juice, then watched the Health care summit till about 2:15 P.M.

      Then decided to go to Sonic to get a Route 44 drink for $1.25, that is a great value but I really should not drink so much soda pop! God it goes straight to my hips, don’t look!

      Well suddenly this guy pulled out in front of me and I could not stop in time!

      Now the point to be reached is how did they came to be in a car wreck?
      Of course the detail does lead to how they happen to be at that point to be in the wreck.

      No occurrence happens in a vacuum, but past history even if it is only the day before the occurrence.
      Is not needed to answer the question or explain the occurrence.

      If you are needed to know or interested in how it happen by the time the Democrat gets to:

      “Well suddenly this guy pulled out in front of me and I could not stop in time!”

      Are you still paying attention?
      Are you then trying to sift through everything that has been told to figure out what it has to do with the wreck?

      What happen thirty years ago either worked or did not, was either good or bad but was settled thirty years ago.

      Facts though it maybe, sighting it does not press foreward the real issues.

      • Actually, citing facts is EXACTLY what should forward a debate. What we get from the opposition party is pandering to emotions, which is NO WAY to decide an issue.

        The fact that the citizenry gets bored about halfway through a statement of fact says more about the citizenry than it does about the person citing the facts.

        People who pander to emotions, cite only the studies that were requested by their party to their think tanks in order to illicit a specific finding, and complain about being bored when they have to listen to the real facts are not participating, they are obfuscating.

        I’m not watching the thing, so I don’t know what is being said by who, but I have the history of this issue emblazoned in my mind and that is the way it has gone up to now.

  4. lilacluvr

    I haven’t listened to the health care summit and I do not plan to – I think it is a waste of time. Nothing will come from it and everyone will go back to their corners spouting the same old dribble (whether out of date or not).

    The talking idiot heads will make their millions for the day and the next week browbeating every single word analyzing it to death.

    The same old crap, from the same old crappy men who need to be kicked out of Congress – and that goes for both sides!

  5. Different topic.

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  6. tosmarttobegop

    Before the debate there needs to be standardized facts and figures that which is not the issue.
    The Republicans twist and make up their own facts and the Democrats beat over the head with their facts.

    It ends up re-fighting the same battles over and over with nothing done or moved forward.
    Republicans are not being swayed but repeating the same facts over and over.
    The majority of the people are not paying attention so repeating facts is not getting out.

    LOL keep in mind I am actually for single payer so my critique is not being partisan I am the extreme is would seem. But I am against side issues and side shows when it comes to getting things done for the people.

    • Republicans wouldn’t be swayed anyway. They started out by saying that they would not be swayed.

      To a conservative, you don’t go into a policy debate with the philosophy of exchange of ideas and coming to agreement, you go in with the philosophy of win at all costs.

      So, if you want to actually find a concensus, you are going to find it difficult to do between a conservative and anyone who is not.

      • tosmarttobegop

        On the other blog I made the statement that I could not shake the feeling.

        If the Republicans slapped down their total proposals and Obama read it over.

        Then stated this was the right bill and he totally supported it.

        Suddenly the Rep would stutter:

        Ah… Ah… Ah we were just blowing smoke! We could not support or vote for these proposals!

  7. fnord

    Hello! I traveled to the east coast this morning and will be visiting my sister for the next four days, returning home late Sunday. I haven’t listened to a word of news, although I would love to know how the summit went, it will do me good to just visit my sister and not worry about news for a few days.


  8. tosmarttobegop

    I am envious Fnord, loved N.C. but the trip to the beach was a disappointment.
    Kind of like going to Cheny lake.

    Have a good time…

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Well got sad news last night my son and daughter lost the baby. Miscarriage not sure what happened.
    Son said he is doing OK but daughter-in-law not so good emotionally.

    Son is a typical male, hard to tell just how he is doing based solely on a short statement.

    A few days ago he texted me how he was looking forward to building a club house for his son.
    (At this point “son” may have been more wishful thinking then actually knew).

    Also a screw up with paperwork and son is for now going alone to Germany.
    I wonder if that had something to do with miscarriage?

  10. itolduso

    I am so sorry to hear that. What a terrible thing to go thru.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Thank you.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    LOL as I watched President Obama walking to the Republican side of the table I could read their minds.
    “Oh please don’t embrace me…. Oh PLEASE DON’T EMBRACE ME….

    Poor Tom Coeburn of OKLA, he received the embrace of death from Don Obama!

    I hope he does not have a heart attack tomorrow morning when he wakes up with a horse’s head in his bed.

    • lilacluvr

      I wonder if Coburn is going to be ‘primaried’ by the ‘real’ Republicans.

      Come to think of it…..their new Messiah Senator Scott Brown voted for Obama’s job bill. Will Scrott Brown also be ‘primaried’ by those ‘real’ Republicans?

      I doubt it. You see, there are certain people who are immune to those ‘real’ Republicans’ hatred.

      • tosmarttobegop

        Coeburn is somewhat odd within the party he is out there on many issues but no one can beat him on fiscal responsibility. He know what he is talking about and can back it up with the truth and facts.

        well loved in all parts of Oklahoma and one of the few real Republican friends that President Obama has.
        They truly like each other and I imagine them setting around having spirited talks.
        But never heated or totally partisan.

        But yeah that friendship could be an anchor around his neck with the Conservative voters.

        Brown I think maybe proven a disappointment to several factions in the party.
        The Social cons, the tea partiers and the cons in general though he more then likely will vote party line most of the time.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    My reply to why we have to move the detainees:
    Jwink quite a few of them can not be tried since we can not prove in a court they did something wrong.

    That means that for the next forty years or better they will be imprisoned.

    Cuba was a quick answer to a quick question, there were no thoughts of just how long they were going to be imprisoned.

    And part of the problem is that in a sense we are not owning that problem.
    The world see it and the intention to not own it and obey our only laws is a recruiting tool for the terrorists.

    It boosters their claims and implied that the Terrorists are super human.
    So powerful and scary that we do not want to have them locked up here for fear they will melt the bars with their heat vision.

    Or so it is implied by having them in another country.

    Me, they are nothing all that special shoot I could use the job I will guard them!
    I need to go to Wal-Mart and will be in more danger driving there or being confronted by some drugee.
    Then from the Terrorists, I am in more danger of the guy standing next to me in the check-out line having explosive gas then explosive underwear!