Sunday, 2/21/10, Public Square


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  1. fnord

    Isn’t it a wonderful thing that a person like Glenn Beck is a spokesperson for Republicans? Sounds like he riled ’em up with fear, lies and misinformation at CPAC last night. Far from being embarrassed, they ate it up when this loony tunes guy talked about his alcoholism, Tiger and Jesus. 🙂 How special!

    Glenn Beck declared war on “the cancer of progressivism” tonight—and traced its persistent rot back to any twentieth century U.S. President not named Coolidge or Reagan.

    This is not only a self-serving analysis of American politics—in Beck’s hands it was a very self-referential prescription for America’s future. The Republican Party, and America itself, needs only to follow Beck’s own vividly recounted recovering alcoholic path to redemption: first admitting it has a problem—an addiction to over-spending—and them committing to a path of personal responsibility. It is still morning in America, Beck asserted, but it’s “a head pounding vomiting hung-over kind of morning in America,” with a painful purge still yet to come.

    But a less invested listen revealed the contradictions that emerge whenever the Good Glenn Beck wrestles with the Bad Glenn Beck in front of a live mic. On the one hand, the Good Beck assures us, “If you have a different opinion, that’s okay…It takes the exchange of ideas” to make America. But the Bad Beck declares that progressivism was “designed to destroy the Constitution,” therefore “we need to address it as if it was a cancer—it must be cut out of the system because it cannot coexist. It must be eradicated.” In Bad Beck’s worldview, there’s not much room for civic debate between conservatives and progressives. It sounds like its time for a pogrom.

    The bottom line in Beck’s worldview is that conservatives have God and the Constitution on their side, while progressives represent a slow, intentional and insidious slide to communist dictatorship. It’s absolutism disguised as apple pie, and the crowd at CPAC ate it up, newly assured that they own the exclusive rights to freedom, the Bible, and the American flag.

    • progressivism was “designed to destroy the Constitution,”

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! ROFLMAO

      When this country was founded, with blood and sacrifice by our forefathers, there were those that sided with the monarchy, those that hesitantly went along with the revolution only to support a monarchy when freedom was won and those that would accept nothing less than liberty and justice for all. So, which of these do you think were the conservatives, which the centrists, and which the progressives?

      Conservative=fear of changing status quo
      Centrist=ability to see need for change, but afraid to upset the status quo
      Progressive=courage of convictions+unafraid of change

      If Beck were alive in the 1770’s, he would have been a spy for the king. LOL!!! What a freaking joke!

  2. fnord

    Don’t miss this, it’s good! Tea Party is a Cult, says Maher.

  3. David B

    Beck’s sly and slimy. He starts off blaming both parties, garnering sympathy, but then he goes on and on with criticisms and attacks only on liberals.