Ron Paul for President!

Sorry, Sarah, it’s Ron Paul in a sweep!

Conservatives want the Texas congressman as their next President.

Paul was preferred by 31% of voters in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s presidential preference straw poll yesterday, one of the strongest wins in CPAC history.

Mitt Romney, after topping CPAC’s poll for the past three years, came in second, with 22% of the 2400 votes cast.

Sarah Palin, who skipped the group’s conference, came in a distant third with 7% of the vote.


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12 responses to “Ron Paul for President!

  1. fnord

    I’m positive the GOP will get their act together and find a leader they can all coalesce behind!

    The religious right and those who worship at the alter of tax cuts, those whose goal is to rule the entire world militarily, those who want to dismantle government and give it to the states are all going to nominate someone they’ll all approve of and vote FOR. No more of this voting for the least bad, nope, this time the candidate will please and motivate everyone!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    LOL I was wondering how the F.A.C. were going to handle Dr. Paul winning the straw poll at CPAC?

    So I watched Fox and Friends and Chris Wallace came on and of course said that Straw polls really do not mean anything! Since the “serious candidates” did not rank too well.

    Heee, amazing another FAC said dismissively that when ever there is a poll involved and Dr. Paul’s name is on it. You can count on his supporters stuffing the poll! OMG I can’t quit laughing!

    Romney will do to the Conservatives what Bush did to the Religious Right.

    Gingrich should only be President every other day since that is when he comes up with something thoughtful and reasoned.

    Huckabee sounds like a nice guy but will take the tithing right out of your pocket while you are distracted.

    But I guess the FAC like the idea of these guys and gal whispering
    “I love you” in their ear while bending them over the back of the car seat!

  3. fnord

    Someplace (could have even been in our local newspaper) I read that 10,000 people attended and most didn’t participate in the straw poll.

    But I can see any day now the white horse with the hero arriving! The one pleasing to all the diverse agendas — moral enough, hawkish enough, fiscally sound enough

    It will probably be someone who can say “tax cuts and limited government,” most convincingly. They don’t seem to care what actually happens after the election — neither the candidate nor the voters! It does seem, however, to be terribly important that the people in charge have that little ‘R’ beside their name. After that, no Republican really seems concerned.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    That is one of the things that I find funny, Dr. Paul practices what he preaches.
    I don’t always agree with him but as to what he said he is serious and not just saying the catch phrases like the others do.

    Ask a Conservative what they want from Government?

    Fair taxes.
    Constitutional Governing.
    Limited Government intrusion in the lives of the citizens.
    smaller Government.

    What does Dr. Paul he is for?

    Fair taxes.
    Constitutional Governing.
    Limited Government intrusion in the lives of the citizens.
    smaller Government.

    But he is not considered to be a serious candidate!
    That should tell you that the Conservatives are just blowing smoke and not saying what they really have in mind.

    They would rather simply have someone say what they want to hear and fool them.

    • fnord

      In my opinion, Republicans doubt Ron Paul can be elected and that is much more important a consideration than what they stand for, what they may believe in, or even what they might accomplish. Their candidate must be someone who can be elected. To hell with anything and everything after that, s/he will have the ‘right’ little letter after their name!

      • That is exactly the way the democrats reasoned some of the democratic candidates right out of the running in the last presidential run.

        Look back and you will see that howard dean, mike gravel and dennis kucinich were all written off the same way. And all three of those candidates stood upon the traditional democratic platform–unlike the more “electable” candidates: John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. If you look at the candidates’ policy statements on the issues, you will see that those that were not considered “electable” were consistently more progressive and/or more honest about the problems we were facing as a nation, but in the end it was the “politicians” that were considered credible.

        So, it’s not just the republicans.

    • fnord

      And all the while unless Congress changes we will remain in a partisan deadlock and see no differences in the bottom line. Oh, where the money is spent will change, but not the bottom line.

  5. And am I the only one that is surprised that the eventual winner had only 31%? That is not indicative of a consensus, as far as I can see.

    • lilacluvr

      What I find telling is that CPAC straw poll winners are not exactly winners at the crucial time – elections – are they?

      I mean, Mitt Romney has topped the CPAC’s list for the past 3 years and yet Mitt Romney got nowhere in the presidential campaign in 2008.

      Maybe CPAC’s choice is not really such an honor to receive?

      • Yes and maybe the republican party needs to look at this data and start wondering whether this group is really the power of their party–or should be.

        It never ceases to amuse me that the republican party pretends to be “Mainstream” but is basically being run by ultra-conservatives while the American public views the democratic party as “liberal” but the democratic party is also being run by conservatives. And then everyone wonders why nothing is getting fixed. It takes progressive solutions to fix conservative policy problems. The democratic party is afraid to let the pendulum swing back all the way.