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  1. If the financial system is going to continue to be allowed to deal in derivatives, there OBVIOUSLY has to be independent oversight of those dealings–someone that is keeping track of the amount of possible bad debt that is being hacked up, repackaged, insured then sold as a new product.

    In today’s NY Times, you see that the financial services industry would prefer to continue on their merry way, now that they have been bailed out of the mess they made, with little to no oversight. They would LOVE for the same regulators who looked the other way last time to be in charge going into the future.

    I propose we put Brooksley Born in charge of overseeing this. If you watched Frontline the other night, you know that she was willing to put her job and reputation on the line for something that she believed needed to be done. She stood up to the good old boy network and she didn’t shy away from congressional testimony.

  2. fnord

    If you’re into gossipy exposés, here’s one on Glenn Beck that has a bit of everything.

    Before he was tapped to give the keynote address at CPAC, the Fox host’s history was riddled with drugs and mental illness. John Avlon on how Beck became the Pied Piper of the right for the angry and disenfranchised.

    Last year, the Saturday night CPAC keynote speech slot was held by Rush Limbaugh—Beck’s Fox show was only one month old. El Rushbo pronounced the speech his first televised address to the nation, and the Obama resistance caught fire as the Tea Party protests began.

    Now the torch has been passed to Beck. One thing is certain: The man is crazy like a fox. The best way to get a sense of where Beck might steer the conservative debate in 2010 is to study his past—it’s a story of ambition and addiction, mixing politics and religion. He recycles old fears with apocalyptic urgency, polarizing for profit, making himself the Pied Piper for a new generation of angry, anxiety-ridden, and alienated Americans.

    • Beck’s self-described mantra at the time was “I hate people.” Despite occasionally sharing the mic with a chimp named Zippy, despair was seeping in and Beck’s mood swings were alienating colleagues; one remembered him as “a sadist, the kind of guy who rips the wings off flies.” His competitive edge could certainly contain a cruel streak. When he faced off against a former friend in the Phoenix market, Beck called up the man’s wife on air after she had a miscarriage and mocked his friend-turned-rival, saying it was evidence that he couldn’t do anything right—he couldn’t even have a baby.

      Well, that says it all, doesn’t it? I mean, if it’s true. One should never assume.

      The thing I don’t get is the point of an expose on Beck. It would be like doing one on Limbaugh or Bush–pointless. Those of us who despise these folks already don’t need to hear it and those that are fans will refuse to hear it. So where does it lead? What is the point?

    • indypendent

      The pathetic part in all this nonsense is that there are self-professing Christians who think that Glenn Beck is a wise man – so his pushing the apocalyptic urgency is just playing into these simpeltons’ minds.

      These people think he is their Prophet and leading them into the next phase of their journey into eternal glory.

      What I don’t get it is – I read the same Bible these Christians profess to read and I read where there will be FALSE prophets in the end times.

      False prophet = Beck?

      These so-called Christians may find themselves on the wrong end of the Hell stick if they choose to follow the wrong prophet – what do you think?

      Beck is potentially dangerous but what is really dangerous is when the NeoCons (who have hijacked the Tea Party) are in charge of these crazy apocalyptic enthusers. Maybe that is the reason the only thing I hear from Republicans in how to deal with our enemies is bomb – bomb – bomb.

      They all want this apocalypse! Let them have it but they need to secede from the USA first and get their own damn country and call it JesusLand.

      • They all want this apocalypse! Let them have it but they need to secede from the USA first and get their own damn country and call it JesusLand.

        Have you ever heard the song by that name by Ben Folds? Here is a link to the video:

      • I thought it was interesting that Beck’s mother had bipolar disorder. That was the first mental illness that researchers noted the strong family history component of it. Many of the Hemingways suffered from bipolar illness, for example. Twin and adoption studies strongly suggest there is a genetic trait at work with bipolar disorder.

        Even if Glenn just has a spectrum of bipolar illness he may yet provide some interesting surprises. The history of drug addiction fits nicely with the theory that he has some form of the disorder. I predict he will end up doing some pretty crazy things and isn’t it interesting that he has trasmuted into the type of person he hated so much before.

        Stay tuned, Beck could get real interesting…

  3. fnord

    Did you also hear the original wingnuts, The John Birch Society, is one of the bigger sponsors of this year’s CPAC?

  4. David B

    The John Birch Society, another Koch monster. Daddy Koch.

  5. The elder Koch was indeed a founding member of the John Birch Society. The Koch’s are among the 50 richest people on the planet earth, but for them to pay taxes is unreasonable.

    I corrected it, but I noted that I first spelled Koch, as Kock – I swear that was not a Freudian slip! 🙂

    • indypendent

      But you don’t get it – do you? The Koch family provides employment for people and for that reason alone – their butts should be kissed and our heads should turn the other way at whatever this company does.

      This kind of corporate blind loyalty is just another form of slavery – the legal kind in today’s society.

      • I’ve noted that the Koch’s are the love-child of all conservative commentors. The latter love it that their company is the largest/richest privately held company – that somehow makes them very appealing.

        Sorry, I am just not prepared to kiss any part of any Koch.

  6. indypendent

    The sad part is – even if Glenn Beck is a former drug addict – the crazy Religious Right will love him even more. After all, I’m sure Glenn did the proper conversion to God speech.

    Think about this – the people that adore Glenn also worship Rush. Enough said?

    • indypendent

      I may think Glenn Beck is a mental nutjob but he is the one who laughing all the way to the bank thanks to those people who are screaming about being ‘taxed enough already’.

      There is no fool like an old fool (somehow that seems appropriate for the Tea Partiers).

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Seldom do I watch Beck, forced myself to watch an entire program recently.
    Most including my youngest said they watch because of the car wreck factor.

    Anyway, either Beck is truly suffering from Paranoid delusion or he is making money off of the Paranoia of those who are suffering from Paranoid delusions.

    If it is the latter then that level of moral core would be the same as it would take for if his sister was in a coma. And he would prostitute her unconscious body.

    • indypendent

      Sad to say, to some people that is the American way to use whatever means necessary to make money.

      Money is the main word here .

      These people don’t care about morals – unless they were lucky enough to find Obama in some sex scandal or drug scandal and then watch these jackals rant, rave, scream and gnash their teeth.

  8. He’s smiling, but could it be because he is talking about burning bodies in Iraq?

  9. fnord

    It takes some crossed wires or loose screws to commit suicide, but it must go to a different level of mental problems when you take others with you. This mental unbalance is true whether you’re a group from Saudi or an individual from Texas.

    • indypendent

      When I first heard about that guy in Texas flying into the IRS building I was hoping and praying it was not another angry white man.

      Guess I was wrong.

    • fnord

      The disappointments of life are being whipped into frenzies by the likes of rush, hannity, beck, cheney… Can make a little mental turbulence that yells for the attention and help of supportive medical care and loved ones, into potential disaster.

      • indypendent

        This brings to mind ‘Father, forgive them for they know what they do’.

        But, I suspect rush, hannity, beck and cheney all know exactly what they are doing. The first three are in it for the money and the last dude just likes to fight.

  10. fnord

    Speaking of killing others when you commit suicide, I read an informative article titled, “THE TRIAL,” by Jane Mayer in THE NEW YORKER.

    Shortly after Attorney General Eric Holder announced his decision to hold the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (the man who says he planned the 911 attacks) in New York City, a protest rally was held in lower Manhattan.

    That rally was organized by Keep America Safe, a new political-advocacy group. Guess who the founders of this group are? William Kristol, Elizabeth Cheney, Michael Goldfarb, Mel Sembler… Yep, those who have the money and influence to take the anti-Obama nutcases to a higher level. Those who share the neo-con philosophy of military dominance of the world.

  11. indypendent

    Talk radio is made up of a handful of idiots who sit every day and have a 3-hour bitchfest. And anyone who can sit through a 3-hour bitchfest and not get riled up is someone who is probably deaf.

    Just think about this – all that negativity is bound to warp a person’s mind. I just could not sit there and listen to the same nutjobs bitch for that long and not say ‘STFU’.

    But there are people who listen to Talk Radio and it is their religion. Then factor in these are also the people that have the idea that it is their God-given right to have a gun (which I always found that to be rather suspect – I didn’t know God gave Adam a gun in the story of when he made Adam – did you?)

    Arrogance, ignorance and self-righteousness are not a good combination.

  12. indypendent

    Back to the Texas guy – it was reported that his business had recently been banned from California due to non-payment of taxes.

    So we have a white guy who is already not paying his taxes, listening to the Party of NO ranting and raving about how this black president is coming in and taking everything away from us ‘real’ Americans and wanting to tax those people who really work – business people.

    A ticking bomb just waiting to go off.

    Think back to all the white guys who went off track and did something really stupid due to all the hate talk around at time – Timothy McVeigh, Paul Hill, Eric Rudolph and Scott Roeder.

    In each of these cases there was a well-formed group in the background drumming out that daily beat of hate – hate – hate.

    Being surrounded with much hate will eventually turn into action – somewhere.

    God help us all.

    • fnord

      My psyche is worthy of protection — and I remove myself from situations where hateful behaviors are acceptable. I like to get down to the whys and hope that will lead to solutions and preventative measures. Identify the problem and figure out how to solve it!

      I can see your point that if a person’s emotions are concentrated in the negative (which I see all those talking heads being) it could push the envelope quickly!

  13. fnord

    At that CPAC gathering who knows how many protesters may be pushed to violence. I think it happens when there is concentration on negativity. At CPAC they are still the Party OF NO who have no ideas, no solutions, no leaders, no agreement on direction or platform — but they have lots of hate and lots of opposition. Every speaker is full of criticism for President Obama and the crowds cheer wildly… If there is inspiration to go out and improve challenges, or action plans to accomplish solutions, I haven’t heard them. Are they being presented?