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  1. WSClark

    To hear the Con/Republicans talk (or post) you would think that the opposite was true – by a wide margin.

    “Poll: Obama has edge over GOP among public”

    “Democrats face risk as the party in power, but Republicans rank even lower”

    Among other things:

    Tea baggers 18%.

    Allow Bush tax cuts to expire, 2 – 1.

    Dems unfavorable 51%, GOP 57%.

    Not quite the “revolution” that Sarah envisioned.

  2. indypendent

    Sarah talks about a revolution but I suspect her real motivation is the same of a dime-a-dozen television evangelist – all that beautiful money.

    • fnord

      Part of which she needs to pay lawyers she hired to fight ethics complaints during her less than a full term as governor.

      • indypendent

        But if there is nothing to hide, then why hire your own lawyer? Besides, if she was working in the capacity of a governor at the time of the complaint, wouldn’t the state be responsible for those lawyers bills?

        Or are we talking about the reported mixing of personal and business ethics? Like, when her husband Todd was in on making decisions that affected all Alaskans?

  3. fnord

    Some want badly to make political points due to President Obama not turning the economy around more quickly. As usual, their memories are short. Bush actually was president for a longer time during the current recession than Obama has been.

    So why didn’t bush get it turned around?

    The only thing bush did to address the worst recession since the Great Depression was more than a year into it when he bailed out insurance companies and banks. Republicans even attempt to make the TARP bailout something that happened under Obama’s administration. And they say it with a straight face, without any obvious embarrassment. Do you think they’re fooling themselves, ’cause they sure aren’t fooling people capable of thinking.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Simple enough Fnord, the ideology that caused the economy to fall precedes Bush.
      When thinking about the cause and effect of the economy the prevailing thoughts were faulted to begin with.

      So if Bush went to the experts and asked for a solution? He would have been told there was nothing to be fixed.

  4. indypendent

    I also find it interesting that Sarah Palin’s favorable ratings dropped some 20+ points since her tea party spectacle.

    I saw an interesting posting on another blog that said the reason people hate Sarah is because she is beautiful and the same goes for all those Fox News hotties. Then this person began to list all the ugly Democrat women to prove his/her point.

    Are we in middle school or what? If this is the Republicans’ logic showing, then I don’t see any danger of them taking over in a long, long time.

    • fnord

      “When people show you who they are, believe them.”
      — Maya Angelou

    • tosmarttobegop

      LOL I use to say I am a likeable guy until you get to know me!

      Palin is her worst enemy the more exposure she get on her own accord.

      The more reasons she gives to dislike her.

      But yes it is her looks that is part of her appeal.
      For a middle aged woman she is nice to see and yes that appeal is to the smaller of the two heads.
      What becomes funny to me is when a Conservative woman who if she were to address that would be insulted.

      So instead they paint it as hatred for a strong Conservative woman!
      The women on Fox, are stereotypes hired for their looks and not their ability.
      Other then to acted totally offended and shocked on cue.

      And yes I have for years accused much of the thought process of the Conservatives to be on the same level of a school yard bully. Middle school aged is the thought process and maturity of many Republicans/ Conservatives.

  5. David B

    “Obama health care summit is a trap!”

    Jon Stewart, thanks!

    • fnord

      Jon Stewart, the comedian, spells it out so most people (except Republicans) should be able to understand. Good clip!

      Actually, I do think Republicans understand. It’s just that the goal is to make America fail if that’s what it takes to get Obama to fail.

  6. indypendent

    The same people who accuse Obama of not turning the economy around in one year are the same ones who will stoop to using stopping terrorism as a political football.

    Short memories or no shame – you pick.

  7. WSClark

    “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful!?!”

    (Old commercial w/ Jaclyn Smith.)

    No Sarah, we don’t hate you because you are “beautiful.” We don’t even hate you, for that matter.

    You amuse us.

    Kinda like Lucille Ball, without the talent.

    • indypendent

      I have to laugh when I hear Republicans accuse Democrats of hating Palin or being so scared of the woman because of her immense power to shake things up.

      The only things I see shaking are definitely not the Democrats.

      I wonder if this is the reason Republicans don’t mind taxpayer dollars paying for all that Medicare-provided Viagra.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Hee the Lucy Ricardo of Politics!

  8. fnord

    It’s Republicans who identify government as being with the forces of evil.

    • indypendent

      And yet they all want to be a part of that evil, don’t they – especially when that government check has their name on it.

    • fnord

      Yep, indypendent, they do want to be part of what they define as evil. But maybe since they know themselves better than we know them we should listen when they tell us how evil they are.

  9. David B

    Hosea 8:1-14 – “They Sow the Wind, and Reap the Whirlwind”

  10. fnord

    Here’s some more of those poll results Biker spoke of upthread.

    I think we all know polls can be what the pollster desires, but I find one number in this poll more interesting than others. Remember around the time of last fall’s elections when some polls showed the Republican Party only represented 13% of Americans? They had been around the low 20s, then they fell in many polls to that 13% figure. Well one of the questions asked in this recent poll was —

    “Which comes closest to your feelings about the Obama administration?”

    Enthusiastic 10%
    Satisfied but not enthusiastic 37%
    Dissatisfied but not angry 38%
    Angry 13%

    • indypendent

      Very good observation. Seems even those people who are not as enthusiastic or are disapointed about Obama are still not to the point of being angry.

      Just what makes that 13% so angry? They lost?

  11. itolduso

    Why are my comments awaiting moderation?

    Oh crap, I see. I mispelled my email. Please disregard the comments. Sorry for that. I will repost. Dang keyboard anyway. It subjectively throws in additional letters at the most misopportune times.

    • fnord

      I haven’t been to the ‘innards’ recently. So, when I go there and find comments ‘pending,’ you want me to approve or trash them?

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Some times I wonder if Politicians are like new teachers, they start out very ideological.
    They want to make things better and influence the future by their actions.

    Then once in place they find that the system is not set up to allow for such actions.
    That the Politics makes it impossible to make a difference as they perceive it.

    For Politicians it is the party politics and partisanship.

    And for the teacher it is the NEA and the battle with the administration including the BOE.

  13. itolduso


    just trash them. I will repost the first one. The second was a question asking why the first was being moderated. My goof.

  14. fnord

    I’m positive some politicians start out with the best of intentions. It seems there are many paths and most of them don’t lead to any place near what the original intent was.

    Two or three years ago I read about Jeff Flake, Congressman from Arizona, a critic of government waste who advocates reducing federal spending. I haven’t heard anything recently and I wonder if he is still as much a thorn to some as he started out being. I remember when I heard about him first it was before the long lineup of Republicans who threw their hats in the ring for their parties presidential nomination and I thought to myself he was someone I could vote for! He was on a correct path!

    Anyone heard of him recently? Zippy, what is he up to nowadays?

  15. tosmarttobegop

    A Political firestorm is inevitable as the Tea Party is quietly targeted for capture!

    “The Tea Party is an inspired movement of like minded Patriots, not the actions of one person, but countless Patriots acting as one. I am deeply concerned the Tea Party is becoming nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.”

    “”I am sending an alarm to the Tea Party membership! Be alert to turncoats and deceivers being herded into the Tea Party by usurpers from the weakened Republican Party for the sole purpose of capturing our populist movement. Our political ideals were once theirs and our immense growth has created a lusting for their good old days!

    Sarah Palin’s well delivered speech and her attractive demeanor is little more than a veneer for her less attractive political philosophy. She seems more like a duck out of water among true Conservative Constitutionalists. Palin demonstrates her NeoCon flippant viewpoint and her naïveté as she seems envious of the swelled numbers of Patriots pledging their allegiance, to of all things, AMERICA and not to a kool-aid ridden political dinosaur.

    What Republican wouldn’t want 10 million angry voters marching in the streets shouting, God Bless The Republican Party, where a few months”” before the same voices sang, God Bless America!

    Sarah Palin is not dense or erroneous in her view of the Tea Party, just the opposite. She represents a growing insider’s attack to the heart of the Tea Party.

    Very much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing entering in at the gate as an ally, but for all intents and purposes there to seize and capture, not only one or two stray sheep, but the whole flock!

    Instead of the Republican Party endeavoring to return to what made them great, it appears they are trying to take the low road, by attempting to commandeer someone else’s dream, the American dream forged by blood sweat and tears. Is the Faith of the Tea Party being replaced by folly and our Patriotism being replaced by Party-ism?

    However, what the Republicans can not fathom is the inspiration of the Tea Party, a simple common thread, one which is missing from the fabric of their political wardrobe.

    The common thread running the length and breadth of this movement is a Common Sense Constitutional Conservative approach to self-governance. However, danger is magnified simply because of the spontaneous nature of the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party, by some, is viewed as easy prey for the filling of their donation coffers and vote gathering machines. The only divisive aspect of the Tea Party is to be rid of the political machine that erodes the fabric of our Patriotic soul.

    When Patriots zeal is bursting out at the seams, caution is often overlooked and a politically lackadaisical attitude creeps in. Such is the emerging case with recent events by those who declare themselves as the Tea Party privileged, but who in reality are nothing more than kool-aid drinking Republicans in Sheep’s clothing.

    Many Tea Party members are concerned with the complicity of Big Business and Big Government, Wall Street Bail-outs and Mortgage Mogul sweet-heart deals. My concern grows as I observe the open and deliberate adulteration of the U.S. Constitution by those who proudly boast their allegiance to ‘Party’ principles.

    The difference is startling, the Tea Party places restoring the Republic and returning America to common sense government as our core platform.

    “”However, what I am witnessing is an attempted defilement of the concept of what the Tea Party’s purposes are and where we are going. The bastardization of our message I find bilious and disingenuous on its face.

    Tea Party members are being eyed as just another piece of voting meat. Tea Party members are targeted for filling the rank and file of minion laden political operations, most of which are lead by failed Republican hacks.

    Some are saying NO Way! Yet, who is objecting to high ranking Republicans trying to grab the Tea Party and call it their own? Do I hear voices shouting NO, NO Stop! This is our party?

    Has the Tea Party become so impotent that we can not see how millions of Tea Party members are being lead down a slippery slope into the abyss of political complacency?

    Are the ears being trained to adore the mindless blither which drools from the sweet tongues of the politically anointed?

    Has the Tea Party reached its zenith? Was all of our work, hope and fire expended to only stop Obama-Care? Has our message become so contaminated and ineffective as to be mistaken for the same old political clap-trap vomited from the kool-aid drinking mouths of the Republican elite?

    Shall the Tea Party be lead down the primrose path of numb contentment like so many other movements and organizations have been over the years?

    I can see the possible evisceration of the Tea Party by recent shifts in ideology. For example: Would the Tea Party knowingly endorse a candidate who believes in Amnesty masquerading as a “pathway to citizenship”?

    Of course not! However, it is being considered!

    What shall we do next? Turn a blind eye to the 20 million or more illegal aliens who demand citizenship because they believe they have earned it by nefariously entering our beloved nation and who continue to break the law by staying here?

    “”The Republican elite say “Yes to amnesty!” But, I believe the Tea Party will not reward law breakers, especially with our most sacred commodity – ‘Citizenship in our beloved nation.’

    Yet, Sarah Palin says, “Yes we can!” Proving my point is her endorsement of Open-Borders McCain. Why would any Tea Party member “want to be” on the same side of Obama-Amnesty?
    Point well taken.

    Has the Tea Party forgotten the tax hikes poised and ready to crush the American people? How can we fail to remember the unrelenting line of gun grabbing legislation continually snaking its way through Congress?

    Yet, where is the outrage?
    Is the fire of the Tea Party quenched because the members have heard a pleasing speech and seen a pretty face? Is the Tea Party merely made-of cardboard signs and baseball caps?
    I say NO and HELL NO! We are non-negotiable in our stand against dumbed down politics spun by deadhead Republican political hacks dreaming of emasculating the greatest thing going since 1773.

    I say NO and HELL NO! We are non-negotiable in our stand for protecting jobs!
    Yet, High ranking Republicans, including Sarah Palin endorse Governor Rick Perry knowing full well he was instrumental in the creation of the Transnational Corridor fiasco. A government plan which would have ripped through the heartland of America, destroying domestic jobs and wrenching family owned farms from the hands of families who have worked those farms for generations.

    The infusion of ANY formal political party into the Tea Party movement will corrupt the very fiber of what the Tea Party is and what we stand for. The need for fresh voters and fresh blood is no less a drug to certain Republican ‘NeoCons’ than crack is to an addict.

    Don’t get me wrong, many of the Tea Party members are registered Republicans who were disillusioned by the failure of their party to hold to time”” tested conservative principles. They won’t be so easily convinced to return to a failed party simply because of a new paint job and a fresh covering of veneer.

    The ongoing attempt of a stealth and silent seizure begins to take shape, begging a burning question: Does the Tea Party still resemble the one I envisioned years ago?

    I witnessed the exhilaration of millions of people speaking out about the collapse of our financial system and the subversion of power was a catalyst for our protest. These same members, for once in their lives, felt they had ownership in their beloved nation.

    The Tea Party is famous as a movement of ragtag, unorganized independent, politically hungry libertarian style Patriots holding fast to a Conservative belief in America. The Tea Party is something fresh, unique and alive.

    “”Did our march on Washington with over 1 million strong, Town Hall meetings in major cities and millions of Pink Slips with tens of Millions of Tea Bags, countless E-mails, and phone calls to our elected Representatives mean nothing?

    Shall the Tea Party slide into the abyss of political boredom?

    I say NO! and HELL NO! The Tea Party must cling to our Common Sense – Constitutional Conservative approach to Self-Governance, making everything else non- negotiable!

    Shall we go silently into the night or stand and fight?
    Therefore, I am calling on all Tea Party members to cling fast to our core beliefs and tell the world: What we believe is non-negotiable.
    What are the Tea Party Non-negotiable core beliefs?
    Special Interests Need to be Neutralized
    Political Office available for Average Citizens
    Illegal Aliens are illegal.
    Pro-Domestic Employment is indispensable.
    Stronger Military is essential.
    Gun ownership is sacred.
    Government must be downsized.
    National Budget must be balanced.
    Deficit Spending will end.
    Bail-out and Stimulus Plans are illegal.
    Reduce Personal Income Taxes a must.
    Reduce Business Income Taxes is mandatory.
    Intrusive Government Stopped.
    English only is required.
    Traditional Family Values are encouraged.
    Common Sense Constitutional Conservative Self-Governance is our mode of operation.
    ….and Yes, we are a Christian Nation!
    The Tea Party must stay independent or we shall die.