Who paid for this?

If you drive along I-35 in Wyoming, Minnesota, you might see a billboard with a picture of George W. Bush and the words, “Miss Me Yet?”

No one seems to know who paid to put up the billboard, but guesses range from some person or group who isn’t thrilled by President Barack Obama’s performance so far, to it being a more ironic message from those who didn’t think too much of Bush and want to remind voters about him.



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  1. fnord

    To address the question asked in the billboard —

    I can’t imagine circumstances so dire I would miss this duffus. And then I asked myself what person who might be president would make me miss bush the lesser.

    Palin? Maybe.

    Cheney? Yes, that’s the one! I might miss bush if cheney were POTUS.

  2. lillacluvr

    This is in Minnesota where a certain Republican wants to run for president. Hmmmmm…..

    I am wondering if it is Pawlenty’s people trying to raise that tired old line that GWB grew the economy?

    You remember that old trick, don’t you? They changed the classification of fast food workers to the manufacturing sector and suddenly – the economy was booming! Who knew that hamburger flipping was going to save our great country?

    It’s too bad that Bush’s Republican economic and tax policies rewarded all those real manufacturing corporations to outsource the good-paying American jobs and now it looks like even the fast food industry is having trouble.

    Oh,oh – the guy that can figure out how to outsource flipping that hamburger is going to be the next billionaire!

    Let’s see – if we reroute the ordering box to Pakistan and then send the order back to the US to the Fulfillment Department to actually hand the sack out to the customer – we might just be able to cut out that extra cost and put it towards our CEO’s next big fat bonus.


  3. lillacluvr

    Another thought – it might be someone or some group who is trying to play the terrorism card.

    Remember that old trick? Bush was tough on terror because he was always ready to say ‘bring it on’ and look like he really meant it.

    Too bad Bush was still friendly to the Saudi King, even kissed him and held his hand while they strolled) and the majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

    But, that Iraq War sure did make a few certain private contractors wealthier – and it is still making them wealthier, as we speak.

  4. fnord

    The idea of the billboard is growing on me — I like it!

    Choose a pic of bush the lesser at his most comical (there are several to choose from) and put these billboards all across America on the busiest of highways, in cities and towns where busy highways go through.

    I think everyone should get a large dose of ‘remember bush’!

  5. Stinky Pete

    Who paid for this?


    Who cares?

    • fnord

      “Be curious, not judgmental.”
      — Walt Whitman

      Me! I’m very curious. Wonder how long it will take for someone to figure out the money, and motivation, behind the billboard?

  6. I think it was his mom.

    She’s the only one that really loves him, you know. Even Laura is disgusted by him. (That’s why she has that permanent look of distaste on her face)

    And all of the conservatives have been tap-dancing AWAY from him since before Obama became POTUS. He wasn’t bona fide, you know.

    • fnord

      As a mom, I understand how much you can dislike how your child is behaving and still love them.

      On more than one occasion I’ve told one of my children, “I don’t like you very much right now, but I love you completely without restrictions!”

      Even Barbara had to be disappointed in her son! She was probably disappointed not in what he did but how goofy he acted so often. I can imagine her frowning and thinking he should have behaved more presidential and less like the frat boy he really is.

      • lillacluvr

        I am not a fan of Barbara Bush – not since the time she went on a talk show during her husband’s campaign against Bill Clinton and said Hillary is a b word that rhymes with witch. Of course, everyone chuckled and thought she was ever so clever.

        Since that time – I have never liked the old lady.

    • fnord

      Yeah, he didn’t pass the ‘purity’ test — NOW that he isn’t president. But did you ever see a president more defended, more excused? I saw people tie themselves in the most unbelievable knots in their defending of bush the lesser.

      • lillacluvr

        Before defending him, GOPPERS will usually throw out – but he isn’t president anymore. While that is true, consequences from his actions/inaction and policies from those 8 years will have to be lived with for quite awhile.

        And, for that, the issue of Bush does need to be brought up again and again.

      • fnord

        The same people who defended bush the lesser the most when he was president are the ones that tell you today that they always disagreed with bush on some subjects.

        Yeah, right.

  7. lillacluvr

    Of course, all Republicans tap danced away from McCain because he was a RINO but I notice McCain is front and center when all the current GOP whining is going on.

    And, Sarah Palin proudly boasted to fellow Tea Partiers that she thinks McCain is a hero and she plans to campaign for him.

    I guess I need a GOP scorecard to keep all this RINO labeling straight.

  8. lillacluvr

    Upthread, it was stated that Republicans will excuse Bush no matter what.

    That seems to be a pattern with Republicans. Did you hear where Sarah Palin gave Rush a pass on his using the derogatory name she professes to hate so much?

    Sarah seems to think Rush was just using it as satire and was not really saying the word about real people.

    Oh, I’ll remember that excuse the next time Sarah demonizes David Letterman on his next satire joke.

    I think even the Divine Ms Sarah will not cross Rush – she knows where her bread is buttered and it is from all those dittoheads with cash in hand for tickets.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Judging from what I read from another poster on another blog he missed Bush.
    He is the only one left actually defending him and drinking the Kool-aid about Iraq.

    Sometimes I wonder if Politics is nothing more than a grouping of delusional people?
    Most Cons really hated Bush but defending him during his terms.

    Most Liberals defend Obama yet are finding little they like about the things he does.

    The differences seem that by their nature the Liberals will say what they dislike about what Obama does in the open.

  10. Stinky Pete

    No offense to the creators of this blog.


    I have read at this place for sometime now and regret to do it no more. It seems this blog is nothing more than a gossip site with hints of real discussions microscopically inserted into it’s fabric.

    I find ‘free-thinking’ and tolerance of ideals lacking, maybe that was the intent.

    Anyhow, this place is not a fit for me.

    I wish you all the best.

    Thank you for allowing me to participate.

    • fnord

      “Thank you for allowing me to participate.”

      You’re welcome. And anytime you want to participate you still can.

      Every idea is welcome too. Since you’re already gone I can only guess that you expressed an idea which didn’t stimulate the conversation you hoped for, or something like that.

      As for tolerance, I’m tolerated and I think that takes a bunch of tolerance! 🙂

      Good luck in finding the ‘fit’ for you! A bunch of us started this blog because it fit us perfectly! Maybe you should start your own and be assured of a perfect fit.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Sorry you feel that way Pete, if there was something you would have like to talk about all you needed was to bring it up.

      That is the way it works here, it is not limited to one topic or the other.
      We do not tolerate a lot of mindless tripe here, but there is quite a bit of tolerance of differing opinion.
      Less I remind you, I generally give my honest opinion of things and not always is my opinion agreeable with the general leaning of the group.

      But they will not as much take issue as it is discuss the issue.
      Some may find that boring without the mindless hatred and Partisan spin.

      Yes on occasion the discuss seems more gossip then facts that is because this is a bastion of liberal leaning individuals. But then if you go to a Conservative leaning blog you will find the same there too.

      The difference is that here they welcome a Conservative leaning in a respectful way.
      Where at a more Conservative blog a liberal leaning is only tolerate as long as you are playing Allen Combs to a Shan Hannity.

      Any topic you would choose to bring up you would find many here able to discuss it.

    • lillacluvr

      Did I miss something here? You only chimed in with ‘Who Cares’ as a response to the topic.

      Gossiping is about spreading lies and I fail to see where this is nothing more than a gossip site – in that respect.

      All the best to you – Stinky – wherever you end up.

      Remember – one person, one vote.

    • WSClark

      Dear Mr. S. Pete,

      I do not own this blog, I am not an editor or a monitor, so I speak only for myself, no one else………..

      Good-bye, good riddance, fuck you.

      You obviously came here to stir the drink and now you can’t handle the water in the glass.

      Have a good life…………….

      With no respect (for you)


    • Stinky Pete,

      We are all human. Sometimes conversations turn petty. Perhaps that is what you were referring to as “gossip.” I think anyone of us will admit to posting something petty or snarky now and again.

      However, in my months on this site, I have not seen evidence that the petty or snarky comments are in the majority. We spend a lot of time talking about issues and generally we provide reasoning and facts to back up our opinions.

      You may disagree with my opinion. I may disagree with yours. As long as we do so in a respectful manner, that is what is called “a free exchange of ideas.” If we continue to disagree, that is okay too, as long as we continue to do so respectfully.

      I don’t find free thinking lacking here at all. Nor do I find tolerance of other ideas lacking. You may continue to disagree with me, but I don’t take that as an intolerance to my ideas. I call that “disagreeing.” You may do so as passionately as you like, as long as you continue to be respectful about it. An exchange of ideas does not have to end with one person coming around to another’s way of thinking. I have spent whole days going back and forth with someone and neither of us changed our opinion one iota. But we both expressed ourselves well, brought forward our facts and in the end, agreed to disagree.

      What is wrong with that, I ask you?

      I am sorry that you are choosing to leave. I don’t know where you think you are going to find a place where the conversation is more “real” than here, but good luck in your internet travels. All I ask is that when you find a place, you send us all a link so we can know a “real” discussion when we see it. (from your perspective) I’m always interested in other people’s perspectives, analyses and opinions.

  11. itolduso

    “Of course, all Republicans tap danced away from McCain because he was a RINO ”

    I do not take personal offense at this, so no need to go there, but, many Republicans refused to support McCain for other reasons. Among them,

    “As a member of the 1991–1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, chaired by Democrat and fellow Vietnam War veteran John Kerry, McCain investigated the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue, to determine the fate of U.S. service personnel listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War. The committee’s unanimous report stated there was “no compelling evidence that proves that any American remains alive in captivity in Southeast Asia.”

    Many of us disagreed.

    • lillacluvr

      Hate to break it to you, but you never even crossed my mind when I posted this.

      Why did you take it so personal?

  12. itolduso

    I didn’t take it personal at all. I only said something in reference to that so that everyone would understand that I did not.

    I did, however, want to post my opinion about John McCain, and the reason I, and many Viet Nam era vets, refused to support or vote for him.

  13. itolduso

    Next time I will leave out the personal reference.

  14. lillacluvr

    itolduso – am I safe in assuming you are a Vietnam Vet?

    I lost family members and several good friends in that war. I also believe that war was the first one to be broadcast into our living rooms every night on the network news and there was no escaping it.

    I think that is a factor as to why the Vietnam War is such a wound that will probably never be fully healed.

    Rather than to repeat the same mistakes in Vietnam, I wish our elected officials and other politicians would learn the hard lessons from that war.

    I am not naive to think we will never be at war again but I want our country to be fully aware of all the consequences of taking that action and if there is a better way to avoid war – then, by all means, try it.

  15. fnord

    One lesson it seems we did learn from the war in Vietnam — blame for the war or even how it’s executed isn’t to be directed to the soldiers. Too many Americans let distaste for the war in Vietnam be reflected in their interaction with the soldiers who did what they were told. Some actions didn’t honor our soldiers and that was a national disgrace (imo). There are among the soldiers, as there are all other groups of people, some who commit deeds of dishonor, but again that is a few and shouldn’t reflect on the entire group. I’m really glad we learned that lesson, and wish we had learned others better.

  16. I heard a commentator, I believe on NPR, who recently said that Bush going to Texas and keeping very quiet was the worst thing he could have done to Barack Obama. If he had kept a higher profile, it would serve as a reminder to Americans what a real loser of a leader we had not all that long ago.

    Maybe the funder of the billboard was hoping to help Obama?

    • lillacluvr

      But we still hear from Dick Cheney. In fact, we’ve heard more from this dude since he left office than the entire 8 years he was Vice President hiding in that ‘undisclosed location’.

      Whenver they used that term of undisclosed location, the image of Mike Myers from Austin Powers popped in my head. Can’t you just picture Dick as Dr. Evil with a hairless cat in his lap?

  17. fnord

    According to Fox News the money behind the billboard was a group of small business men who felt Washington was against them. It is reported to be anti-Obama. Isn’t it funny that it could easily be taken as anti or pro Obama?

    Anyway, I still advocate for repeating the billboard all across America — bush the lesser needs to be remembered! Compare him to any president and he falls short!

    Here’s the Fox News story —