Stimulus Foes Seek Their Share

So much for a principled opposition: More than a dozen Republican lawmakers sent private letters to federal government agencies seeking stimulus money for pork projects even as they publicly criticized the stimulus. Missouri Senator Kip Bond, for example, sought more than $50 million for two projects in his state. “I strongly opposed the stimulus, but the only thing that could make it worse would be if none of it returned to the taxpayers of Missouri,” Bond said. Other guilty members include Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson, Senator Robert Bennett of Utah, and Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander.

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15 responses to “Stimulus Foes Seek Their Share

  1. It’s called planning for reelection.

  2. fnord

    So do they tout this inside their states, while trying to keep it quiet on a national basis? Ya know, so it doesn’t look like they’re both criticizing and taking advantage of?

  3. itolduso

    Of course they do. Bringin home the bacon available is part of their job, at least, according to their constituents.

  4. fnord

    Makes being a Pollyanna more difficult with each passing day…

  5. lillacluvr

    Republicans are a special breed of animal – they have two faces. That is the only reason I can think of to see these people come out with the most hypocritcal stances and then have the gall to continue to lie to the American people.

    And it’s not only about the stimulus bill. Look at all the Republican men who are fidelity-challenged in their marriages. Mark Sanford, a well-known stimulus objector, even went so far as to go on public television and call his mistress his soulmate at the same time he stated he was trying to reconcile with his wife.

    But, what made it worse, is when these Republican male adulterers are surrounded by their fellow GOPPERS who must condone this behavior by their continued support.

    At least the godless and morally decrepit (according to GOPPERS) Democrats do not condone John Edwards.

    • It’s true that republicans are blatantly hypocritical. But democrats are too. You see them railing against the corporate hotshots–then they take their money for their campaign coffers.

      Whatever happened to standards? Out the window. Would I take money from the Anti-Choice people under any circumstances? NO. Would I take money from the insurance industry. Unqualified NO.

      Politicians don’t have standards, or they are so low as to be walking on them.

  6. itolduso

    Perhaps Republican politicians learned it from the Democrats, who claimed over and over again, that Bill Clinton’s infidelities were nobody else’s business. I don’t know. I think they all take hypocritical stances, depending on who is goring whom.

    • lillacluvr

      But I didn’t see Bill Clinton wave the flag of family and moral values as his badge of being superior.

      The Republicans have waved that flag many, many times and if you claim to be morally superior, then you might want to make sure your fellow Republicans are on board with that.

      After all, there would be no sex scandals if these men were not the ones doing it.

      I agree that these men’s sex lives don’t give me any reason to care but when they are found out to be lying – as in Sanford’s case when he left his governorship for a week with the lie he was hiking on some trail or John Ensign paying off his mistress, her husband and her kids plus having a C-Street family member helping him to mediate the payoff deal – then I do think that is soemthing that needs to be exposed.

      It’s the lying and the cover-up that is the problem – not the actual sex life of these buffoons.

      Same goes for Clinton – it was his lying that got him into trouble!

  7. itolduso

    See, in part I agree, and in part I disagree.

    I agree that if you bring it, you should be walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

    I disagree that their sex lives (at least their lack of fidelity) is not important. In my opinion, and only my opinion, if your wife cannot trust you to be true to them, I surely cannot trust you to be true to me.

    • I kind of think that women take a different view of this. I should just speak for myself here, so I will.

      I expect men to cheat. Maybe not all men, but most of them. I assume that most men have cheated at least once. Why do I expect it? Because our culture really promotes it. It pretends not to, but it really does. Women are supposed to be loyal and trustworthy but men? Well, wink-wink, nod-nod; you wouldn’t throw THAT out of your bed; what the wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her–and all that. I am never surprised to find that a man cheated.

      I personally am more disgusted by hypocrisy. It always seems that the men that shout most loudly about fidelity are the first to pick up a prostitute. The men that spend the most time preaching about the evils of homosexuality are the most likely to be involutarily ripped from the closet. The straight guys I know don’t care if someone is homosexual–it’s their business. And they don’t go around talking about fidelity–they practice it.

      I tend to see men as the weaker sex. They are more prone to being insecure in their manhood than women are to being insecure in thier womanhood. Women don’t measure their womanhood by the number of men that they sleep with. Some men don’t either, but our society encourages that sort of mindset.

      As far as Clinton lying about kinky sex in the oval office–my personal opinion is that he didn’t have any other choice. Once he had done the things he had done, and once the press got wind of it, was he REALLY supposed to just cop to it and humiliate his wife and daughter? Yes, eventually they were humiliated anyway, but anyone–man or woman–is going to try to prevent the consequences of this sort of action coming down on their family.

      Well, except Mark Sanford. He didn’t care at all. He spilled his guts including the fact that his mistress was the love of his life.

      As a woman, I have no respect for that at all.

  8. itolduso

    By the way, I do not care to which party they belong. A scumbag is a scumbag

  9. fnord

    I might point out — it takes two to tango. This is one area I think men get more blame than deserved. Maybe it’s because there are more men in positions of power. But, always there was another person complicit in the ‘affairs.’

    • As the genXers say, true dat.

      Wasn’t most of America disgusted by the parade of bimbos willing to step forward and admit to sexual contact with Tiger Woods? And to give the most degrading details of these “relationships?”

      Ladies–get some self-esteem. GEEZ!