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Dollars Flowing Out…

John Anderson and Sharon Rapoport estimate they spend $400 a month, or close to $5,000 a year, keeping their family of four entertained at home.

“There are the $30-a-month data plans on their BlackBerry Tour cellphones. The Roanoke, Va., couple’s teenage sons, Seth and Isaac, each have $50 subscriptions for Xbox Live and send thousands of texts each month on their cellphones, requiring their own data plans.

“DirecTV satellite service, high-speed Internet access and Netflix for movie nights add more.”

In the past a family’s tekecomminications cost was around $25 per month, but those days are long past.  At the end of this year, it is estimated that the average family’s cost will be $997.07.  A significant increase.  An importatnt change, no?

Check out this WashPo article.


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Obama To Hold Health-Reform Summit

Let anyone wishing to be obstinate do so in the light of day.

President Obama announced he will host a bipartisan health-reform summit with the country’s congressional leaders on February 25th. “I want to come back, after the Presidents’ Day congressional recess, and have a large meeting—Republicans and Democrats—to go through, systematically, all the best ideas that are out there, and move it forward,” Obama said.

Even I’m skeptical — me, the Pollyanna!  Does anyone think meaningful reform is possible?  I haven’t seen any hint that anyone in Washington actually knows what is needed to pass meaningful reform.

Republicans will need to have more than opposition.  Their choice:  show up and put their ideas on the table (snicker), or not show up at all.  I expect Republicans to jump at the chance for the nation to hear all their wonderful ideas and solutions to our problems and challenges.  We will have the opportunity to see whether they truly want to help Americans or they’d prefer to work hard toward helping America fail if that’s what it takes to defeat President Obama.

It will be interesting!  When Obama trounces the Republican arguments (which won’t be difficult), will they fall back on Acorn, or blame the homosexual lifestyle?



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Monday, 2/8/10, Public Square


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